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I grew up with this book, and it has a beautiful nostalgia for me I remember sitting and looking at the pictures before I could really read, and learning to love fairy tales and nursery rhymes from it Definitely a personal favorite. All of the wonderful stories we ve heard growing up with such charming, old fashioned pictures Ages 4 9 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website 1 The Real Mother Goose This is the first review in a new project that I am undertaking Now that I ve passed my 53rd birthday, I ve likely passed the milestone of 50 years as a reader I don t remember a time when I didn t read, whether that means that I could merely repeat the words on the pages myself, from memory, or I was devouring The Portrait of a Lady next to a swimming pool on my honeymoon So, over the next 1000 days, give or take, I plan to review a book a day, collecting books that have been important to me throughout my life I m not rating them, I m putting them on their own shelf, and, if life gets in the way and I can t find the time, I ll catch up when I can.These won t be reviews in the traditional sense They will be short, and will reference what the book means to me if I can remember, the age that I read it, where I was, or why it has stuck with me I ve been a wide reader, and while I ve read a share of books that are consistently acknowledged as classics, many of the books that have meaning for me are, to put it charitably, pretty trashy But that s what makes this project fun If you re interested in of this project, you will be able to find the full project collected at my blog Books Do Furnish A Mind.This is the first book that I remember reading my family lore holds that my mother caught me reading Little Boy Blue to my brother when I was around 4 and he was just a baby.This was the edition that we had, as well Large, hardbound, but the colors already growing faded with age I suppose that it s possible that the book had had an owner prior to me because we were poor in my preschool years I remember distinctly the checkerboard border around the edge of the book, and how big the book felt spread on my lap as I read the rhymes to myself, which means that I had memorized them and could repeat them by rote.Book 2 A Little Princess My sister was given this book when we were little I m pretty sure it s at the house still Or maybe she took it for my niece Either way, you can bet I read it a lot too I was the bookish one Just because it wasn t mine didn t mean I wasn t gonna read it Haha Right you guys I have a very old copy of this book, given to me by my grandmother when I was 4 years old I remember reading it. I get such a nostalgic feeling when I think of this book I can remember my parents reading from it when I was a child It was one of my favorites that I would look at often my Mom used to say I had to get it for my children and they too loved it, both for the pictures and the rhymes Now my grandchildren are being fascinated by the book This book is a gem with great illustrations and most of your favorite nursery rhymes A true gem. This was a book that was in my family s home from the older Sibs and and Because I could read I was Reading to Baby Tony EVERY CHANCE I GOT He simply loved these, Harry Houdini, Grimm s Fairy Tales, Ronald Dahl, Hans Christian Anderson, Charlies Dickens David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, A Tale Of Two Cites, Great Expectations, and A.A Milne Winnie The Pooh Bear I remember siting down for HOURS reading and Re reading these timeless classics over and over again Our copy of the book is WELL WORN Falling apart at the seams LITERALLY But I am happy to know he now has the copy and his wife is sharing these stories with his baby I m sure she will fall in love with the stories just like her Dad So HAPPY My Niece is hearing these Stories and will have them for the rest of her life Who Ever gave this FANTASTIC book to our Family GREAT PICK It has Held up for years and Has been WELL LOVED Some of the first rhymes and songs a child hears are Mother Goose We say them, we sing them to infantsand children, we play Patty Cake Most children I have known know at least one Mother Goose story usually many The pictures are lovely and small children often just sit and look at the pages Mother Goose is an excellent way to introduce the language and reading to children.Learning extention See how many of the poems the children are familiar with Form into groups and act out their favorite, example Hey, Diddle Diddle , while saying the rhymes Do exercises finding the ryhming words in the different poems. I have such heart felt memories of reading these poems to my boys I m giving it 5 stars for nostalga s sake. For Nearly A Century, The Real Mother Goose Has Delighted Young Children For Than Seventy Five Years THE REAL MOTHER GOOSE Has Been Delighting Millions Of Children, And Today The Magic Is As Strong As Ever Heralded As The Standard Mother Goose By Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, And Librarians, This Wonderful Book With Blanche Fisher Wright S Lively, Colorful Pictures Makes An Enchanting Introduction For The Very YoungMother Goose Rhymes Are A Vital Part Of Childhood And This Collection Of Essential Rhymes Have Been Reproduced Exactly As They Have Been Repeated From Generation To Generation