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The Wall , The Lead Story In This Collection, Introduces Three Political Prisoners On The Night Prior To Their Execution Through The Gaze Of An Impartial Doctor Seemingly There For The Men S Solace Their Mental Descent Is Charted In Exquisite, Often Harrowing Detail And As The Morning Draws Inexorably Closer, The Men Cross The Psychological Wall Between Life And Death, Long Before The First Shot Rings OutThis Brilliant Snapshot Of Life In Anguish Is The Perfect Introduction To A Collection Of Stories Where The Neurosis Of The Modern World Is Mirrored In The Lives Of The People That Inhabit It

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    I wanted my own words But the ones I use have been dragged through I don t know how many consciences Jean Paul Sartre, The Wall My focus is on one of the book s title piece The Wall This existentialist story has the feel of a film shot in stark black and white the prose is as hard boiled as it gets and is told in first person The opening scene takes place in a large bare room with white walls where the narrator, Pablo Ibbieta, a man we can visualize with a thin, chiseled face, slick back hair and looking a bit like Albert Camus or Humphrey Bogart a visualization in keeping with the tone of one of those 1940s black and white films is interrogated, and, along with two other men, sentenced to be shot dead The three condemned are taken to a cellar with bench and mats, a room shivering cold and without a trace of warmth or humanity The story unfolds in this hard, dank, ugly cellar room Absurdity and despair, anyone Sartre has us live through the evening and night with Pablo and the two other convicted men Tom, who has a thick neck and is fat around the middle Pablo imagines bullets or bayonets cutting into his flesh , and Juan, who is young and has done nothing, other than being the brother of someone wanted by the authorities We watch as Pablo and Tom and Juan turn old and gray we smell urine when Tom unconsciously wets his pants we hear Tom speaking of men executed by being run over by trucks to save ammunition.A doctor enters the room and offers cigarettes and asks if anyone wants a priest No one answers Pablo falls asleep and wakes, having no thought of death or fear what he is confronting is nameless his reaction is physical his cheeks burn and his head aches Meanwhile, the doctor, referred to as the Belgian by Pablo, takes Juan s pulse and writes in his notebook All is clinical all is calculating The cold penetrates the doctor looks blue Pablo sees that he himself is drenched in sweat Sartre has written philosophical works such as Being and Nothingness where he addresses the meaninglessness of life and the reality of death in conceptual terms but in this story his ideas are given flesh and blood.The core of this story is all three men dealing with their own death Juan sobs Tom talks so he can recognize himself, that is, talk as a way of anchoring his sense of self in the world He says something is going to happen he doesn t understand death is a blank for Tom And also for Pablo, who observes how the doctor entered the cellar to watch bodies, bodies dying in agony while still alive.Pablo remembers living as if immortal and reflects he spent his life counterfeiting eternity, although he missed nothing, he understood nothing Meanwhile, Tom touches the wooden bench as if touching death Now that Pablo is looking at things through the lens of death, objects appear less dense several hours or several years are all the same when you have lost the illusion of being eternal Pablo feels a horrible calm, a distance from his body his feeling of being with his body is as if he is tied to an enormous vermin Feeling your body as an enormous vermin how disgusting and alienating Just in case you are wondering if this is existentialism, this is existentialism.The Doctor lets everyone know it is 3 30 At the mention of the time, Juan loses it and become hysterical but Pablo simply wants to die cleanly After some time, the guards come in and take away Tom and Juan Pablo hears shots fired out in the yard and wants to scream, but rather grits his teeth and pushes his hands in his pockets to stay clean What does it mean to die cleanly We are not given anything specific Pablo is taken to the first floor where he is given a chance to live by revealing the whereabouts of one Ramon Gris What happens from this point offers a twist, a twist, that is, for a tale soaking in absurdity, dread, alienation and death Please read The Wall You will be chilled you will have an existentialist experience, you just might laugh so hard at the end you will start to cry.

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    The Wall is a collection of five novels The first probably the best gives its title to the collection The Wall is impeccable and typing text of about thirty pages, which reports on human reactions to extreme situations of existence.The plot is set in the Spanish Civil War of 1936, between Republicans and nationalists Three Republicans were captured by Franco s troops After a botched interrogation, we lock them in the basement of a hospital A commander comes communicate their sentence they will be shot the next day at dawn A Belgian doctor is introduced to the prisoners to note their reactions to the idea of deathFrom there, while imbuing the text of a nauseating atmosphere, Sartre manages to extract the ore pure anguish Convicts can not escape their situation, they perceive their deaths of almost physical way They are confined and stuck in a rigid attitude, which is an existence but of the essence, for death, nearby, will justifySartre brilliantly exploits this extraordinary metaphor of the wall The symbol then accesses a large philosophical power Literally, this is the section of wall against which we place the convicted adjust and shoot him The wall prevents escape the barrels of rifles leveled but figuratively, the wall is infinite, impenetrable it is what prevents escape our existence, the present situation, in which we face.Death has only one case among many It is impossible to escape its existence, freedom, and responsibility, as an opaque wall, invisible, omnipresent, stops any escape attempt The impasse of existence we will never escape One can never escape yourself.A great text.

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    You gotta love Sartre s sexy objectification of women I totally think Sartre was an ass man Exempli gratia Her tail is small, yes, a lot smaller than mine, but you can see of it It s all around, under her thin back, it fills the skirt, you d think it was poured in, and besides it jiggles Hell is other people other people who can t appreciate a nice jiggling booty If Sartre was alive today, I m sure he d give that comment a high five or whatever the French existensialist equivalent of that is maybe a quiet snooty glare In fact, how can you appreciate someone who is perhaps the biggest influence on rap music in this century, still 20 years after his death Allow me to demonstrate The first example I have occured in 2005, with a song stemming from a famous Sartre quote from Nausea and the idea that he was an ass man Sartre I exist It s sweet, so sweet, so slow Juvenile Uh I like it like that she working that back I don t know how to act Slow motion for me slow motion for me slow motion for me Move it slow motion for me Sweet slow motion indeed That s why I exist To further belabor the point, we have the well known example from Lil Jon and the Eastide Boys s hit with the following lyrics Let me see you get low you scared you scared Drop dat ass to the floor you scared you scared Let me see you get low you scared you scared Albert Camus and Jean Paul Sartre differed in view of the abserd the abserd Unfortunently, the rap community felt that this rift between Camus and Sartre would result in yet another possibly violent dichotomizing of the rap world To avoid this, the final lyics were changed, altering the course of the song tremendously, also resulting in the removal of 20 other verses leaving only the tale of a shorty getting krunk thus avoiding any deep philosophical discussion.

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    If I had to pick a single common theme in the five short stories compiled in this book it would have to be self actualization Of course Sartre s self actualization not only differs from the eastern Atman and Buddhi, it damn near opposes them Each short story portrays the protagonist s confrontation with the utter absurdity of life and each protagonist refuses the prepackaged gift wrapped souls that they ve been handed through choosing a divergent path of their own Some through wreaking havoc, some through self affirming intimacy.This is a great book, written with beautifully crafted, realistic characters Though I don t always consider Realistic to be a favorable aspect of a story, it has clearly worked this time.

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    Oh you know those whacky existentialists just a typical beach read, really Early chick lit Love the stories, they are colorful and fairly realistic in the way they depict the ridiculous, repetitive or futile behaviors people exhibit other peeps, not me, of course I m guessing that Sartre must have been hella good times at cocktail parties Wonder who would have won in a death match between Jean Paul, Al Camus and lil Freddie Nietzsche I m betting Nietzsche, he was uber efficient.

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    Sartre has applied his existential depth to perhaps the most basic of themes here, but it works This collection of 5 short stories written in late 1940 s are a worthy read for any Sartre fan The first story The Wall is set during the Spanish Civil War with Pablo, one of the prisoners, being the protagonist The story is one about the absurdity of life and how Pablo coincidentally and accidentally causes one of his comrades to be caught even though Pablo was not aware of it at all The second story The Room is much spookier and the stereotypical bourgeois values are criticised with a woman who chooses to share the absurd world of her psychopathic husband Erostratus again sees the protagonist reject the accepted values of society and decides to go against society by randomly shooting people on the street There is an autobiographical element in this book too as the main character is very much portrayed as Sartre The stories are demanding in terms of engaging the reader emotionally and thoughtfully, and are extremely rewarding if you are willing to open to your mind to Sartre s way of thinking of people, and of the world Should have read in French though, as the translation on my copy wasn t the greatest I also can t help thinking he was a better writer of non fiction and essays than he was of fiction.

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    Each of the pieces in this collection of short fiction has much to recommend it, but the final novella Childhood of a Leader stands out as one of finest novellas I ve ever read Even though the title story The Wall is considerably famous, Childhood of a Leader is ambitious and groundbreaking Written in the 1930s, this piece explores gender, class, sexuality, homo eroticism, antisemitism, social constructedness, and several key philosophical issues though it does all this in a prose that at once lyric and breezy You can turn any page at random and find at least one passage that is beautiful merely on the level of sentence structure, imagery, or turn of phrase I haven t been this impressed with a piece of short fiction in quite a while Side note I read this collection several years ago when I was in undergrad, and I am now re reading it for my PhD exams I fell in love with the entire book back then, and I am enad with it now, but interestingly, there are only a small handful of overlaps between my previous love and my current one Of course, we change as we age, and that obviously explains this, but my point is that there was something for me in this book when I was in early twenties and even now in my early thirties Not many books age so well.

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    Such a philosopher of existentialism, I was thrown into an existential crisis after screwing the short story The wall from the namesake book what I got from it is that We are not allowed to be clean, whether dead or alive.

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    Damp hands creeping all over my body that would be the sensation accompanying me during the read of The Wall by Sartre In fiction, I don t mind an atmosphere that is oppressive, helpless, absurd or anxious, as is the case in this short story collection The curious side of me is often than not bewitched by the subject of human unhappiness Unhappiness that stems from a realization, that our own existence has a pettiness to it Even so, these stories weren t able to truly fascinate me on a deeper level I can appreciate them, especially having Sartre s existentialist ideas in the back of my head while reading them, they just lacked a grab you by the throat factor for me Another thing I noticed was the difference in quality among the stories some were truly great, some just okay I felt like the okay stories did not have much backbone when stripped of the philosophical pre knowledge at hand when reading them.A great thinker, a pretty good writer 3.5 5

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    did u know im doing a speech on existentialism i have to maintain my brand of teenager suffering existential crisis almost all of the time will copy and paste my speech outline when i write itchokengtitik

    titikchokengs just read the wall, not the other short stories YET bc sartre owns my ass and i will get to them soon enough