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I was expecting a horror book, but instead I got a book that, I felt, was preaching to me The subject matter could be horrific providing it really happened, but it did not This book left me feeling ripped off and praying for its end to near almost halfway through the book I also found myself falling asleep, literally, during most of it.I am extremely picky about my books and this one came highly recommended I gave this book two stars because it had the potential to be a great horror The extra star came from the story not being bad, but it absolutely could not hold my interest forthan 4 5 pages at a time I just do not like being preached to throughout a book that I bought to read for fun.I really wanted to like this book, but it flopped to appease my expectations I recommend this book to vegans, vegetarians and those who are thinking about becoming either D Lacey preaches quite a bit about not eating meat.I do not recommend this book to anyone looking for a good horror This is a never read You will be disappointed review published with permission on To see all my reviews, please visit A brutal, grim and thought provoking book that had me hooked from the very beginning.Even with a title like Meat , I still found myself shocked The premise of the story isn t fully revealed in all its true horror too early, as a result there was at least one occasion when I had to go back and re read the odd sentence does that mean what I think it means FINGERS No I thought the way business and religion each exploited the food chain and townspeople was an excellent examination of our own consumer driven society, and brilliantly highlighted many modern attitudes to food as in, I don t care what has to happen to get it to me, just so long as it does.And it s not a preachy pro vegetarian tale either, which I d half expected Though I am now a lapsed veggie I tired of eating cheese and tomato in various forms , like the author mentions in the afterword, I still think very, very carefully about how my meat found its way to my plate Cheap meat is intrinsically suspicious One of the best reads I ve had so far this year, and one I won t forget in a hurry.Bon app tit WE WANT MEAT This is a bitter struggle for supremacy between The Meat Baron of The Magnus Meat Processing plant and The Welfare headed by The Grand Bishop for control of Abyrne a town where people know nothing else except We want Meat to eat Well that s what they have been forced and cohered into, a doctrine of Sacred Meat and nothing else to survive on but is that really all there is to their existence One sole provider of special Meat, one force of power, one leader.No There are a few believers that can think out of the box and believe there isbehind the stage set,to life and want to free the captive souls from bondage of the Meat Processing Plant.A man and his family are at risk in this Dark Macabre battle of Evil.A Revolt is ensuing in its most biblical forms.The Meat is sourced from Bulls and Dairy Herd and The Chosen who are they No doubt you will soon discover in the most original style of story I have read in a while There is a gross warning in here you may never look at meat in the same way again Joseph D Lacy has really crafted a Dark Horrific tale here of dystopian status and has really done well coming from a small publishing house Bloodybooks he has really captured readers across the Atlantic When Stephen King states on the front cover Joseph D Lacy Rocks it s a home run for sure Be aware there are some extreme scenes of violence and sex And so it went Their trusting acceptance of their situation and their deep commitment to each other s emotional safety in all matters They used their language to touch each other because their hands and arms could not.We are with you Here we are.They said that so often.None of it escaped him He lived in the world of the Chosen veal calves while the stockmen around him lived in the world of the plant, their workaday jobs, their top wages and their families.Vile.Every last one of the meat eating townsfolk was ignorant, vicious filth They were the ones who should be slaughtered at two hundred an hour, if only that were possible Review also I ve read many horrific things and thought I d read it all but this one is genuinely frightening because I can see things going this way in the case of an apocalypse or other such disaster, with those in a position of power taking advantage of those without Call me gloomy but I don t have a lot of faith in man.It s very thought provoking and reinforces my belief that raising animals in horrible conditions for meat and profit is wrong though I m not a vegetarian this book may just push me over the edge It tells the story of a civilization that is, well, no longer civilized Those in power want to stay there and they are keeping a terrible secret from the starving masses.It was a haunting read that was absolutely horrifying and not for the weak of heart but I do wish everyone would read it It dragged a bit for me at the midway point when the focus shifted but overall it was one of those books that I hated to put down when life interrupted. One Hell of a disturbing novel I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it, and would recommend it to all fans of dark literature. I was looking through my reads so far from this year and Meat stands out as being at least in the top ten I have been remiss in not writing anything at all I seethan a few of my friends have this book marked as to read and I really think most of you should move it up your list I want to recommend this book to the masses but in reality, this may be too much for most people to stomach Meat, American Psycho, and Blood Meridian are the most graphic and violent books I have read, so if you have read either of the last 2, you may have an idea of the type of emotions this book will evoke There were so many terrifying scenes I have a hard time thinking of one that topped everything else, not a problem with Psycho and Meridian It has been many months since I finished I read this over a week, the first third slowly I had to stop often because I was so sickened I was unsure if I could finish By the middle, I could not put the book down I remember thinking that Shanti was an extremely interesting character and Magnus one of the most evil characters ever As for becoming a vegetarian after reading this, yeah right I love meat I love all food But we all should beaware of where our meat comes from and how the animals were treated before slaughter I strongly agree with the message of this book Read it for the message or read it as an excellent horrific book, as long as you have a strong stomach. Meat explores a town within a wasteland where the tenets of a new religion require the consumption of meat Meat from the Chosen stock cattle is prepared at the Magnus Meat Processing Plant MMP , where the high and mighty Meat Baron, Rory Magnus, reigns supreme For generations, the inhabitants of Abyrne have embraced the religion and those fortunate enough to afford the sacred meat readily consume it enthusiastically Yet a handful of citizens have begun to question the morality and integrity of the accepted practices Richard Shanti, an esteemed bolt gunner responsible for rendering the animals unconscious before their slaughter, begins to realize that his job and the town s entire way of thinking is inherently wrong Conflicted between his job responsibilities and his righteousness, Shanti soon meets John Collins, an influential man who convinces him that it s time to bring about a drastic social change As tension between the religious sector and MMP intensifies, events are set in motion that threaten a massive upheaval Will the hungry townsfolk realize the error of their ways I didn t know what to expect from this book and felt confused at the very beginning Yet, as the story progressed, everything became clear and I realized that circumstances at MMP were evenrevolting than I originally thought The story is very well written and the characters are believable I bonded with some of them instantly and hated others, especially Magnus I enjoyed the author s writing style and how several stories and perspectives surrounding various characters are weaved within the novel They all come together when paths cross in action packed climax.I appreciate the fact that the author, without preaching, presents a thought provoking story that, while fictitious, contains elements of truth that should be examined and reevaluated No, I did not give up meat while reading the story, nor afterwards, but I m very, very glad that most of the meat I buy is organic and from animals that are humanely slaughtered I trust The author makes a valid point about how we, as consumers, eagerly select packaged meats without considering how the animals providing our meals were slaughtered and processed I think it s definitely something consumers should be aware of in order to make better, well educated decisions regarding the quality of the food they ingest Meat is a novel that is both entertaining and enlightening, one that I will not soon forget. There are some books that feel like written specially for me Like everything in them is exactly the way and in exact measure that I need, that works for me This book was one of those From the moment I opened it and we immediately clicked Well, you probably need to know that my favorite comfort reads include The Exorcist , It and Battle Royale , so it might be saying something about my taste I wouldn t risk recommending it but I loved it so much It was shocking and it never got less so Even when you think that after so many pages there is little that can get to you the author still finds ways But at the same time there were extremely touching moments, and the moments when you felt the joy of justice finally prevailing And even though there were so many lines and so many characters that seem to go separately for a long time to intertwine eventually all the characters were memorable personalities, I came to care about some and wanted a happy ending for them, and hated some, and pitied others.I was one of those naive readers who took just a glance at the reviews and didn t get spoiled view spoiler who, for the first pages, thought that bulls and cows were, well, really bulls and cows And it felt already shocking enough for me Then I realized they were really people that was a moment But you know what, as I kept reading, I was thinking that if even if the Chosen were not people, even if they were really cattle I wouldn t have felt much less angry and upset So when I read the author s afterward, I thought he delivered the message of his book perfectly hide spoiler 5 Stars for this Gloriously Depraved and Shockingly Disturbing Horror FictionMEAT is set in a dystopian world where veganism is blasphemous and punishable by gruesome death Richard Shanti, a top cattle stunning stockman proudly known as Ice Pick is a legendary figure in Abyrne No one would have thought he would be risking not only his life but his family s as well for denying meat as his sustenance Shanti was torn between protecting his family and appeasing his tumultuous conscience that is killing him slowly each day.Abyrne is a small town surrounded by wasteland and it is the only piece of land left habitable post apocalypse Nothing survives outside the boundary of the town There s no where to go but to obediently abide to the oppressive ruling of two power players in control of the town s fate One being the unyielding religious group preaching from the Book of Giving and the Gut Psalter, where the view spoiler flesh of the Chosen is the gift from God, thereby rejecting meat is to denounce God s teaching hide spoiler Richard Shanti, A Guilt Ridden Slaughterhouse Worker, Has Serious Misgivings About His Job He S Known As The Ice Pick The Calmest, Most Efficient Bolt Gunner In Abyrne S History Yet, In Secret, He And His Family Are Vegetarian If The Authorities Find Out, He Ll Be Tried And Slaughtered For Sacrilege Along With The Chosen Abyrne S Livestock