{download Reading} The Wasted Generation: Memoirs of the Romanian Journey from Capitalism to Socialism and BackAuthor Silviu Brucan – Sharkmotorcyclehelmets.co.uk

In This Vivid Memoir, Silviu Brucan Traces Half A Century Of East European History, Bringing To Life The Drama Of A Generation Caught Between The Communist Revolution And The Anticommunist Revolution Brucan Himself Was At The Heart Of Political Power From World War II Through The Formation Of A New Government After The Overthrow Of Nicolae Ceausescu After Participating In The Antifascist Underground Movement In World War II, He Became Acting Editor Of Romania S Leading Communist Daily He Served As Romania S Ambassador To The United States And Then As Its Ambassador To The United Nations He Later Grew Disenchanted With The Ceausescu Regime, Becoming A Prime Mobilizer Of Popular Support For Reform And Subsequently One Of The Leaders Of The National Salvation Front Brucan S Insider Position Gave Him A Unique Perspective On The Inner Workings Of The Gheorghiu Dej And Ceausescu Regimes As Well As Of The Political Machinations Of Soviet And Other East European Leaders He Reveals For The First Time The Details Available Nowhere Else Of Secret Meetings Between Communist Leaders The Conspiracy With King Michael Against The German Occupation The Extraordinary Meeting Between Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej And Joseph Stalin When The Soviet Dictator Decided That Georghiu Dej And Not Ana Pauker Should Lead The Romanian Communist Party The Secret Mission Assigned To Gheorghiu Dej By Nikita Khrushchev During The Revolution To Install Janos Kadar As Leader Of The Communist Party The Khrushchev Gheorghiu Dej Meeting After A Bear Hunt In The Carpathians, Which Appeared To Be A Chat Between Two Canny Old Peasants But Concluded With Khrushchev S Decision To Withdraw Soviet Troops From Romania And Ceausescu S Astute Maneuver To Seize Power While Gheorghiu Dej Was On His Deathbed Brucan Then Recounts The Real Story Behind The Revolution, Which Was Rooted In Earlier Plots To Overthrow Ceausescu He Traces His Own Memorable Transformation Fro