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In Changelings, Bestselling Authors Anne McCaffrey And Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Returned To The Sentient Planet Petaybee With A Story Of Growth And Transformation In The Face Of Deadly New Threats The Telepathic, Shapeshifting Twins Murel And Ronan Found That Petaybee Had Plans For Them As Well Now Those Plans Begin To Bear Fruit With Fresh Possibilities And Dangers MAELSTROM Now That Petaybee Is Forming A New Equatorial Island, The Planet Has Agreed To Harbor A Group Of New Refugees, Workers Indentured To The Powerful InterGal Corporation But The Mission To Collect The Immigrants Becomes A Rescue Operation When It Is Revealed That InterGal Is Doing Nothing To Help These Survivors Of A World Devastated By A Meteor Shower Murel And Ronan Set Out To Persuade The Frightened Refugees To Come Out Of Hiding, Leave Their World, And Bring Along Their Sacred Totem Animals, The Gifted Sea Turtles Called The Honus But The Twins Discover That They Ve Taken On Than They Expected The Honus Are Not The Only Animals Sacred To The Refugees There Are Also The Manos, Intelligent Sharks Who Have Lost None Of Their Predatory Habits And Who Cannot Be Left Behind To Die When The Manos Are Released Into Petaybee S Waters, A Tragic Misunderstanding Endangers The Whole Resettlement Operation At The Same Time, The Mysterious Sea Otters Who Once Rescued The Twins Father Are Suddenly Revealed To Be Much Than They Appear To Be Now It Is Up To Ronan And Murel, With The Intrepid Assistance Of Their River Otter Friend Sky, To Smooth The Waters Before A Maelstrom Of Revenge Destroys Petaybee S Harmonious Way Of Life But Even As The Twins Uncover Startling New Facts About Petaybee S Past That Will Change Everything They Thought They Knew About The Planet, The Forces Of InterGal Are Gathering, Preparing To Strike

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    Anne McCaffrey is an author I always enjoy reading I really loved the way this series started although I felt it lost a bit of its appeal as the books went on.I do find it to be a very fascinating world with great characters but I am not sure I love the formula of the story telling But I still quite like it.

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    I enjoyed the first series, but this series about the wonder twins just didn t do anything for me I made it through the series, it was interesting enough but I am a completist, even when it hurts a little.

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    I didn t enjoy this book nearly as much as the first in the series It was quite repetitive Certain parts of it really dragged on and did not keep my interest I skipped around a lot until I got to the end When I finally did get to the end, I decided not to continue reading this series.

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    I love this author Great book Well written Interesting characters Read Enjoy

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    Better than the previous one now that the twins are a little older The Federation needs to suck an egg.

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    Book 2 of 3 in the Twins of Petaybee series was good The deep water seals are aliens And shape shifters So cool

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    Maelstrom by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is the second book of the Twins of Petaybee series set in the Petaybee universe After I finished this book the first thing that it made me think of is how much darker it is than the first one Not dark as in heroes are dying but dark as in everything seems to be going wrong for the protagonists Once again the main characters are the selkie children Mural and Ronan Shongili The two of them decide to go with Marmie on a rescue mission for Ke ola s people who have been left to die on a hell planet The mission has many difficulties which occur to people who leap before they look The first is of course the fact that the company which has profit above all else didn t care at all for the people and is willing to let the displaced people die rather than rescuing them and risk damaging their equipment I found the book very correct on the way that human nature can at times continue to allow others to suffer just because of pettiness Once they get down many of the people are fatalists who decide they would prefer to die rather than move again In history this has often happened when people are taught that forced movement is what caused their problems they become tied to an area that they would be better off leaving because they feel like any movement will be to a worse place The next problem is that certain of the people who they try rescue have a connection with certain vicious predators who they won t leave behind This could to be a reminder of what happens when people are rescued from bad situations The people may be mostly innocent but at times they harbor evil within who they will not leave behind This is one of the major reasons why most of the world likes to say about refugees we care but keep them out of my neighborhood Often living in a violent nasty area creates certain disillusioned people who become the same as those who torment them In many ways this book was much better than the previous book even though elements of it seem a bit forced but that probably has to do with the overall plot of this series and not necessarily this book in particular.

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    SUMMARY The Shongili twins, Ronan and Murel, accompany their friend Marmie on her luxury space craft Piaf to rescue their friend Ke ola s family from an uninhabitable planet They arrive to find the planet in the midst of a terrible meteor storm and when they go down to the surface find that the survivors have taken refuge under ground Ronan and Murel change into seal form and find the survivors and their totem animals or aumakua, the giant turtles, or Honu, and the sharks Back on Petaybee the twins, in their seal form, escort the Honus to their new home in the middle of the ocean They also want to warn the otters and seals about the sharks It is a long journey and Murel falls asleep and gets separated from the rest She is surrounded by a pod of Orcas who, thinking she is a normal seal, try to eat her Before they can do so she is caught up in a whirlpool caused by the volcanic activity in the area, as is Ronan, who had swum back to try to rescue her They are rescued from the whirlpool by the mysterious deep sea otters and taken into their shielded city on the ocean floor While their leader, Kushtaka, is talking to them her son Jeel sees the sharks and goes to inspect them, Murel races after him but is too late and Jeel is killed Meanwhile Marmie and her crew are arrested on trumped up charges of kidnapping Ke ola s family and taken to Gwinnett Incarceration Colony, along with most of the survivors they rescued When Murel and Ronan return to their family and discover that Marmie has been arrested and the Piaf impounded they realize they need to get off the planet and go to her rescue While staying with Kushtaka they were told that the deep sea otters were not just otters but beings from outer space who had hidden in the depths of Petaybee s oceans for years Now that they have been discovered they plan to leave, the twins persuade Kushtaka to take them with her and to help them rescue Marmie.

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    Maelstrom is where this series really hits its stride I love the concept of a sentient planet that the human residents can speak to and Ms McCaffrey and Ms Scharborough do it justice They bring together a truly diverse cast of characters that are fun and interesting What the story lacks in focus and tightness of plot it makes up for in sheer creativity and exuberance My main problem with the book was its voice Yes, this is Ann McCaffrey and it has her characteristic tone and timber to the prose But, while the first Petaybe series was about and for adults, this one was about children It seemed to me, that the authors knew it should be a middle grade or YA book but didn t want to alienate the adult fans of the original series So they straddled the line between, not specifically writing for either audience and missing them both.Overall it was a fun and entertaining read but not as good as it could have and really should have been.

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    Book Two of the Twins of Petaybee series was another winner The shapeshifting Shongili twins and their otter friend Sky discover a mysterious alien race beneath the waves They want to be kept secret, even after rescuing the twins dad from certain death in the previous book Unfortunately, the twins just returned from a rescue mission They found colonists of Hawaiian descent abandoned on a dying world and brought them and their totem animals to Petaybee for sanctuary They settle in Petaybee s newly formed temperate zone, but some of the newcomers are People Of The Shark Now three deadly new creatures inhabit the depths, and the consequences of their appetites could spell disaster for the twins chances of remaining friendly with the reclusive aliens.A great read with something of a cliffhanger ending Looking forward to the series finale.