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Ray Buckley s Dancing with Words Storytelling As Legacy, Culture and Faith read quickly and was full of touching stories about storytelling Good information about how to put a story together, how to let your light shine thorugh, how a story needs to come from the storyteller to ring true to the audience Completely enjoyed this book and wished there had been one sign of a good storyteller Thanks Ray Jesus Built Relationships With People Through Simple, Clear Stories And We Are People Of The Story, Seeking To Name And Share Our Stories In Nearly Everything We Do Dancing With Words Provides Help For All Church Leaders Both Clergy And Lay To Explore The History And Importance Of Storytelling In Faith Development And To Acquire Basic Storytelling Skills Through An Understanding Of The History Of Storytelling And Of Storytellers As Keepers Of Beliefs, Traditions, History, And Values, You Will Find New Meaning In The Stories And Storytellers Of The Bible And Of The Christian Faith, Learn What Makes A Good Story, Discover Your Own Style As A Storyteller, Learn The Techniques Of Effective Storytelling, And Practice Creating Stories From Your Own Experience Let The Dance Begin