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A Creature Moves Down Out Of The Uttermost North It S A Sending Summoned By Gudrun To Cause Destruction In The Kingdom Of Wulfgar, And As It Travels Down Towards The Jarlshold It Leaves A Trail Of Devastation In Its Wake Kari Ragnarrson Tells His Friends Of Old That He Knows Why The Creature Is Coming It Has Been Sent By Gudrun As A Test For Him, A Test Of The Powers Which He Has Inherited From Her Ultimately, Kari Must Come To Terms With The Full Strength Of His Powers In Order To Win His Struggle And Defeat The Curse Of Gudrun It Is A Battle Of The Spirit Which Kari Knows He Must Win The second book is still a bit of a choux pastry book Not very satisfying It s longer than the first book, and builds on it, so it s not quite as light, and I began to really feel for Kari he s the one who feels most real to me, though I found the whole plot far too easily resolved I want to knowabout Brochael, Jessa, Wulfgar, Hakon All of them, really I don t know yet if Catherine Fisher will deliver, but I m on the side of thinking not.Still, it s an easy and a fun read Sometimes simplicity is welcome And I m glad to read something set in a medieval Iceland ish setting that isn t constantly pushing women into a corner they don t belong in Jessa s independence and so on seems a little excessive, from what I know in the sagas, but they weren t devoid of strong, capable, even bloodthirsty women Just think of Berg ora and Hallger r, from Brennu Njals saga Or Gunnhildr, even, though she s actually closer to GudrunAnyway, I m not regretting buying these books, but they are far lighter than I might ve hoped. A tense and atmospheric follow up to the excellent Snow Walker s Son The intermittent chapters describing the rune beast coming closer ramps up the suspense and Jessa is a feisty heroine It s just a shame that you can see the inevitable mistrust of Kari coming a mile away and sometimes Fisher repeats her descriptions too much, like Skapti always rubbing his nose with his long hand between dialogue and Jessa repeatedly clutching her knives or jabbing them into her belt. Excellent Further development of great characters I loved that she didn t use the whole journey motif again Also excellent that the good guys didn t have to use violence to solve the problem, although I suspect that the third will hold some necessary violence Again the novel felt too short, but can t wait to read the third in the series.