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This Is The First Book In The Young Adult Paranormal Romance Series Setenid Blight Deep In The Sierra Nevada Mountains There Lies A Cave That Has Been The Source Of Local Legends For Centuries Purported To Be The Home Of An Ancient Deranged And Vicious Animal, Many Have Gone In Seek Of It, But What Lies Within Is Far Dangerous Than A Mere Creature Year Old Piper Evie Kenley S Life Has Been Anything But Calm, However, The Turmoil Of Losing Almost Her Entire Family Is Nothing Compared To The Difficulties She Is About To Face Robbed Of All Other Alternatives, She Moves In With Her Boyfriend Of Seven Years And His Family Only To Find That She Has An Intensely Electric Connection With The Handsome And Popular Devlin Vaughn Captain Of The Football Team Try As She Might, She Cannot Avoid This Connection They Share Leaving Her With A Choice To Make But Just As She Begins To Feel Her Life Is In Order, One Camping Trip And A Testosterone Driven Dare Involving A Cave With A Deadly And Contagious Secret Will Send Her Entire World In To Complete Chaos Recommended For Ages Up

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    Move aside all book boys I have deemed swoon worthy in the past Dev may seriously be the most swoon worthy boy I have ever read of before save for Jace Lightwood, but he is another story as he is in a category all of his own I think that Dev possess all of the best characteristics of all of my favourite book boys Jay Heaton s super caring nature from Kimberly Derting s The Body Finder series , Marc Ramos over protectiveness from Rachel Vincent s Shifters series , and Jace Lightwood s arrogance cockiness from Cassie Clare s Mortal Instruments series Aside from Dev, the other characters were all really great and loveable too Even the parents I feel that a lot of the time in YA the parents of the kids never really get mentioned they just kinda randomly show up and say something like, Oooohhhh, your boyfriend is a vampire That s cool , never to be seen again Gabriel and Evelyn Yeah, Sonya and Evie were extremely lucky to have them My only complaint about the characters was Harm Evie s older brother , she mentioned him so many times throughout the book and while I got a sense of who he was, I just would have liked to have actually seen him in the flesh well as in the flesh as you can get while reading a book , rather than just hearing about him I think that if Kimerbly Derting s aforementioned The Body Finder series and the recent film The Crazies were to have a baby and maybe throw in a bit of Julia Karr s XVI or Lauren Oliver s Delirium , this book would be the result On the one hand there is such a cute and totally SQUEE worthy romance aspect to it, but on the other hand there is an apocalyptic end of the world because the zombies are going to eat your brain feel to it That being said however, sometimes I felt that there was a disconnect between the two genres it was so easy to get swept up in the romance, forgetting all about the sci fi element and when the sci fi element was once again introduced you couldn t help but be kinda grumpy because at that point you didn t care about it, all you cared about was seeing Evie and Dev s relationship continue to grow and develop All in all, I think that Beth Revis description of her book Across the Universe , A sci fi for teens who don t like sci fi , fits this book perfectly There is a nice medium between the genres, keeping the romance junkies like myself happy, and the hardcore sci fi readers entertained as well I cannot wait to see what Kimberly has in store for us in the next installment of her series, the Setenid Blight series

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    bangs head on the table Why bang do I bang do this bang to myself bang.Tortuuuureeee Amazing, heart wrenching, gut clenching, eyes tearing, nose sniffling story.God Sometimes I wonder WHY I do this to myself Then, I realize, because I want to know about true love as it goes against suffering and pain, and yet how the love continues against all odds.Happy endings Fairy tale love Sibling love Sacrifice made for loved ones Loss of life of ones you trust with all your heart bangs head That was an AMAZING book HIGHLY recommend it.Kick ass heroine who s NOT confused about who she s in love with and who she just loves Sexy hero who loves those around him than he loves himself, unlike many.Amazing supportive friends Sonya and Gary with their own little love story.Unpredictable Ex boyfriend Jay I feel bad for him.And other supportive characters Sonya s parents, Jay s parents.AMAZING big brother Harm who d harm ANYONE who came anywhere near hurting distance of Piper Evie And Evie s cute and loyal German Shepherd Five stars And the cover looks to cover designer I get it I SOOO get it Great idea

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    I rated this book 3.5 Review can also be found here am very impressed by Kimberly Montague s first book in the Setenid Blight series, Altered The plot of the book is a very fun read full of Romance, suspense, and difficult choices A classic love story with a twist Altered starts out with the reader s learning about a few of the main characters, Evie, her brother Harm and Evie s boyfriend of seven years, Jay Evie and her brother Harm recently lost there Mother and Father and are dealing with being alone and having to take care of each other When Harm decides he wants to join the special forces, he leaves Evie in Jay hands where they end up going back to a town they once lived in before Evie is to live with her boyfriend s family for the time being and start school once she is settled in On the first day back to school with Jay by her side she ends up meeting a guy that she feels a intensely electric connection with, Delvin He is handsome, popular and Evie feels drawn to Devlin even before she meets him With and encounters with Devlin, Evie is starting to fall in love with him even know she knows in her heart she is with Jay Evie finds herself falling and for Devlin and less attracted to Jay When her decisions lead to that what she bargained for, Evie and Devlin now have there love put to the test Something weird is going around and people including Jay are not acting like themselves, but rather something very evil Evie and Devlin along with there friends now will fight there way to find safety and stay together in a town that has gone mad, but why I loved the style of writing that Kimberly Montague uses It was a beautifully written book with wonderful descriptions of the people and events that take place during the book I really enjoyed the heartfelt romance in Altered A True love story with a twist in the end I kept wanting for everything to be okay in the end but was left with a cliff hanger Altered will never leave the reader disappointed It is fast and fun read with plenty of mystery and romance The only reason I ended up giving it 3.5 stars and not is because I felt during the middle of the book was all about the romance between Evie and Devlin and I wanted of the mystery of what was going on in the town In the beginning of Alter you learn about these weird things happening but the book does not go into it until much later Other than this I really enjoyed reading Altered and would recommend the book to anyone over the age of 15.

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    Went from high school romance to intense thriller real quick I enjoyed the style of writing the internal dialogue was eloquently done while still relatable but the romance climaxed too fast and took up a significant portion of the story.

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    Definitely was not expecting that maybe it s because I m extremely sick but I did not see that coming and I m so happy I picked this book up So worth it It was epic Read it

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    Not your typical YA paranormal romance The Setenid Blight books are a tale of almost too real apocalyptic proportions I read the first book in the series, Altered many months ago It stole my heart from the very beginning Many months later, I was contacted with an e mail letting my know that Divided, book 2 was finally available I can honestly tell you that my fascination with YA paranormal romances got it s beginning right here However, I no longer really see that this series truly fits into that category You see, we re not talking about the over done, but always fun vampires, witches, werewolves, etc.The Setenid Blight Series covers a near adult girl who s going through hell Literally When her town suddenly becomes swept with a mysterious infection which turns its victims into murderous psychopaths, all hell breaks loose Evie Piper first must deal with the loss of her parents, the separation from her big brother, Harm falling for another while actively in a relationship with Jay, who has been up to this point the love of her life She finds her soulmate in Devlin, but all hope of happiness is ripped away when she is then forced not to only deal with all of this, but SURVIVE as well This mysterious infection really hits home for her and she becomes a target early on The infected lose all sense of humanity, develop the tell tale unnatural green eyes, and serve one purpose and one purpose alone to kill and destroy I know, that sounds a little zombie like but it s NOT The infected victims are not brain less killing machines They are still the people they were Just instead of protecting and nurturing those you love, you become hell bent on violently destroying them It s a pretty scary concept if you think about it Your brother, sister, friend, husband, parent, CHILD now lives only to kill you with their bare hands and their determination and inhuman strength means that there is next to nothing you can do to stop it.What makes that even scary When the government gets involved Take every movie you ve ever watched about an epidemic illness that sweeps the country, killing hundreds of thousands how does the gov t react They down play it first and foremost Cover it up even Then, they try to use it to their benefit Finally, they cut their losses Abandon it s citizens, its towns Quarantine the innocent and healthy, leaving them no hope for survival.This is what you get in The Setenid Blight Series AND MORE You also get love, perseverance, hope, romance, drama and oh so many chills This story literally gives me chills as the insanely talented author, Kimberly Montague lays it all out in a way that you can REALLY picture it all happening to a town near you, to a friend, to YOU I ve recently finished book two and lucky me got an advance reader copy of book three, Manipulated which is due out August 19 I am a crazy busy woman right now, but if even three minutes can be spared, my nose is in this series Please, I BEG you, do not hesitate to dive into this so close to reality it s scary piece of fiction I m going to take it as a personal insult from anybody who doesn t follow this awesome piece of advice Follow this amazing, talented author on all of her outlets, and look for her in the future I really think this is a name you can expect to hear BIG things about in the future If you ve enjoyed my review and take on this ah mazing story, look for on my blog www.book snobs.blogspot.

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    Every once in a while a book hits your radar out of the blue and it blows you away This book did exactly that From the first page I was enthralled I even reached a point where I knew something bad was about to happen and I had to put the book down because I didn t want all the goodness that Evie was just beginning to experience to be taken away from her That, my friends, is some good writing.We start up with some slow, sweet interactions that let us meet Evie or Piper, if you choose to call her that and fall into her life She was someone I could easily relate to She s content with her life, she doesn t want to cause anyone any undue pain or hardship, she s just a sweet, unassuming girl Yet, from the moment she meets Dev she s drawn to him And might I just say that Dev is incredibly swoon worthy He s gorgeous, sweet and he goes out of his way to seek Evie out As their relationship begins to blossom, Evie has to make the decision to stick with the guy she s been with for years but who she feels little than friendship for or follow her heart and go for the guy she can t get out of her head swoon sigh swoon Oh, and then there s this little, teeny, tiny side plot about a contagion that turns people it infects into bloodthirsty killers I m just kidding, guys That part of the plot isn t tiny at all In fact, it s pretty darn awesome in itself.I make no bones about how much I love books I also know that I love a lot of the books I read This shouldn t be a secret to anyone since I tend to gush like a love struck teenager whenever I find something that captures my attention That said, this book really resonated with me I thought it was very well written and captivating I adored the characters and the way they thought their way out of situations Plus, for having little than kissing it was surprisingly steamy Considering the other types of books I read, that s saying a lot.According to Kimberly Montague, book 2 is being written now I seriously can t wait Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    This book is amazing, I loved it from the first page The author really knows how to write with passion The story is really intriguing and and just wonderful I was completely captivated by this story The main part of this book is focused on the love story between Evie and Devlin And wow it is a love story I will not soon forget The way Montague describes their feelings for each other is wonderful I could almost see the sparks between them fly of the pages of the book It was loaded with emotion from almost the second they meet and until the book ended It s not that often you read a book where the author is so good at describing the connection and the feelings between two people Montague is amazing at it But this is not only a love story it is also a story about a horrible virus that turns people crazy and will turn the world up side down This book is so exiting you just have to keep reading because you want to know what will happen to these to amazing people Evie is such a wonderful person and I really liked her She is down to earth and she has such a big heart She wants everyone to be happy but she keeps to forget about her own happiness.Devlin is Well if you want to read about a swoon worthy guy you have to read this book He is so good to Evie and is completely captivated by her from the moment they met And he is dreamy I was so hooked by this story and it was so intriguing that I was unable to put it down I laughed, I cried, I sighed and it was often so thrilling I was up reading most of the night.You need to read this, you wont be sorry I promise

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    The beginning of the book, like the first 70 pages dragged The whole time I kept waiting for the action to start From the blurb we already know there s something up with the cave, and the cover on the book gives us a pretty big clue After the inciting incident that started the action with the MC, it took a while to wait for the MC to solve the what mystery That was a little annoying.Other than that, the plot was okay I really only liked the book when the actual action started Then it became exciting.I think that if the book was re edited, removing the really slow paced scenes, and rewriting some things altogether, it might have improved the book The beginning is missing some fast paced scenes full of action It s not moving fast enough For example, was it really necessary to have the MC move in with her boyfriend She could have moved in with her best friend from the start and write out the reasons why her best friend couldn t have taken her in This didn t really seem too relevant It made the plot longer and not in a good way.As for the writing, I liked the dialogue, but there could have been improvement in description and opening scenes for each chapter Sometimes, there was too much exposition especially in the first 30 pages, and in some cases, regarding action, there was too much tell instead of show With editing, this story could have been improved I did like the story though I will read book 2.

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    I don t think I ll ever be able to walk into a cave without having a panic attack after reading this book The sickening, creepy, violent plot was so understated for most of this book, that when it finally comes full throttle into the storyline it s a shock to your system There was teen drama and love triangle heartache at every turn, but I was not prepared for the I Am Legend style creatures that made my stomach turn over Definitely a fascinating twist on the zombie apocalypse plot, and I was captivated by the terrifying world Montague created.I think my only gripe with this story would be how naive Piper was As a lead, she makes a pretty likable heroine and I definitely loved her with Dev But she just seemed rather clueless about stuff that should have been obvious to her i.e when events exactly parallel a breakout in another area, but she doesn t put two and two together until the very last minute Despite my irritation with Piper on occasion, I still really enjoyed the suspense filled plot and the romance that was blossoming I really hate love triangles, but the way it played out here left the reader little time to dwell on heartbreak before all hell broke loose The horrific events that took place were crushing as it was, and that endingugh, just throws your heart over a cliff making you desperate for the sequel I ll definitely be picking up book two so I can put myself out of my misery