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Nate Rocks Can Do It All Part Super Hero, Part All Star Athlete, Part Rock Star Part Fourth Grader Ten Year Old Nathan Rockledge Cannot Catch A Break After All, Life As A Fourth Grader Can Be Hazardous What With Science Projects To Deal With And Recess Football Games To Avoid Everyone, Including His Best Friend Tommy, Seems To Have Bad Luck When Hanging Around Nathan Throw In An Older Sister Who Is A Royal Pain, A Dad Who Is Stuck In The Past, And A Mom Who Keeps Trying To Poison Him With Her Awful Cooking, And Poor Nathan S Life As A Fourth Grader Appears To Be Completely Doomed Armed Only With His Sketchpad, His Imagination, And His Wits, Nathan Rockledge Navigates The Perils Of The Fourth Grade In Style, To Emerge Heroic, As Nate Rocks, Proving That Even A Ten Year Old Can Accomplish Great Things

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    Nate is a ten year old boy with an over active imagination Everyday mundane events are opportunities in disguise as adventures starring Nate who of course, rocks them all.Nate is a character who seeks adventure by indulging in day dreams which reminded me a little of a young Walter Mitty He has a quirky family that add to the fun It is a great choice for middle graders and is certainly not limited to boys as my daughter completely enjoyed this book as well.

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    I wrote this book with my three children in mind I love to read and wanted them to feel the same way What better way then to write a book I knew they would love I hope all who are young at heart enjoy reading this book I had so much fun writing it I am now working on the sequel Happy Reading.

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    Acabei de ler Nate Rocks the World dia 15 de Dezembro de 2011 e dou lhe 4 estrelas.Esta a hist ria de Nathan Rockledge, um rapazinho de 10 anos que tem uma imagina o muito f rtil Para ele, tudo pretexto para a cria o de uma elaborada aventura mental, acompanhada de muitos rabiscos mistura uma narrativa um pouco diferente, na medida em que parece que n o existe uma hist ria espec fica, mas sim v rias que ir o culminar num ponto chave nos contada a vida de Nathan, n o dia a dia, mas seguindo os epis dios mais importantes que se sucedem no calend rio at se chegar desejada viagem de f rias Florida N o um g nero liter rio que costumo ler com frequ ncia, mas gostei Agradaram me particularmente as reflex es que o Nate faz acerca de certos epis dios e que retratam a inoc ncia infantil A t tulo de exemplo e sendo um pouco spoiler , o Nathan diz que ainda n o percebeu porque que o pai continua a dar j ias m e no Natal, se ela chora sempre j devia ter percebido que isso a deixa triste Lol Este g nero de piadas remete me para As Aventuras do Menino Nicolau Le Petit Nicolas , de Ren Goscinny e Jean Jacques Semp Para quem n o conhece, a personagem do Menino Nicolau nasceu nos anos 50, primeiro em jornal e s depois passou para livro Esta uma crian a que nos conta a sua vida disputas, conversas com os amigos, rela o com o professor, etc de acordo com o seu ponto de vista e numa linguagem muito pr pria Neste aspecto, achei ambas as hist rias se aproximavam, por isso quem gosta de uma, deve gostar da outra Tamb m me agradou o que aconteceu no fim o Nate tornou se no her i que sempre imaginou ser foi como um sonho tornado realidade Tenho apenas a apontar que acho que o final podia ter sido um pouco mais desenvolvido indo, por exemplo, at ao final das f rias, s para completar o ciclo I finished reading Nate Rocks the World on 15th December 2011, and I give it a four star rating.This is the story of Nathan Rockledge, a ten year old boy, who has a very fertile imagination For him, everything is a pretext for an elaborate mental adventure, accompanied by many written doodles and scribbles.This is a narrative a little different since it seems that there isn t about a specific story, but there are several run parallel to each other and merge together at one key point We chronologically follow Nathan s important milestones in his life up until he goes on a much desired vacation to Florida.This book is a genre I seldom read, but I liked it I particularly liked Nate s reflections about certain episodes, which illustrated the childhood innocence For example this is a little spoiler , Nathan says he doesn t understand why his father keeps on giving jewelry to his mother at Christmas if she cries every time and that he should have realized by now that it makes her sad Lol This reminded me of Le Petit Nicolas , by Ren Goscinny and Jean Jacques Semp For those not familiar with it, Nicolas is character created in the 50s, appearing first in newspapers and then as a book Nicolas is a child who tells his life story discussions, conversations with friends, the relationship with his teacher, etc according to his point of view and in a language of its own I thought that both Nate s and Nicolas s stories were similar So if you read and enjoyed Le Petit Nicolas , you ll enjoy this book and vice versa What happened at the end pleased me as well Nate became the hero he always wanted to be it was like a dream come true for him I just think that the end could have been a little developed for example, it could have been extended till the end of the holidays, just to complete the cycle.

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    Why I Think Boys May Enjoy ThisWhen I first read this book description, I actually thought it was a fantasy book it made me think of ChalkZone, the old Nickelodeon cartoon In truth, this is actually a pure middle grade literary fiction book and is all the better for it When I finished reading, my very first thought was Nate is Ramona Quimby for boys and the modern generation And if you ve read my BooksForBoys reviews, you know my very first one was a Beverly Cleary book Toz does a fantastic job of really diving into the head of her main character and focusing on the things that drive a 10 year old boy s day to day motivations well meaning but annoying parents, a pain in the butt big sister, movies and hanging out with his best friend, school.However, Toz takes this to another level with Nate s insanely awesome imagination in the form of his drawings and daydreaming She really captures how easy it is for a single thing for example, a classmate getting a spy pen from a trip to Washington, DC can trigger a far fetched adventure in the mind of an imaginative pre teen boy Even if it does mean getting in trouble for doodling all over a spelling test.For the adults in the audience, the story plays out much like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty most recently adapted into a Ben Stiller movie in 2013 , where we are thrown into Nate s daydreams seamlessly from his everyday world This is why it s easy to feel like this could just as well be a fantasy story where Nate s drawings literally DO come to life because from his perspective and ours due to Toz s smart use of 1st Person Present POV , they DO At the end of the day, Nate is a very wonderful character that any young boy could easily relate to and I can t wait to read the other three books in the series.Content AppropriatenessThis is a perfectly done middle grade book that works for all ages A strong reader as young as 8 could read it solo but it really does hit that late elementary school early middle school target absolutely perfectly There is some talk of middle grade appropriate boy girl talk Nate think they re yucky, his sister is in love with a pop star but nothing else other than healthy, appropriate family relationships and school interactions Zero concern about violence, language, or sexuality at all.Rating5 5 Giant Cartoon Mallets from Toonopolis, The Blog s Books for Boys Review on 9 4 17

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    Science projects can be a real challenge or a real drag Poor Nathan got stuck working with Lisa Crane on his latest project Not only that, Lisa loves to report his actions to her mother who repeats everyone to his mom too Is there no privacy or loyalty among kids any So, when Lisa comes over to start working on their project Nathan does what any potential super hero would do, enter his own imaginative world, solve world problems, even help the Phillies win the World Series and let the world know that he is not just a hazard waiting to happen when near him but a really great kid with tons of artistic talent The story begins with Nathan daydreaming and drawing pictures of himself helping the Phillies win the World Series when his mother brings him out of his revere Going to school poor Nathan hopes for indoor recess where he can just doodle on his pad, create comic pictures and enjoy his time away from the classroom But, unfortunately he gets stuck with football that day and he is not very good Coming home he finds out his mother already knows about his science project, while eating her horrific dinner fit for no one and hoping she won t pack if for his lunch the following day, poor Nathan has not choice but to escape back into his own special world where success comes easily and appreciation widespread If only everyone could see him as he really is Added to the story is a story who enjoys riding him, a father transfixed on his work and constantly recounts stories from his past reliving each event point by point, sending Nate off to dream world in order cope with reality Poor Nathan gets stuck working on his science project on Saturday when he would rather spend time at the movies with his best friend Tommy Captain Asteroid is the movie they want to see and he is totally disappointed that he is stuck at home working on his science project with Lisa who has already decided they would create a Prism much While taking notes about the subject something happens that takes Nathan into his own special plane of reality and he hears the voice of his favorite super hero Captain Asteroid who needs him to help with a serious crisis The world is devoid of color and unless Nathan can figure out how bring it back there was no hope for the world What would learning about prisms have to do with saving the world from being colorless, find out how Nathan does it and why Captain Asteroid thinks Nate Rocks for you When Nathan is called to the front of his classroom to present his project and poster it seems Lisa has blindsided him by recreating another poster in her own fashion claiming his was ruined Voicing his opinion to her went on deaf ears Going home he decided on his Halloween costume when a unique idea to become a cowboy came from his sister as a strange source and then Nathan reverts back into his dream world as he once again takes on the persona of whatever character or figure that comes into play So, Nate thinks he is now in a western town and has to save a damsel in distress plus prevent the bandits from taking over town Can this 10 year old Nate do it Then his sister does something to embarrass him on Halloween and it is time to pay her back for all she has done Why not get even on her birthday Going to get his father s rakes back from a neighbor Nate turns into a Rock Star guitar and all Is there anything this ten year old can t do Desmond Harper the real performer had a problem someone made his skin and hair look blue just because he criticized the way he created the lighting for his show Back to reality he finds that he has drawn a picture someone playing the guitar and trying to explain it Tommy would wait But sometimes payback is not as satisfying as you think even though Abby gets sort of what she deserves from Nate but their parents teach them both a lesson Wait until you read what they have to wear and do Finding himself in the hospital to give out gifts how does he turn into Santa at the North Pole The best was yet to come as his parents surprise him and his sister with a special family Christmas gift His next adventure will definitely surprise you as he saves a dog from a burning fire and gets stuck making Valentine s Cards But, to appreciate what his sister does you have to read it for yourself One plane ride to Florida brings about an adventure that he won t ever forget Did Nate really help the Captain of the plane move a meteor out of the way so they could continue their flight What happened to everyone in the cabin What happens on the vacation you won t believe Poor Nathan can t seem to get a break at all Tommy has an accident but what happens at the end will definitely let the reader know that ten year old Nate really does Rock Just how you have to find out for yourself when you read this outstanding book by author Karen Pokras Toz which brings to light so many important issues of friendship, loyalty, family values, understanding, and just plain fun Some situations are real and not part of his imagination What happens when someone really does need his help will he rise to the occasion What will happen to Nathan next and let s hope the author brings him back for some adventures and drawings that take him into other worlds kids would otherwise never experience Author Karen Pokras Toz has a definite five star winner right here Nate than ROCKS Great book for kids of all ages and for parents too Characters that are true to life and a story that will definitely make you smile, laugh and endear you to one smart and talented young man named NATE Fran Lewis reviewer

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    this is awesome

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    Nathan Rockledge is a 10 year old fourth grader who lives with his parents and older sister Abby in an average town in the United States In this book Nate encounters the typical experiences of a fourth grader including having to put up with a very annoying older sister who treats him like he is the worst thing that could happen to her Some of Nate s school experiences include having to work on a school project with a girl who he can t stand, daydreaming in class and getting caught at it, and having a mother who means well but by doing some of the things that she does, makes his life even embarrassing than ever Nate would prefer to just draw, read, see the latest Captain Asteroid movie, and hang out with his friends Tommy and Sam Unfortunately, life isn t as simple as that.There were so many events in this book that I was able to connect to that I feel like the author studied my life before writing the book Like Nate, I also had no athletic ability when I was in school and therefore was always the last one chosen for pick up games at recess, if I even got picked at all Nate s mom doesn t see the sense in spending money to purchase something that she can easily make like Halloween costumes and Valentine s Day cards Although my mom wasn t that bad, I could certainly connect with how Nate felt whenever he had to take them out in public The humiliation is almost than one can bear I was also able to connect with Nate s feelings towards his sister Abby who treats him the same way his classmates do Although my older sister was not that bad, we weren t the best of friends either as we went through those growing years. So, what s a guy to do Daydream, that s what In his daydreams Nathan Rockledge becomes Nate Rock, Superhero, always there to save the day.This book was such an enjoyable read because the author has made all of the characters so realistic and believable As I read I found myself really liking Nate and Tommy and disliking Abby I also liked Nate s Dad as he seems like a pretty good guy who, although a bit clueless I think he has forgotten what it was like when he was Nate s age , really seems to understand how hard it is for a boy growing up His mom, although likable, strikes me as a typical girl who either didn t have troubles as she grew up or doesn t care and thinks that kids should just get over it Either way, I m sure glad that she wasn t my Mom I highly recommend this book to boys in the 9 12 years age range I m not sure if girls would enjoy it or not but I certainly wouldn t discourage them from reading it Even if they can t relate, maybe they ll learn something about what boys go through as they struggle to fit in in the upper elementary school grades The book was easy to read with short chapters which lend themselves to being read in short spurts if necessary All this being said, there is one thing I didn t care for in the book and that was the way that it ended I feel like the ending was rather abrupt rather than being worked to a well rounded ending I look forward to reading the further adventures of Nate Rocks as they come out.

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    Nathan Rockledge is a fourth grader with all the usual problems afflicting kids an irritating older sister who seems to delight in causing him grief a mother that insists on cooking him meals and sewing him clothing, despite her lack of talent and schoolwork and classmates besides However, Nathan isn t just any ten year old boy he s also Nate Rocks astronaut, cowboy, spy, and singer extraordinaire plus a few talents besides.Nathan may have to deal with his sister barging into his room, or his mother feeding him stuff that can t be accurately described as food, but when he draws, his world gets much interesting Then, people around him have big problems, and who better to solve them than Nate Rocks When bandits are busting up the local saloon, who should the sheriff call upon Nate Rocks, cowboy He ll make quick work of the bandits, and rush off to save Lady Madeline, who they ve tied to the train tracks, just in the nick of time When singer Desmond Harper can t perform at his concert, who should fill in for him but Nate Rocks And Nate Rocks is always there to save the day, whether he s delivering damsels from distress, saving super heroes, protecting the whole planet Earth, or just winning the World Series for the Phillies Nate Rocks the World by Karen Pokras Toz has everything you could ask of a children s chapter book adventure, fun characters, and a put upon protagonist we can all relate to and the author does a splendid job of involving us with the story and making us care about the characters.When Nathan imagines himself a hero, he doesn t just imagine himself in a spaceship heading for the moon, he imagines himself just as he is, just where he is when something extraordinary happens, and he s the only one around to save the day But why me he asks Because you re Nate Rocks, of course they will answer Because Nate Rocks is a real hero when people need help, he always gives his best, and in the end, that s all it takes.Nathan s imagined adventures and triumphs are great, and it s fun when you realize that the scene has begun to take place in Nathan s imagination, and you re about to be treated to another adventure of Nate Rocks, but his real life adventures are interesting, too When Nathan isn t imagining himself to be a super spy, he s dodging his mother s attempts at cooking, avoiding or plotting revenge on his sister, Abby, or just trying to get through fourth grade, and you ll want to see all of it Nate Rocks the World has a fun story, interesting characters, and a great lesson about what it really means to be a hero Read it, and I m sure you ll agree Nate rocks Disclosure This review concerns a book acquired for free in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

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    Nate Rocks the World Review by Martha A Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat and Think With Your Taste Buds Desserts What in the world I say quietly to myself I turn back around to look inside the house Everything I see is in shades of gray The blue couch in our living room is gray The green front door is now gray The grass and the trees, all gray Even Mom s bright red van parked in the driveway is gray I look down at my body Sure enough, even my clothes are all gray I take a step outside It is a clear day, unseasonably warm for October There is not a cloud in the sky The sun gray of course shines white beams of light As I walk down the street, people I do not recognize start coming out of their houses wondering, as I am, what has happened I see a black spot in the sky growing larger At first, I think it is a bird, but as it approaches, I realize that it is actually a person flying toward me A circle of people I don t know, gather around me The man from the sky gets closer He lands directly in front of me, and I immediately recognize him.Ten year old Nathan Nate Rockledge loves to draw His specialty superhero cartoons where he Nate Rocks is the hero that saves the moment Give him a pencil and paper, a little quiet time and just about any situation and he will solve the problem as he saves the world In his cartoon world, even Captain Asteroid seeks Nate s help to save the world from the evil Dr Shadow Even the President seeks Nate Rocks help in recovering stolen spy equipment But what happens when the situation is real and not make believe Can the real Nate Rockledge stand up to the plate and become a true hero Nate Rocks the World takes the ordinary life of the Rockledge family and brings it to life as something most of us can actually relate to If you ve ever had an older sister or brother, you can understand Nate s relationship with his older sister Abby If your dad was like Nate s you will see the humor in the stories he constantly tells about his own childhood And if you were unfortunate enough to have a mother that couldn t cook nor sew you will definitely relate to the bad meals and bad Halloween costumes created by Nate s mother This book is full of humor and sparked memories from my own childhood It s light hearted and a really enjoyable book to read if you re an adult and a fun book to have read to you if you re still a child.Review Stir, Laugh, Repeat at .com Stir, Laugh, Repeat

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    Nate Rocks The World is one of two stand alone MG novels written by author Karen Pokras Toz The other novel, Nate Rocks The Boat, features the same main character, but each can be read seperately, although connected.When I first began reading Nate Rocks The World, I didn t know what to expect This is the first ever self published MG novel I ve ever read It certainly didn t dissapoint instead it was a new and rewaring experience What I loved the most about this book, is Nate s creativity He can t stay focused Give him a pencil, a marker, or whatever you want, and he starts drawing comics in which he acts as the hero and solves mysteries Unfortunately for Nate, real life isn t a comic book While he would like nothing than to go see the latest captain Asteroid movie with his best friends, he s forced to stay at home to work on a project for school with a girl he can stand, who tells her Mom everything, and whose Mom tells all of that to Nate s Mom, because they happen to best friends Nate is often teased by his older sister Abby, he daydreams in school and gets caught doing so, and although his parents mean well, they always tend to embarass him Basically, he s suffering from the same things every fourth grader suffers from, with this exception if it all gets too much, he starts drawing comics and escapes to his fantasy world.I really enjoyed Nate s adventures, and his enormous amount of humor and creativity I can only imagine how much ten year olds will enjoy this as well The book is written for boys than for girls, but I think a girl would be able to relate to Nate as well He s a nice kid, and the events happening to him are easily relatable For instance, when it s Halloween, his Mom doesn t see why she should purchase a halloween outfit for him Instead she sets off to make one herself The consequences are disastrous, because as it turns out, Mom can t even make a proper cape When Nate s sister Abby manages to embarrass him even on Halloween, Nate and his buddies decide it s payback time And Abby s birthday sounds like the best place and location to get even.The humor in this book is amazing, the characters are believable and relatable for parents and childrens alike, and the events are close to home, but Nate s way to deal with them is original, fun and very enjoyable A must read for all MG book fans I m looking forward to getting started on the next book in this series Nate Rocks The World deserves a spot in your book closet right now.