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  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Skinny
  • Donna Cooner
  • English
  • 19 October 2019
  • 9780545427630

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    Ever is 15 and 302 pounds She s been gaining weight ever since her mother died when she was ten Ever has a voice in her head, who she calls Skinny, who tells her what other people think of her She knows that everyone is disgusted by her Her only friend is her childhood friend, Rat Ever decides that with gastric bypass surgery, she will lose the weight, and Skinny, for good Then she will be able to do everything she ever dreamed on, mainly trying out for the school musical and getting her old friend, Jackson, to fall in love with her.I had a lot of problems with this book I almost don t know where to start Almost I was on page seven of this book when I figured out that Ever was seriously depressed and was in need of counseling Page seven Her mother died when she was ten, she started gaining weight shortly after that, she thinks everyone is constantly looking at her and judging her, she has one friend, she knows she has a beautiful voice but can t sing and she s got this voice in her head telling her how worthless and ugly she is This kid needs help, right now You know what she doesn t need Major surgery.Ever weights 302 pounds and at 15 years old and 5 6 that certainly is a health issue But the bigger issue is how tightly drawn into herself she is, and at the same time blames everything on everyone around her She is totally blind to the actual perceptions and actions of people around her All she can see is her weight If only she wasn t fat, everything would be fine She would get back the boy she loves, she would star in the school musical, etc., etc These are totally rational things for a depressed, overweight kid to think But you know what needs to not happen GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY.Ever does not want the surgery because there is a concern about her health There s one sentence about how she s in danger for diabetes and heart problems Nothing , no details given Ever goes in for gastric bypass surgery because she s convinced that if she loses weight, all her problems will be solved And her father and her doctor let her This is so, so wrong There is no discussion of what actually happens when someone wants a surgery like this The doctor that saw Ever should have his license revoked He makes a comment about how obesity is becoming of a problem with adolescents true and that children as young as 12 had had the surgery WTF Who is performing these surgeries Where are their parents It would have to be an pretty damn extreme circumstance I would think.I have a friend who has just had a similar surgery It was not gastric bypass itself, but very similar She did it because she is an adult who has struggled with her weight for years, who is now experiencing back problems and other health issues In order to be considered for the procedure she had to attend THREE informational sessions on the procedure Ever s getting prepped for her surgery and saying things like, Wait, I m not going to be able to eat sweets any My friend needed to attend sessions with a therapist A therapist probably would have spent five minutes with Ever before realizing she was depressed You don t get to just waltz into the doctor, tell him you ve tried to lose weight before and can t and they sign you up.And in a YA book, that s important I know that Donna Cooner had gastric bypass surgery as an adult Her experience was probably positive and she wanted to share that She also clearly wanted to write a happy YA book that involved a makeover She didn t want to write a serious book about someone trying to figure out if surgery was the right decision for her And when it comes to YA books about weight lose, I think you need to tread very carefully.Ever has her surgery and begins to lose weight A popular girl adopts her and helps her buy lots of pretty clothes and makeup and takes her for a fancy haircut Ever thinks that everything is going to be great now, except of course it isn t, because the weight wasn t what the issue was at all The weight was the result Ever finally has her big realization that she s been listening to this voice in her head telling her everyone hates her and that she s ugly, when in fact she was the one shutting everyone out And she realizes that her best friend has been in love with her the whole time, even when she weighed 302 pounds, and that she is in love with him That s nice, of course But Ever didn t need to have the surgery to get there In fact, the surgery was a mistake, but Ever never actually says that Nor does she ever actually deal with the root of the problem, the grief the death of her mother.If this book was going to have a 15 year old character have gastric bypass surgery, then gastric bypass surgery needed to be of the book Ever has the surgery over the summer, then we jump to several weeks later, than to the end of the summer Very little about her recovery process, or what one has to do after a surgery like this Nothing on having to sip a certain amount of ounces of fluid each hour so you stay hydrated Nothing about the discomfort or pain It s hardly there at all Next thing we know Ever s lost a bunch of weight and Rat is getting her to exercise.The way time past in this book was odd I understand that it actually takes place over the course of an entire year, but it jumps a lot, and it doesn t feel like time is really passing It seems like Ever loses a massive amount of weight in a very short amount of time, and now all the popular kids are talking to her and she s wearing pretty clothes and getting dates.I can t think of a situation where I would recommend this book If someone wanted a happy makeover book, there are better ones If someone wanted a book about a girl learning a valuable lesson about herself, there are better ones If someone wanted a book about a girl realizing she was in love with her best friend the whole time, there are a million options And most of all, if someone wanted a book about a teen struggling with her weight, I would never point them toward this one.Skinny comes out October 1, 2012.

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    Admittedly, books about weight loss and the challenge of living with extra weight have a lot to live up to when I read them I know it s a bias But there are also many thresholds that need to be met, regardless of my own bias toward them Unfortunately, this one was not satisfying.When Ever is 15, she s over 300 pounds She grief eats as a way of dealing with losing her mother years ago This is never really explained or explored and it s definitely not emotionally compelling We just need to accept that she shovels down candy and that s how it goes No further back story The real problems begin, though, when suddenly Ever s approved for gastric bypass There s talk about how she has tried dieting before and tried working out except we never see this struggle There s no counseling, no nutritional education, no keeping a food diary It s straight from 0 to risky surgery The surgery happens quickly, and in no time, view spoiler Ever has lost weight and now has the attention of popular people at school She gets made over She gets the boy Oh turns out the boy who was friends with her forever had been in love with her forever and losing the weight for him was silly because he loved her at any size Of course It s the classic make over story This time it s not just about a hair cut though It s about a complete body transformation hide spoiler

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    High school is hell I remember the horror of being a teen aged girl Few of us were comfortable in our skin, justifiably so We felt ugly We had uni brows, bad skin, horrendous hair and less than perfect bodies Ever Davies high school experience is worse She has struggled with her weight for as long as she can remember, but she did it alongside her cherished mother Five years after losing her mom, it is clear that Ever stopped fighting She is 5 6 and weighs 302 pounds This is why people think terrible thoughts about her Ever knows what everyone is thinking, the Goth fairy on her should named Skinny , tells her People are disgusted by her obesity Her two step sisters acknowledge her only when her assistance is needed Jackson, a boy that was one of her best friends growing up, stopped speaking to her years ago Ever wants him back, as than a friend, but she knows her weight is the issue Determined to reclaim Jackson, Ever has gastric bypass surgery.Her other best friend since childhood, the one that didn t abandon her as she gained weight, went through the surgery and healing process with her every step of way That was Rat, always there, always dependable, and always, her Rat.As the pounds melt away, The Beautiful People start to speak to Ever Are they being kind, or calculating With Skinny whispering in her ear, Ever can t be sure One thing Ever is sure about Jackson has noticed Clearly, the surgery was worth it Now, she can have everything she s dreamed of As her new friends get closer, Rat seems further away She ll address that soon, it s Rat, he s always there for her Ever begins to hear things for herself, rather than through Skinny Is it possible that her weight wasn t an issue If she appeared to be angry and hateful, it was only in defense wasn t it Shouldn t she be ridiculously happy right now, instead of feeling confused, as if something was missing Being smart, Ever is quick to realize that she has lost than just extra pounds, but is it too late Ms Cooner perfectly captures teen angst, attitude and dialogue Anyone that has felt left out due to a physical trait will relate to and root for Ever The story is sometimes sweet, sometimes hilarious and sometimes very sad but it is a fantastic story from beginning to end The characters were very realistic I quickly became attached to Ever I wanted to yell at her, to hug her and sometimes, to shake her I enjoyed this book tremendously, and I will certainly be looking forward to whatever Ms Cooner writes next.

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    Spot on about the issue of obestity among teens Experiencing the interior monologues that go through Evers thoughts really creates insight into the mind of addiction The book does not glamorize gastric by pass but presents the nitty gritty of the surgery The book tackles bigger issues about self esteem and the self doubt that all teens experience.

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    A cloying story brimming with stereotypes.Essentially this depicts an insufferable teenage girl who somehow thinks that if she were skinny then all her problems would be solved These problems ultimately stem from grief although this backstory is never actually explained so it s certainly never emotionally compelling So in order to render her life all hunky dory once , said insufferable teenage girl called Ever, named for the fairy tales her mother loved so much oh, puh lease decides that a potentially life threatening gastric bypass is the way to go She s instantly approved for the surgery and it all goes ahead without her batting an eyelid.What I found the most irresponsible was the fact that Donna Cooner made it clear that Ever was not undergoing surgery for her health there is one transient mention of high blood pressure , but to win the approval of her peers, specifically to win back this one boy I hate anything where a girl changes herself to appease someone think Sandy in Grease or Mia from The Princess Dairies What s , the gastric bypass never felt like a last resort Ever has supposedly slogged through diets and various fat camps , but there was no insight into this apparent struggle, nothing to justify such drastic action Had her whole journey been explained then the novel would ve at least felt credible.Another thing that infuriated me was how ambivalent the descriptions of weight were One of the mean girls is described as being no than 125 lbs, as Ever looks on in salivating envy Later, when Ever has undergone her magical transformation, she announces that the mean girl in question is actually at least 20 lbs overweight I hated the judgement I get that this is a book about weight and that weight is a touchy subject and whatnot, but there was no need for that comment.This broadcasts such a bad message it should encourage impressionable young girls that they have a right to feel comfortable in their own skin no matter what the scales or their peers proclaim.

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    You can find reviews BloodyBookaholic It s s simple solution, really Girl loves boy Boy loves girl Girl gets fat Boy leaves Girl cuts her stomach up into a little bitty pouch to get boy back. Ever, SkinnyThe first time I wanted to read this book was in a Scholastic event where the author along with some other helpers played out the dialogue in the story out loud for the audience From what heard from those few paragraphs I was intrigued I got the book Back at home, on a whim, I took it out off it s place in line in my TBR pile and read the back The I read the first page, and the second page, and the third page soon enough I was hooked.The story undeniably has it s cheesy parts From the predictable, Cinderella loosely based, overall plot, to the traditional high school experiences being accepted into the cool crowd, going to the BIG dance, etc , the cheese is deeply rooted But then you get these glimpses into the characters souls and then you realize that they aren t as cookie cutted, they are complicated than you might first think My favorite character in the whole story wasn t Ever, the main character, it was her evil step sister Briella That character alone was so complicated and it felt alive to me than any other in that story It seemed to me Briella wanted her story to be told as well, and even though she didn t have the spotlight she still manages to shine through Ever is also a very complicated character that deals with a lot of issues, and although sometimes I found her unlikable as a person I could also appreciate the realness of the character Being inside Ever s head was an experience I would not pass on though Ever, Briella and Rat are the characters to watch out for here.Also this isn t the kind of book that is trying to advise against having the gastric bypass surgery, I just wanted to clarify that because some books would take this as an opportunity to preach but Skinny does no such thing I think the way it handled the whole thing was just right It gives you all the needed information, but it doesn t feed it down your throat, nor does it try to sway you to think one decision is definitely better than the next.The love story is as well cheesy and predictable, but it s so cute at the same time And real, ya know The whole time I was like, oh I know how this is going to happen, I know how you guys are going to go about it, but I can t help it, let it run it s course This book is like a regular chick flick You know how it s going to go down but you still buy the movie ticket and invite all your girlfriends along for the ride.Because this book has a heart It really does pull at your heart strings, and it s freaking entertaining Reading about Ever s journey is worth it, worth your money, and definitely worth your time I am so not a YA contemporary girl, but I wouldn t pass on Skinny for the world It s really a book any girl, or boy, could relate to, because we all have had that voice in our heads that brings us down And it is oh so satisfying to see how Ever kicks the hell out of that voice down to the grown.

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    I m shocked that I have to give a review like this for a story I thought would be a 5 star but this actually made me really upset Borderline really angry Actually, not even borderline There will be a few tiny references in here that shouldn t be spoilerific but noting it here just in case.Okay, starting with the good the symptoms and description of gastric bypass surgery were on it The psychological aspect as well as the physiological standpoint I have several people very close to me who have had the surgery so this was relatable and sympathetic It ends there.No gastric bypass surgeon would agree to this surgery in that short amount of time without therapy It wouldn t happen Depression would have to be noted and other treatments and attempts would have to happen first Not in, out, done, or pretty sure people would lose their licenses to perform this procedure.Ignoring the name Ever, because of the clich ness just what the hell I was so excited to watch her journey I felt for her with things I ve done, such as eating healthy around others then physically hiding when eating junk I was so stokedand then she makes a comment about Kristen s mom A derogatory putdown referencing her mother being a stripper A line that was paraphrased as maybe Kristen would have confidence if she were hanging upside down on poles like her mother Seriously Seriously, you take an AMAZING character then throw in a dig against people who strip for a living Like they re lesser people REALLY For a book about becoming better, this happens And there s never one moment of apology in terms of this Character revelation that she s not nice Maybe that made my review bias because, from that moment on, I actually loathed Ever I didn t root for her I didn t find any of her behavior as believable.Maybe that made my review bias because I m not borderline angry any I m actually seething This is setting aside the massive stereotypes throughout the novel really A character implied as gay because he wears nail polish The popular kids as the skinny minnies While I appreciated the musical references, I would have preferred even if they were consistent with a character s vocal range and a little less on the nose obscure than what people sing on Glee and The Voice So I m giving this a 2 star The 2 stars come from the very accurate portrayal of gastric bypass surgery But beyond that I found the book to be shockingly insensitive considering the issues And the conversation with Skinny at the end where it s all over within maybe a page Really The lead up was to that Disappointing Would not recommend this book.

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    The book Skinny is purely an amazing book as in how it describes the challenges Ever faced with her weight This book helped me I feel because, I have always struggled with my wait and the voice of skinny in my head With the realization of the voice in Ever s head always putting her down when it really blocked her view on life and the way people judged her, Evers realization was that it was not others who were putting her down, but her self Rat, he loved her at 302 pounds and he still loves her at 179 Rat is one of the most supporting characters in this book, he pushes Ever to push herself to try out for the musical, to lose weight, and to find herself I feel Skinny opened up a chapter that I had closed, the chapter contained on how I judged myself, and now with the book Skinny I have finally shut off the voice in my head judging me Ever is truly amazing but it takes loosing weight, changing, shutting off the voice in her head and, the realization that people had loved her all along, through thick and thin she finally let herself become true.

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    I loved the book Skinny I think every teenage girl should read it Skinny is the voice inside of Ever s head Ever is an obese 15 year old who just wants to escape high school The voice in her head tells her everything she doesn t want to hear Skinny tells her what her classmates and family think of her They call her a cow and a fatty She was skinny when she was young, but it when her mother died of cancer she figured she didn t have a reason to stay skinny any But when her stepsister, Briella, tells her about an overweight teen that went through a gastric bypass surgery and lost a lot of weight afterwards she starts to consider it She decides to go through with the surgery She thinks with her best friend, Rat by her side she can do anything But the surgery is no walk in the park, Ever has to exercise a lot, she can t have any sweets and she has to chew her food into tiny portions just to swallow it Ever makes sure to never lose hope during her long journey and remember that she will love the outcome This book was incredible and heart warming.

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    I read this book a while ago and I m just getting around to rating it lol whoops

Find Your VoiceHopeless Freak Elephant Pitiful These Are The Words Of Skinny, The Vicious Voice That Lives Inside Fifteen Year Old Ever Davies S Head Skinny Tells Ever All The Dark Thoughts Her Classmates Have About Her Ever Knows She Weighs Over Three Hundred Pounds, Knows She Ll Probably Never Be Loved, And Skinny Makes Sure She Never Forgets It But There Is Another Voice Ever S Singing Voice, Which Is Beautiful But Has Been Silenced By Skinny Partly In The Hopes Of Trying Out For The School Musical And Partly To Try And Save Her Own Life Ever Decides To Undergo A Risky Surgery That May Help Her Lose Weight And Start OverWith The Support Of Her Best Friend, Ever Begins The Uphill Battle Toward Change But Demons, She Finds, Are Not So Easy To Shake, Not Even As She Sheds Pounds Because Skinny Is Still Around And Ever Will Have To Confront That Voice Before She Can Truly Find Her Own

About the Author: Donna Cooner

Donna Cooner was born and raised in Texas She is a three time graduate of Texas AM University A former teacher and school administrator, she now teaches teachers and principals at Colorado State University where she is the director of the School of Teacher Education and Principal Preparation She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her two labs and a cat named Stu She s a big fan of choc