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The story was moderate Story line was a little unexpected but I can understand the Vick s choice There s some actions that she did which I do not approve of, but it somehow reminds me of what would happen if I myself did that as I grew up in a strict family too But maybe just not as strict as Vicky s Anyway, happy ending so all is well A Fabulously Fun And Vivid Story Of A Traveler Girl In The Run Up To The Biggest Day Of Her LifeBrought Up In A Caravan On A Settled Trailer Park, Vicky Could Not Be Happier With Her Life Fifteen Years Old And Engaged To Her Childhood Friend Liam, The Handsomest Man In The Park, She Can T Help Feeling She S Got The Balance Of Her Life Just Right She S Doing Well At School And If She Works Hard She Might Even Fulfill Her Dream Of Becoming A Dressmaker But As She Turns The Pressure Is On For Her And Liam To Set A Date For The Wedding, And Suddenly Vicky Is Not So Sure How Can She Give Up Her Dreams And Spend The Rest Of Her Life Looking After Liam Especially As Her Classmate Jordan Seems A Far Exciting Prospect She Loves Liam, But Jordan Makes Her Feel Things She S Never Felt Before, And Her Best Friend Kelly S Life Seems So Much Fun Than Her Own Limited Options But Can She Really Turn Her Back On Her Friends And Family And Survive In A Hostile World In The Year Running Up To Her Wedding, Vicky Is About To Find Out That Life Outside The Traveler Community Is A Lot Complicated Than She D Thought Vicky O Rourke is engaged to Liam they have been engaged for the last two years, she is only 17, and wants to go to college to learn dress making, her parents aren t keen as in their culture, and they want her married and concentrating on having children Eventually her father and Liam agree she can go to college, but she will be married in 1 year s time Vicki s college tutor says she has a hidden talent and she should follow her dreams, but will Vicki follow her dreams or do as her family wants This book was really good, it was very easy to read and follow, I couldn t put it down, I would definitely recommend this book, and will look out for books by this Author in the future. this was a good read and great chock lit what a great story and i think shows the gypsy community very honestly and after watching the tv series big fat gypsy wedding nothing about vickys family life is a surprise A bit lose on the plotline but a great idea,I couldnt put it down and read and finnished in two days. just did not like this book One if the books which were sent to me recently was Gypsy Wedding by Kate Lace I have always been fascinated by the Gypsy way of life which was spurred on so by the recent Television series, so when this book arrived I couldn t wait to read it even after reading many negative reviews The cover of this book looks like a typical chick lit cover that catches your eye with its mix of bright pink colours and a wedding dress similar to one shown on the recent Television series PlotVicky has been engaged to the gorgeous Liam for nearly two years Now that she s seventeen high time for a traveller girl to settle down everyone is planning for the big day Everyone, that is, except Vicky She s got other things on her mind like persuading her father and Liam to let her go to college to learn dressmaking.Her father s not impressed, but Liam just wants to make her happy, so she s given one year, just enough time for her to make her own bridesmaids dresses.But a lot can happen in a year, and as the final fitting for her spectacular dress approaches, Vicky no longer knows what she wants If only she had listened to her father and stayed at home Maybe then she wouldn t have fallen in love with someone else.My OpinionKate Lace strongly brings the true Gypsy culture into this book so if you have no interest in their way of living then this book isn t going to be the one for you I was surprised what a quick read this was I finished it in 3 hours and the book flowed along at a great pace.Our main character is Vicky who is very mature for her age but this seems to be the way for traveller girls as they are brought from an early age to follow the ways of their mum helping with the house hold chores and living a somewhat sheltered life Vicky it is clear from the start is different from the typical traveller as she has a dream and ambition which is something that traveller girls do not have or if they do they do not act upon it incase of brining shame on their family.I found Vicky s character easy to read although we cannot relate to her as few of us have lived alongside this culture to know how she is truly feeling although her feelings are brought through in this book quite clearly.I was shocked by the ending of the book I felt as though her feelings had taken an unexpected change which made the ending of the book unpredictable Without spoiling the ending for you all I will say is I was a little disappointed by the ending of this book I was hoping for a happy medium.I would defiantly recommend this book to you but as I mentioned before the travellers culture is strong in this book so if this is something you do not like or have not interest in I would say this is not the book for you Review also on my book blog The traveller community is very much an object of curiosity today, after the success of TV programmes such as My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding I do not trust these programmes to satisfy my curiosity however, in this novel I was hoping for a romance that did not glide over the potential for conflict and prejudice in the story of Vicky, a carefully brought up teenager from a traveller family, who makes a foray into the wider world Kate Lace does not disappoint within the romance genre, she faces up to the issues of prejudice directed at travellers, and the problems Vicky encounters in growing up different from her peers, while also bringing out the solid virtues in this lifestyle as well as its constraints view spoiler There has to be a stab of regret, though, for anyone who cares about equality of opportunity, that she finds her happy ending firmly back in the confines of her family and community tradition with its strict gender roles hide spoiler

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