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Acne Affects Young Adults The Most, But Roughly % Of Sufferers Continue To Be Affected In Adulthood One In People In The UK Are Also Affected By A Condition Called Rosacea Pronounced Rose Ay Sha And The Likelihood Is That We All Know Someone Who Has ItThe Typical Symptoms Of Rosacea Include Facial Redness Most Commonly Covering The Nose And Cheeks , Spots, Extreme Sensitivity To Temperature Changes, As Well As Broken Veins, Flushing And Blushing It S A Condition That Can Be Treated And Usually The Sooner, The BetterWritten By A Leading Expert, Acne And Rosacea The Complete Guide Takes The Reader Through Diagnosis, The Symptoms And Causes And Offers Practical, Sensitive Advice On Treatment Options And The Very Latest In Skincare Advice