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Many variations of the three little pigs story are told with sympathy for the pigs who are being tormented by the big, bad wolf In this version of the story, the wolf insists that the entire event was a big misunderstanding He admits to eating the pigs, but insisted it was after they accidentally died He begs the reader for sympathy, and argues that judging his desire to eat pigs isn t fair since he can t help his appetite All tactics of manipulation are employed, including talking about his dear granny and his desire to defend her honor when the last pig insults her Despite his desire for understanding, the wolf still exposes his anger issues and lack of sympathy for the dead pigs.The illustrator, Lane Smith, does a marvelous job at creating a grainy, dark world in which the wolf resides The pictures are various shades of brown and dark colors with cloudy, smudged skys The wolf s character is never fully redeemed, yet the story and its illustrations show us the perspective and dark world the wolf inhabits.I enjoy stories from the bad characters out of fairy tales Hearing the wolf s perspective on the Three Little Pigs tale was fun The pigs and the wolf all seemed a bit shady, so I didn t end up having sympathy for any of them Maybe I have a little bit of sympathy for the two pigs that died, but I understand why the wolf ate them He was hungry after all, and wolves are carnivores I read this way back when I was in elementary school for the first time and thought it was a a a awesome So, when my daughter came into the world eight years ago, I had to get her books to know what awesome truly is Anyway, I just now remembered to review this book when I saw Anne s review on it because she knows what awesome is as well Anyway, I love the views on a wolf that is totally misunderstood I think we are misunderstood in some shape and form throughout our minuscule existence The True Story of the Three Little Pigs became one of the most popular books in 1989, earning awards, including the New York Times Best Illustrated book Also, this story is notably popular for its wit and humor as Alexander T Wolf Al for short tries to explain to the reader his side of the story on what happened when he met the three little pigs.There are so many positive aspects in this story that I would enjoy discussing, but the main positive aspects in this story are the writing and the illustrations Jon Scieszka s master storytelling is comical and creative as he describes the wolf s side of the story in great detail, even giving him a name to go by Scieszka does a great job in relating the wolf s predicament to the viewers, so that when you read the story, you probably are feeling sorrier for the wolf then for the little pigs Lane Smith s illustrations are dark, yet humorous to an extent Probably the highlights of Smith s drawings in this book are the scenes of a giant animal hamburger presented in the beginning of the book and the somewhat menacing image of the third little pig inside his brick house as he is drawn with dark circles around his eyes and his eyes are yellow Parents should know that the scenes where the first and second little pig gets eaten by the wolf may be a bit disturbing to young children Even though the scenes take place off screen and Al reassuringly tries to tell the reader that it s natural for wolves to eat pigs, parents may want to make sure that their children can understand the natural order of the food chain and handle the eating scenes The True Story of the Three Little Pigs is a pure classic among both adults and children and features humor that is brilliantly sarcastic and sometimes dark Also, you rarely hear a supposed villain s side of the story, even though in this version, Al seems like a nice guy just trying to get sugar for his sick grandmother and following wolfish instincts I would highly recommend this book for everybody, but parents should discuss the eating scenes with their children before they read them this book.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog This book is so freaking awesome Everybody should read it now Just do it Just eat it I mean whatever BTW, this is Barbara Seth s sister writing Seth s review.Back this is Barbara pretending to be Seth in my day, when I was but a wee lad of the tender age of four or five or something, I was introduced to this marvelous, touching, inspiring, novelty of a book It changed my whole life, introducing me to a whole new outlook on life.I read this book so many times okay, i admit, i had to have daddy read it to me that I had it memorized Word for word because i was a super evil genius with amazing brain power and memorization abilities this is barbara being barbara again i will attest that it is true Seth did have it completely memorized however, the genius thing and the brain power and all the other things are lies junk a barrel of monkey cheese except the evil part this is barbara being seth again So, the moral of this story, er, book review is, this is the most fabulous, morjelictitious book ever the end p.s it really will change your perspective on life and inspire you change your life around and become a better person the end. To check out my reviews remember being introduced to this book when I was in 7th grade by my civics teacher She is a lawyer and during that period she wanted to showcase what lawyers do in the courtroom and the jargon terms they use when they prosecute and defend their client She used this book as the basis and had students play the characters and I was the jury member While the students were epic failures in dealing with the court case I treasured this story because everyone and their mother knows the story of the Three Little Pigs and its interesting to see a different point and view and my teacher made this court case look like the O.J Simpson trial for kids Plus no one knew the details of who O.J Simpson was just that he was a football player who murdered his wife and got away with it The narrator is the Big Bad Wolf and he mentions how most people know his story but not the facts Immediately based on the tone of his voice and dialogue I feel as though it may be innocent but he becomes a unreliable narrator and that makes the story that much entertaining We learn that he was making a cake for his grandmother Who looks remarkably similar to Little Red Riding Hood so it s possible he s lying and he disguised himself as his granny and needed a cup of sugar so he went to his neighbors which so happens to be one of the pigs and did I mention he has a cold Well the straw triggered his sinuses and he blew down the house and killing the pig.It uses this excuse for his actions until finally he meets the final pig who lives in the brick house and the rest is history and you learn the outcome of his story in the end I was entranced by this story and I wish this could have been the prototype to a longer story because I would love to see the trial and learn what his lawyers used as defense and who were the jury Plus this book brings up an interesting aspect as to whether does it stay true to the original fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood The wolf gets killed by the ax in that story but the author didn t include it in this book then it possible that the wolf is the same one who tried to kill Little Red and her grandmother This book is great for all ages especially for the curious kids and it would be fascinating if family members or even teachers made this story into a court case like my civic teacher because for one its educational to learn how our court works, our rights as civilians, and it s fun to create a story and try to defend it while the other team is trying to discredit your alibi. This is one of my favorite books as a child I always enjoyed the idea that the true story of the three little pigs, was different than what we knew to be true I have to say even as a child I always liked the big bad wolf better than those annoying little pigs, maybe this was an early sign of my link to liking bad boys I recently picked up this book again, and read though it I have to say that many books usually do not stand up to a second read through Especially if you read the book as a child However I am glad to report that this book still lived up to the memories I had of it from by childhood I also have to say that perhaps I was evendelighted with the book in my adulthood,than I could have ever been in my childhood What I lovely writer Scieszka is to be able to write a story that can be enjoyed both by children and adults alike. I am framed by the media WITCH HUNT Fake news Ignore the destroyed houses, my bulging stomach and my raging Taken out of context SAD Having grown up with the story of The Three Little Pigs, when I first read this spoof on the traditional tale, I just had to laugh The wolf tells his side of the story just like young children always feel it s important to give their version of what happens According to the wolf, he was not doing anything wrong what a surprise and he s gotten a bum deal ever since the events occurred which are related in the story.This is a great book to use when teaching point of view It s easy to see that the story with which we are all familiar takes on a whole different spin when the point of view of the author changes After listening to this story and perhaps some other of the now popular modern day spins on some traditional tales, it might be a great idea to have your students write them own modern day spin on a favorite fairy tale. 5 INCREDIBLE s The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs became one of the most popular books in 1989, earning awards, like the New York Times Best Illustrated book It s also notably popular for its humor This book, in particular, is narrated by The Big Bad Wolf and he tries to explain to the reader his side of the story as to what happened when he met the three little pigs This book is really funny and cute and I really enjoyed it a lot It s one of the best books I ever read as a kid and let s face it, I still love it to this day The story never gets old so you ll read it over and over The illustrations are truly a piece of art They are absolutely incredible This is a must read that your kids will love. You Thought You Knew The Story Of The The Three Little Pigs You Thought Wrong In This Hysterical And Clever Fracture Fairy Tale Picture Book That Twists Point Of View And Perspective, Young Readers Will Finally Hear The Other Side Of The Story Of The Three Little Pigs

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  • The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
  • Jon Scieszka
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  • 08 August 2019
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Jon Scieszka is a writer and teacher He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and two children Occasionally he has been known to howl at the full moon From the dust jacket of The True Story of the 3 Little PigsJon Scieszka is also the author of the best selling ALA Notable Book, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, as well as Knights of the Kitchen Table, and The Not So Jolly Roger He