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Wearing The White Huipil With The Lavender Tassel,hiding My Amputated Leg In Red Leather Boots,I Wheel The Wheelchair To The Blue House Studiothat Diego So Lovingly Built For MeI Dip The Brush In Blood Red Paintand, Embracing Life With All Its Light,I Print On A Watermelon Cut Open Like I Am Viva La Vida A Hymn To Nature And Life Frida Kahlo, A Native Of Mexico, Is Described Here In Biographical Poems Accompanied By Her Own Artwork Both Text And Images Reveal The Anguish And Joy Of Her Two Marriages To Muralist Diego Rivera, Her Life Long Suffering From A Crippling Bus Accident, And Her Thirst For Life, Even As She Tasted Death Her Favorite Motto Was Viva La Vida Long Live Life Back Matter Includes Excerpts From Frida S Diary And Letters, A Prose Biography, A Chronology Of The Artist S Life, A Glossary Of Spanish Words, Sources, And Notes

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    This is an ambitious, though fairly brief, homage to Frida Kahlo by Bernier Grand She has selected, and juxtaposed, Kahlo s writings mostly poetic and art mostly Kahlo s to give the reader a sense of the arc of this artist s life and the challenges she faced.Though not definitive, it is very effective.

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    life of this artist told in poems and her art work enjoyed

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    Our library often has these displays up maybe you ve seen them PULITZER WINNING AUTHORS DIVERSITY MONTH INTERNATIONAL SPEAK LIKE A PIRATE DAY They ll put out topical books, or award winning books, or whatever whim the librarian has that week banner up display made.They always include a sign Yes you may select books from the display Please do I ve occasionally selected a book from a display, but I rarely actually read it Apologies to all the librarians out there I mean to, it s just I m generally checking out like well way too many books Anyway, this was on one of those displays I think it was Art Appreciation Month or something like that.Frida Kahlo has always interested me Well, always since learning about her in high school Say what you want about public education, I don t think it failed me My Spanish teacher was great She taught the language, but also delved into the cultures of Spanish speaking countries as we learned the language I got some exposure to the tragic cliched, sorry life of Frida Kahlo, but this short biography told in poetry gave a much fuller picture.I knew about her accident I knew about her polio and her leg I knew she married Diego Rivera.I didn t know she married Diego Rivera twice I didn t know he cheated on her with her sister I didn t know she got revenge by having an affair with Leon Trotsky Yes, THE Leon Trotsky I knew she was Communist I didn t know she left the Communist Party after Diego got kicked out.I didn t know she referred to America as Gringolandia But I like that, even if it s slightly ethnocentric she s an artist She can get away with it.The poetry mixed with the pictures makes for a beautiful read of a life that found beauty where other artists would not look.It s interesting There are people who create art, and there are artists I ve always thought her art was mediocre, but what set her apart is that she had something to say that was worth listening to And her art s mediocrity was a style that became uniquely her own Frida s life was art, and it was a moving piece which is why it will endure.

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    Bernier Grand, Carmen 2008 Frida Viva la vida Long Live Life New York Marshall Cavendish Corporation.This book contains a beautiful display of poems about the life of Frida Kahlo I recall learning a lot about Frida Kahlo in my middle school art classes, as we studied her works, but I felt like I learned so much about her entire life from this one book I always appreciate stories written in verse, because I feel they can tell a story better and evoke emotion than any other format In so few words, an author can present and imply so much I think this book is beautiful and should be read to students when learning about art, painting, or Frida Kahlo I would especially recommend for 3rd graders.Text dependent questions 1 Why did Frida divorce Diego And why did they get remarried 2 How does Frida deal with her pain, and overcome her disabilities 3 What is the painting The Little Deer about What do the arrows represent

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    Carmen T Bernier Grand s writes a biography of twentieth century Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in the book entitled, Frida Long Live Life The story of Frida Kahlo is heart wrenching yet inspirational What makes this book unique is that the author uses poetry to write the story and uses Frida s own paintings to accompany her writings I tend to shy away from poetry books, but I was in awe at how easy it was to read and how much I loved it Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon was born in 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico Frida s life changed forever when she was in a bus accident as a young girl This accident resulted in over 30 major surgeries throughout her life While recovering from her accident, she discovered painting This led her to find the love of her life Diego Rivera a famous Mexican artist Her story continues with the pain of the aftermath, a devastating affair, and remarriage The book is simply a must for grades 8 12 I highly recommend this book to show students how poetry does not have to be scary Teachers can use this book to study poetry, art, biographies, Mexican Revolution, and Mexican culture and history.

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    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book The life of Frida Kahlo is told through poetry and how lovely this story is told I could really feel the pain of Frida s childhood as she battled polio I could feel her pain as she endured numerous surgeries as a result of an accident that left her severly injured I could feel her pain when she discovered that her husband Diego had an affair with her sister I saw a talented woman who wanted to be loved but who was also confused about herself After reading the poems, I went back and studied the paintings of Frida Kahlo She really had a way of putting her emotions on a canvas Some of them were disturbing Her self portrait with Braids 1941 has a masculine tone to itvery short hair, heavy bushy eyebrows Frida did at one time have relationships with women while she was divorced from Diego the first time This book would be OK to use for high school students The content of this book would be inappropriate for children under the age of 16.

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    Biography of Frida Kahlo written in free verse poetry Same format as Bernier Grand s book on Diego Rivera Includes useful Glossary, Frida Kahlo 1907 1954 and Beyond, Chronology, Sources, Notes and From the Letters and Diary of Frida Kahlo at the end of the book But I gave this one a 5 because it listed in the Sources section books, movies documentaries and websites, which is excellent for lesson planning I also gave this one a 5 because the illustrations for each poem are Kahlo s paintings, which gives fuller insight to the artist Best for high school Good to show students that picture books are not only for small children Quick read format for a biography Also good for differentiation for a lower level reader, the poetry with illustrations might be a accessible biography format than a traditional novel biography Although pain was part of Kahlo s life since the bus accident, she said she never felt disappointed in life and that she was glad to be alive This shows her spirit of gratitude and incredible strength despite adversity.

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    From the 2007 2008 commended listThis may be my favorite book that I have read so far on the America s list The book moves chronologically with each page containing a biographical poem about Frida Kahlo s life, along with a supporting photograph or piece of her art What an interesting way to read someone s biography This book had me obsessed with learning about Frida Once again, it had me thinking about what a great resource it would make for gaining student interest in nonfiction, biography, and research This book would be a great model for students to research and write biographical poems about someone along with a supporting illustration I would use this book with grades 7 12 I loved it

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    Wonderful book with prose poetry which details the main events in Frida s life and selected works of art that are autobiographical I have some wonderful children s books about her before and I would include this book among them The poetry in this book moved me and affected me as I read on I enjoyed the fact that the art work has explanations included under the paintings and placed the art in a time and place I felt really good reading this book and appreciated the effort the authors effort I really liked this book.

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    This remarkable book of poems uses poetry and art to inform the reader of Frida Kahlo, one of the most famous painters to come out of Mexico The poems paint the tragic tale of Frida s life, full of struggle and heartache Despite her challenges, however, Frida was resilient and kept a positive outlook on her life She eventually discovered a talent for art and was soon world famous, much to her surprise I really enjoyed the use of poetry in a biographical piece It made the information much interesting and felt like an adventure rather than a text book The artwork also helped to tell the story almost as much as the poems did and the two seemed to blend together wonderfully Though the poetry wasn t particularly complex, I applaud the author for daring to apply poetry to this genre and making something new and different.Content Warnings death