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Two Brothers Find Themselves Drawn To The Only House In The Neighborhood Not Decorated For Halloween A Man Returns To His Hometown To Bury His Overbearing Mother, And Finds Than Memories Awaiting Him In The Shadows Of His Childhood Home A Young Girl Walks A Lonely Country Road, Recalling A Rhyme That Brings With It Memories Of Death A Teenager Hoping For Romance Gets Than He Bargained For When The Object Of His Desire Introduces Him To The Object Of Hers An Aging Millionaire Awakes Buried In A Cheap Coffin With Only A Lamp And A Bell For Company The Son Of A Woman Accused Of Being A Witch Accepts The Villagers Peace Offering At Her Funeral, But All Is Not Quite As It Seems A Woman With A Violent Past Realizes That This Year S Halloween Party May Be Coming For Her And A Lonely Trick Or Treater Awakes In A House Rud To Be A Place Of DeathFrom Bram Stoker Award Winning Author Kealan Patrick Burke Comes The Second In His Series Of Seasonal Collections Featuring Seven Reprints, A Brand New Story The Toll , An Introduction, And Rounded Out By The Author S Recommended Reading And Viewing Lists, DEAD LEAVES Makes For The Perfect Autumnal Read

About the Author: Kealan Patrick Burke

Born and raised in a small harbor town in the south of Ireland, Kealan Patrick Burke knew from a very early age that he was going to be a horror writer The combination of an ancient locale, a horror loving mother, and a family full of storytellers, made it inevitable that he would end up telling stories for a living Since those formative years, he has written five novels, over a hundred short st

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    When they come out of the corn, they ll come close enough for him to see their faces A collection of nine short stories inspired by the witching season Anytime I start reading anything by Burke I am quickly reminded how frickin amazing his writing is Sure, he s a great storyteller too, but there s something special about his writing it s so incredibly atmospheric and he has a way of describing things that really makes you feel like you re right there He really excels in this collection with regards to his depiction of autumn and Halloween So many quotes left me heart eyed I d say I really enjoyed the majority of the stories in this collection My favourites were Someone to Carve the Pumpkins, The Toll and The One Night of the Year The Toll was particularly great any story that centres around being buried alive makes me feel so claustrophobic Although, the standout story for me was definitely The One Night of the Year This was CHILLING and so unsettling It made me think of The Children of the Corn and also 1922 by King in terms of both the creep factor and the setting, but it was also quite melancholic too Absolutely loved this story Dead Leaves also has a fantastic introduction by Burke where he discusses why we all love Halloween so much There s also recommendations at the back for other horror movies and books to check out as well It was fun to go through and check off the ones I ve already watched or read and now I know what to seek out next Overall, a really fun collection that demands to be read at the best time of year 3.5 stars

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    This review is going to read like an exhortation on why certain authors are just the best Kealan Patrick Burke is the whole package My first recommendation is that you follow him on Twitter and Instagram reason for this is because not only is KPB a talented horror author and you should stay up to date on all his bookish activity but he is very generous with his praise of other talented horror authors and I have found scores of excellent books authors from his recommendations alone movie and TV show recs as well.My second recommendation is that if you re a horror fan, you should just automatically assume that anything KPB releases is worthy of your time and money Just buy it If you haven t read anything by him, I always suggest my first KPB read which was BLANKY I read it on Halloween night last year and it was sheer, Halloween magic.Kealan can write novellas, short stories, novels and probably an advertisement on the back of a cereal box and it would probably be just as compelling as everything else he writes.This particular collection, DEAD LEAVES was everything one would want out of an October Seasonal book but it s so much than a Halloween novelty these stories can be read anytime, out of season and be enjoyed all the same A variety of scares that tug on your heart and claw at your psyche Some of them were inspiring than others but I only say that because I ve come to recognize a few signature tricks KPB has up his sleeve and I appreciate those moments than if I don t see that move in a story The standouts here were AndromedaThe Tradition The TollandThe One Night of the Year

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    www.melissa413readsalot.blogspot.comWhat an awesome book to start out Oct 1, Woot I loved this book I liked all of the stories but some I loved than others They are so creepy, I will never understand how someone can write something so creepy with just a little bit of words The first story is Someone To Carve The Pumpkins This one is about brothers Joe and Chuck, they are spying on an old lady sitting on her porch knitting She knits all of the time, day and late at night The second is HavenTommy Marrow comes home to bury his mom He hasn t been home in years and it seems like he isn t alone.The third is How The Night Receives ThemThis story is about Carrie. who is Carrie. what happened to her why does she keep walkingThe fourth is Tonight The Moon Is OursEvan, Yvonne and Colm sneak out at night to hang out and smoke in the field What is it they go see what happens when they get thereThe fifth is The TollThis is about Miles and he might not have been so good in his life or maybe he trusted the wrong people what is happening to himThe sixth is Will You Tell Them I Died QuietlyWhat in the world did Elias do to his mother Veronica. The seventh is Not While I m AroundUm. yeah. you have Rachel and her husband Bill, but who is Jeff and what has he done in the past and what is he going to do now The eight is The TraditionAll Evelyn wanted was to have friends She thought Jessica, Alex and Chad were her friends she thought wrong. some times though. a little vengeance is good I absolutely loved all of them but I didn t like The Toll as much as the others I think the author did an awesome job with these stories All of you spooky readers check this one out

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    I saw this collection shortly before October and I immediately knew I needed to get it for my October TBR Even if it wasn t a Halloween collection I would have bought it Anytime Burke releases something it s a no brainer buy This is a delightful collection of 9 short stories, a list of recommended horror books, and a list of recommended horror movies The last time I was this excited by an author suggesting books and movies in a book was Dasnse Macabre by Stephen King I read that book sometime during my high school years, and I was so excited about King s lists that I actually wrote down a number of his suggestions to take to the library I actually still have that list Brilliant call, Mr Burke You re recommendations are always top notch.As for the stories, once again they are everything I have come to expect from Burke Two of them I had read in a previous collection, but I didn t skip over them and enjoyed them even the second time It s hard to list stand out stories in such a short collection, but I think my favorite is Andromeda It s such a perfect commentary on today s smart phone obsession Not to mention it was creepy and unsettling in all the right places If you are like me and a lot of other horror fans, and you re looking for books to celebrate the Halloween season, you should definitely pick this one up A number of the stories even take place on Halloween, so it s a perfect addition to every horror lover s October reading.

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    On Halloween, we invite the monsters in, permit them their one night to terrorize us before slinking back to their graves and crypts Dead Leaves is a collection of 9 Tales from the Witching Season by Kealan Patrick Burke These stories were really fun, and this collection is a great October read I rated all the stories between 3 4.5 My top 3 stories were Andromeda, The Toll, and The Tradition There s a good variety here, and it didn t feel repetitive like some Halloween books do The only one that I found to be creepy was Andromeda, so I wouldn t really call this collection scary, but it was quite entertaining.I would also like to mention that Kealan kindly added pages of Halloween book movie recommendations at the end of the collection, and this was such a cool thing to do for readers.

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    Eight short stories for Halloween, all penned by Kealan Patrick Burke A nice collection with two definite standouts for me.The Toll takes on a double meaning with this very clever tale of a premature burial The irony is awesome The Tradition is the story of a ghostly girl with eyes that no longer need to see who likes to keep her friends close Nothing too scary for newcomers to horror Go ahead, wade on in.

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    Does anyone else have an author or a few whose work you ve never read, yet you just know they re going to be a perfect fit for you Kealan Patrick Burke has been right at the top of that list for me Between how cool his stories sound, how much I love the covers he designs, and what an all around great guy he strikes me as, I knew that was going to be really sad if I didn t love his writing Halloween provides us with the choice to be scared, or to scare others It allows us to vicariously slip behind the mask and see the world through the eyes of things that evoke fear in others It allows us to be scared out of our wits, safe in the knowledge that it isn t real. Thankfully, I was worried for nothing, because this Halloween themed collection of stories is literally flawless. I enjoyed every single story immensely and was so sad when the collection came to an end, because I needed Kealan has such a distinctive writing voice and his ideas are so unique and clever, but they re also incredibly emotional at points, and I love a horror author who can creep me out and make me feel things at the same time.The collection picks up with Andromeda, where a teen girl is glued to her phone when she begins to receive some very strange messages, just before the world around her becomes very bizarre Then, the first moment of sadness strikes in Someone to Carve the Pumpkins, when two brothers come across an elderly woman they suspect is a ghost In Haven, a man finds relief when his mother passes, but returning to his childhood home stirs painful and terrifying memories.We re brought back down to a moment of quiet heartache for How the Night Receives Them, in which a young girl wanders a lonely road at night, seeking out the detective whose poetry keeps her company In Tonight the Moon is Ours, a taste of fantasy enters the mix when a boy s friends convince him to visit a fairy stone in rural Ireland, their motives filling him with a dread he can t shake The Toll shifts to an air that is, unexpectedly, a little bit humorous the plot of an old businessman finding himself buried alive shouldn t be funny, but something about his devil may care view of the situation made me smile.The strangest story of the bunch for me was Will You Tell Them I Died Quietly a young man s mother has passed away and he s agreed to allow a local religious group to host her funeral, despite a life long feud between the group and his family, but there s a very peculiar history there, after all The next to last story was a tie for my favorite in The Tradition, a young woman wakes in a decrepit old house, unsure of how she got there, but as her memories slowly return to her, we re treated to a surprisingly unsettling moment of body horror mixed with a fantastically immersive atmosphere.Finally, the collection rounds out with my other favorite The One Night of the Year An elderly widower sits on his porch every Halloween night with a bucket of candy, a shotgun, and his dog, waiting to greet the only three visitors he will receive I can t say anything about this story without spoiling the ending, but for those of you who know the piece, I ll say that I found myself choking back tears with the biggest smile on my face She wanted a boy, a soul, anyone Someone to carve the pumpkins. On top of the wonderful stories, the end of the collection contains a list of Kealan s personal recommendations for horror reads and films, and I ll just say that I recognized a lot of books I love, but the movie list Flawless I love almost all of the films he listed, so I ll be checking out the ones I haven t seen I thought it was such a great idea to add in those recommendations, and it really adds a personal touch to the collection.So, like I said, nothing about this collection disappointed me This is one of the easiest 5 star ratings I have ever given in a collection or anthology review, and I am so happy to say that I have finally officially joined the ranks of Kealan s fans I will eagerly be picking up work from him as soon as possible, and one hundred percent recommend adding this to your TBR At right around a hundred pages, Dead Leaves is a quick and immersive read that would be perfect for Halloween night.

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    Buddy Read with Horror Aficionados GroupCurrently free e book on for the Halloween SeasonHalloween is the perfect time of the year to whip out horror books, snuggle on the couch and watch horror flicks, turn on cheesy horror music, and eat too much candy Kealan Patrick Burke indulges readers with an anthology featuring eight different short stories that may not all cater around Halloween, but which all fit a spooky October mood.Some of the stories are a little similar but they mainly stand on their own Someone to Carve the Pumpkins is a good opener, although somewhat sad Great opening for Halloween and that supernatural feel Haven was twisted and odd, think half the surreal thing flew over my headHow The Night Receives Them spends its time mystifying the reader until it tosses out the twist answer in the end Tonight The Moon Is Ours is my favorite story surreal and twisted stuff, I dug the dark fairy tale feel The Toll, one of the longer offerings, shows what happens to a demented man in a demented situation In depth characterization feel Will You Tell Them I Died Quietly was also lengthy and witch touched A lot of people loved this one with it s Lovecraftian tone, but I didn t get into it as much Not While I m Around is the weakest stint not really a story but a cheesy scene that doesn t offer much reading hope Finally The Tradition ends the anthology with a semi bang there s irony and the supernatural involved.Overall some winners mixed in with lukewarm, but still good, supernatural tales The anthology is clever and imaginatively achieved, so if you re looking for a Halloween themed anthology, this one is worth checking out.

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    Fantastic collection of 8 short tales by Kealan Patrick Burke perfect to get into that Halloween season.I really enjoyed most of the stories in this book, but two stood out the most THE TOLL a story about a cruel business man s almost calm reaction to the horrible situation he finds himself him This one reached out emotionally The hatred you feel for the man continues to build, as he contemplates how he will cheat death and remain victorious The ending for this one is so subtle yet perfectly designed I couldn t envision a better, appropriate conclusion if I tried This one I wish I could award 10 stars to The next favorite of mine was THE TRADITION something about this poignant, haunted house tale just drew me into it instantly Bittersweet, but very memorable because of it.Several others were all worth mentioning in fact, there was only one that didn t capture my attention as well Since the collection is comprised of only eight stories, I ll leave the rest for future readers to discover Pick this one up on a crisp, Autumn day you won t regret it.Highly recommended

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    Sometimes there s enough darkness in the world without adding to it under the guise of something pretty I have been meaning to read Kealan Patrick Burke for some time now This is one example of the ol Bookstagram machine charming me He comes highly recommended in the community as a bonus, seems like a pretty rad dude When I saw his announcement for Dead Leaves on Twitter, I finally pulled the figurative trigger bought my first book by this beloved horror writer I m happy to say, it won t be my last The graveyard yawned wide revealing crooked stone teeth set on green capped gums of misshapen earth This was a fun collection to read with my favorite season descending upon us The slow tension that works its way throughout is perfect for this time of the year.It is a great little anthology for those who want to read something a bit spookier, but aren t into anything too horrifying These stories mostly play on the mental aspect, rather than outright physical terror.Dead Leaves is haunting, suffocating, atmospheric dripping in sadness Many of these stories felt incredibly melancholic They were surprisingly emotional. like a stake to the heart Fucking hell.My favorites were How the Night Receives Them Tonight the Moon is Ours The Toll The Tradition The One Night of the YearI cannot wait to dive into some of KPB s work I m glad I began with Dead Leaves, because it is a wonderful starting point This was a glimpse into what type of writer he is Now I m interested in grasping onto of his longer stories seeing what his individual, detailed characterizations are like