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When I began SO CLOSE TO YOU, I didn t realize it was the first book in a trilogy In fact, I didn t realize there would be a sequel until things fell apart at the end, creating problems to be solved in the next book I might not have picked up SO CLOSE TO YOU if I knew it wasn t a standalone, which would be a pity.Lydia Bentley lives in the small Connecticut town of Montauk Local legend tells of the Montauk Project, a series of experiments that took place during World War II Her great grandfather was an officer on the base who disappeared and her grandfather has spent his entire life searching for his father and evidence that the Montauk Project existed Lydia doesn t believe, but helps her grandfather anyway because of love Then she stumbles into a secret lab and finds herself transported to 1944, mere days before her great grandfather disappeared.Soon she s living with her ancestors as Lydia Bennet and trying to figure out the truth of the Project in time to save her great grandfather But Wes, a mysterious boy she first met in the lab, is trying to convince her to return to her time before she changes the past Wes is of course super hot in addition to being mysterious Luckily, Rachel Carter isn t overly coy and provides some answers in the first book She doesn t play the give one big reveal at the end and that s it game Good, because I hate that game As for Lydia, I liked that she was motivated by love of her family She wants her grandfather to have a better life and she s willing to risk getting caught by mad scientists in order to help him I also liked that she stays refreshingly on task She isn t a wet blanket she has fun and goes to dances and all that but she spends most of her time snooping because that s what she stayed in the past to do.I was drawn to SO CLOSE TO YOU because of the intriguing premise I can t entirely say that Carter has executed it well due to the cliffhanger ending, but I want to read the sequel and find out the consequences of Lydia s journey through time SO CLOSE TO YOU is a promising and suspenseful start to the trilogy and hopefully the sequel will be as fast paced and fun to read This one is for fans of time travel and mystery The romance felt a bit rushed, but hopefully Wes and Lydia will have time together in the next book. I am so in love This book sucked me in with the decription, and cover Both make you want to pick it up and just give it a try and let me tell you it is worth it I love Lydia At first the book started out at a party and I was like Oh, something bad will happen to her friends Boy was I wrong I fell head over heels in love with this girl and story She goes back in time on accident to try and help her grandfather, and mysterious WES follows her SHe is not supposed to be there but she wants to save her grandfather from a world of pain and looking for his dad She is unraveling, all these secrets and finidng out so much about the past and her family Lydia is strong throughout this whole adventure, knowing that what she is doing is right and not worrying about the future SHe loves with her whole heart, and doesn t give up when it starts to get tough She is an amazing character, and the whole book is mesmorizing.Wes you only see through Lydia s eyes but you can imagine what he looks like and hot damn I wish I had someone like that follow me through time to protect me from a far He is also an amazing character He breaks my heart in the end they both do and I am so looking forward to another book It could NOT end like that, well it could but it would be impossible to take it all in if there isn t another one He made the sacrifie of a lifetime for her and it killed her as much as it did me and I am not even in the book.Overall this is an amazing book and a MUST read like right now kind of book When you get to the second half you really can t take a break from it because it is where all the action is and adventure and the true feelings come out If there is a sequence, I ll be waiting in line. An unsolicited Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review Quotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to change.Time travel in YA books haven t been touched upon until now I m definitely liking this theme It had an infinite amount of possibilities and it can be rather exciting to move forward or backward in time We find Lydia Bentley, your average seventeen year old teenager on her way to apply for summer internships Looking forward to her future she could not guess what could happen While walking in the forest with her grandpa, she uncovers the secrets that have been haunting her grandpa for the past thirty years.I don t like adding spoilers in my reviews, and I m definitely not going to start But this got me devouring the book in earnest There s something about having the ability to see the different eras that makes me excited to read about it I love how she interacts with all her family, Mary was way too funny, and she always made me chuckle at her audacity.I admire Lydia and her tenacity to find out the truth about her family She is definitely determined to find out what happened and will stop at nothing to get the answers She s not without any faults though I thought she was soo darn stubborn Never listening to what Wes said, I found it hilarious she defied him all the time The romance between the two was rather touching, but I also thought they fell for each other way too fast I couldn t help but wonder why that happens in YA books, but I believe it s because of the influx of hormones Wes is definitely a great character who stands by Lydia no matter what.That ending was fairly predictable because when you mess with time, it can have such dangerous consequences I can t wait for the next book Quotes Oh, you know Mick thinks you hung the moon, and it shows all over his face But Wes I thought he d set Lydia on fire with just his eyes Mary I really like the idea behind So Close to You, but this book just gave off an odd vibe I m not talking about the abandoned military base and secret government project aspect, I expected spooky and mysterious there, but I am talking about how a lot of the story feels rushed through, glossed over, or riddled by cliches Maybe if Carter took time to develop things, I d have liked this, but as it is I just can t shake off the unsettled feeling I got from reading this one.Like the first chapter, introducing the government conspiracy via a party in the woods, pretty strange and unexpected That and Lydia going on for the next few chapters about the Montauk Project and how mysterious and hidden it is, there s so much anticipation and buildup, but when Lydia finally does find the secret entrance and gets into the secret lab, it s actually quite disappointing, like three seconds of sneaking around and she s thrown back in time And actually, for a top secret government lab underneath a state park slash former military base, I m surprised at how lax the security is, I guess I ll have to suspend disbelief that a conspiracy buff with a jackhammer couldn t have stumbled across everything So it all feels too easy, so much hype for nothing And after that, so much of the rest of this story was just disappointing and riddled with plot holes Or maybe it s just how fast the plot moves and how often I had to suspend my disbelief Lydia just appears at a World War Two military base and almost instantly gets integrated into the community Huh How everyone s all so welcoming, how nobody thinks Lydia s appearance is strange, how she s able to come and go through the base almost at will, all of it just felt wrong these characters are just way too naive and trusting Or how Lydia s able to sneak around a high security facility Again, I m incredulous and in disbelief Honestly, I m not expecting Lydia to be a trained spy or have a personal cloaking device or anything, but the way she s able to get around such a secure place with no alias and a fake aunt named Julia Roberts, it s not realistic at all.Nor does it help that the main plot elements are all cliches, from the instant attraction to a mysterious guy, then to the requisite triangle, and finally to the stereotypical evil German scientist type villain, there s not much to set this book apart I mean, I wouldn t be surprised at all if in some dystopian somewhere there s a character that fits Wes s backstory and description to a tee, he really seems like a tortured male lead borrowed from a how to write dystopians manual or something Even down to the I should kill you but something I can t put my finger on is stopping me speech when he and Lydia first meet come on, lamest motivation in the book.It s really a shame, how this awesome premise gets bogged down by so many done to death plot points The only reason I m giving this two stars instead of one is the time paradox twist. PSA After reading this book I have come to the conclusion that I was born in the wrong time period And, I need to find a boy that will travel back to the flapper days with me If you happen to know an adorably cute and caring guy, who has access to a time machine, please send him my way Thanks.GUYS This book was so good I was super confused and anxious for over half of it, but in a good way AND GUYS It was action y and romance y and mystery y Yeah that s not a word But still The book starts off with the main character, Lydia, at home with her mom, dad and grandfather in Long Island Ever since she was little her grandfather has told her stories about the Montauk Project and how it s this huge government conspiracy The reason he s so obsessed with the Project is because his father was involved with it and eventually disappeared Lydia is the only one that really listens to her grandfather and his theories After Lydia s grandfather all but drags her to the area he thinks holds the answers, her whole world changes One afternoon, EVERYTHING CHANGES for her EVERY THING She literally stumbles in to the past 1944 to be exact And the people she stumbles upon in 1944 Her family Her great great grandfather is a Doctor who volunteers at a military base and her grandfather s sister, Mary, volunteers as a nurse To them, it looks as though this girl is lost and they can t take care of her fast enough They even invite her to stay with them Her relatives are very, very nice I absolutely loved them, especially Mary But one of the family members isn t to keen on the idea of a stranger living in his house her grandfather s dad, Dean the man that went missing over sixty years ago Oh my gosh, you guys Dean was SO sexy Keep in mind he s mid twenties when we meet him, not an oldie He was arrogant and harsh but totally loveable on about 364 different levels He was such the army bad boy type Sighs Yes, I liked him very much It was also cute to see her grandfather as a little boy He idolized Dean so much, it was extremely cute So any who, while Lydia is in the past she decides she s going to fix whatever happened 60 years ago and stop Dean from disappearing Only problem A boy has followed her into the past and he s determined to prevent her from changing anything Whatever Lydia does in the past could severely alter her future, and Wes wants to make sure that doesn t happen Oh my sweet, complicated, emotionally scarred Wes, you are the epitome of what I want my boyfriend to be Please love me Ehem i meanWes is very levelheaded He tries to convince Lydia to go back to her time multiple times but she won t budge Finally he gives in and decides he ll help her in anyway he can Granted Lydia wasn t 100% honest with Wes at times, but her intentions were good she was trying to help her family So, Lydia and Wes have to race to find a solution for Dean s disappearing without gaining the attention of the leaders of the Montauk Project TALK ABOUT INTESNSE AND AWESOME AND INTENSE.I seriously canNOT wait to find out what s going to happen next after that INSANE ending How the hell are Wes and Lydia going to end up together WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO % Overall, So Close to You was a suspenseful time travel romance that should not be missed My love for time traveling books keeps growing and growing it started with Clockwise by Elle Strauss and now it s going even further with So Close To You by Rachel Carter So Close To You is about a girl named Lydia who lives in modern day 2012 with her parents and here grandfather She has a normal life except her grandfather constantly wants to go investigate Camp Hero to figure out why his father disappeared years and years ago One day while exploring with her grandfather Lydia comes across an open doorway her curiosity gets the best of her and she ends up inside looking for clues that might help her grandfather She stumbles upon a room that she thinks is empty but realizes she was wrong when she meets Wes She s scared at first and stumbles into another small room trying to get away from him the doors close lights flash and when she comes to she is in the year 1944Lydia is a very loyal girl we find that out in the very beginning because of how much she does with her grandfather She tells us a few times that she doesn t quite believe in all of the things he says but she loves him so she plays along anyway She also does this with her best friend Hannah who loves the idea of horoscopes and Lydia doesn t believe in that much either but she goes along with it anyway because Hannah is her best friend One of the things I loved about this book was that it was terribly overwhelmed with romance Now I know some of you are thinking aww that sucks not a lot of romance But that makes the book so much better because were able to focus on the story instead of worrying about what the couple is doing Now i m not saying there s no romance because there is near the end and it was so awesome because the story line was coming to a close so we had time to focus on the romance before the book ended My next favorite part of the book was obviously the time travel We went back to 1944 during the war with Germany which was an awesome time frame the war with Germany always interested me so having that in a book was pretty great The book was suspenseful than other time mating books I ve read because when you go back in time the machine doesn t come with you and it s not easy to get back to So that leaves a few problems, one is that Lydia would be killed if she s caught sneaking into the facility were the time machine is which is why she has to be extra extra careful Second if she accidentally or was forced to travel back to a time before the time machine was invented she d be stuck there forever In the end I give this book 5 out of 5 stars for all of the awesome reasons I listed below I loved the characters the plot and the cover too I cannot wait for the sequel to come out but I ll be waiting awhile because i m reading the ARC version of this book thats due to come out in July You need to find the truth for yourself, my grandfather liked to say, but he never found any truth Instead, he paced the cliffs of Montauk searching for answers to questions that had long been buried, or had never existed at allMeh this wasn t the best time travel novel I ve ever read, but it certainly wasn t the worst.Lydia Bentley s grandfather is almost certain that the Montauk Project actually existed Rumors have swirled for years, but only he thinks that they re true His father disappeared when he was just seven, working on the base there during WWII, and he s been looking for evidence of where he went ever since Lydia becomes his unwitting sidekick in his explorations, never actually believing that they re true However, this all changes one day when she falls into a portal on the base a portal that takes her back to WWII and smack dab into the Bentley householdAs we slowly walk toward the white buildings, one thought runs over and over through my head, a song I can t turn off.I ve gone back in time.I ve gone back in timeI ve gone back in timeRealizing that she could help save her great grandfather from disappearing, Lydia, along with darkly mysterious Wes, tries to change the past But will it effect her future in ways she can t even begin to imagine Like I said before, this certainly wasn t the worst time travel book I ve read before At least here, the time travel and the mechanics behind it were clearly explained However, the sole purpose behind the project was kind of disjointed view spoiler The Project goes back in time to change some aspects of history, but the what, when, where, and why is never explained Why do they want to change it Is it for better or for worse Which areas do they decide to change ALL THE QUESTIONS However, I will say that the methodology and how they carry it out is creepy and depraved as heck hide spoiler When I was a teen, my favorite books were the Caroline B Cooney Both Sides of Time series They were romantic and exciting, historical and fun I never quite found a series like that again I think Rachel Carter s So Close to You just might be the start of a new era of romantic time travel books and I couldn t be excited The book takes place under the shadow of the Montauk Project, a secret government operation on the tip of Long Island that conspiracy theorists insist existed in real life, and here concerns a time travel experiment that steals kids from their homes and sends them on twisted, painful, and often deadly trips through history.Lydia and Wes are at the heart of the story she s from the present, he s from the past, and as it turns out, both of them share a history Lydia has accidentally been transported to World War II era Montauk, a world of jitterbugs, box socials, and handsome officers on leave She s searching for her long lost grandfather, who may be caught up in the mysterious Project, and Wes is a solider who aways seems to know what Lydia is planning, where she is going, and if she s in trouble it s a real romance that s revealed slowly and secretly So Close to You takes place in a world ruled by the Project, it s very scary and very real, and by the end Lydia and Wes are bound together against this new world I can t wait to see where the rest of the series takes them. LYDIA BENTLEY Has Heard Stories About The Montauk Project All Her Life Stories About The Strange Things That Took Place At The Abandoned Military Base Near Her Home And People Who Ve Disappeared Over The Years Stories About People Like Her Own Great GrandfatherWhen Lydia Stumbles Into A Portal That Transports Her To A Dangerous And Strange New Reality, She Discovers That All The Stories She S Heard About The Montauk Project Are True, And That She S In The Middle Of One Of The Most Dangerous Experiments In HistoryAlongside A Darkly Mysterious Boy She Is Wary To Trust, Lydia Begins To Unravel The Secrets Surrounding The Project But The Truths Behind These Secrets Force Her To Questions All Her Choices And If Lydia Chooses Wrong, She Might Not Save Her Family But Destroy Them And Herself