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Oh my dang God, this is a fairy tale and I freaking loved it.This author wrote a story that etched itself on my heart Mitch s twin brother Adam died saving his life and left him his journal chronicaling his relationship with Jessie Jessie was Adams touchstone, she healed him with her loving whenever he was between special ops missions Mitch feels he needs to go to her in person and break the news of Adam s death to her.After watching her for a few days he approaches her and she mistakes him for Adam Mitch is already half in love with her and pretends to be Adam.I can t even begin to go into how unlikely this is but it JUST WORKS The emotion, the tenderness, I just freaking loved it.So recommended. well Goodreads ate the first review, lets try this again I really liked this book and would go so far as to say that its my favorite so far of the available Kimberley Reeves books available on Kindle I love the Vittorio books but give me a cowboy any day The story flowed so smooth and the author did a good job portraying the characters feelings I felt so bad for Mitch H at first because he fell so hard and quick for the heroine and she thought he was his brother I didnt like that he decided to act like his brother and that she didnt realize that something was up and I could have smacked both characters a couple of times like the times they both let the whole matter of his identity go on but their story is definitely an emotional feel good book I think I could have did without the recollection of the heroine and brother s first night together and how much they had sex and how good it was I was a little put off at first because she had a previous relationship with his brother, not just his brother but his IDENTICAL twin brother That put me off but then I told myself it wasnt an actual relationship, they were just friends but it in fact was a relationship, of a sexual nature at least I loved the epilogue and catching up with all the different characters view spoiler I could definitely see Hank as a surrogate grandpa, I love that Del moved on and married but I wish Jud had He needs his own story maybe a sequel hide spoiler When I M Broken And Nothing Seems To Make Any Sense, I Go Back To The Ranch, To My Beautiful Jessie Jess Fixes Me, Makes Me Whole AgainThose Were The Words Written In Adam S Journal Shortly Before He Died His Twin Brother, Mitch, Has Never Met Jessie, But Believes She Must Be Some Kind Of Woman To Glue His Brother Back Together Time After Time Now It Is Up To Mitch To Tell Her That Adam Is Gone, That He Will Never Again Return To Her Waiting Arms He Doesn T Want To Tell Her, Doesn T Want To Be The One To Break Her Heart, But What Choice Does He Have On The Drive To Jessie S Ranch, Mitch Devises A Way They Can Both Put Closure On Adam S Death Posing As Adam Will Give Jessie One Last Time With Him Mitch Can Give Her The Memories She Deserves, Let Her Hear The Words Adam Should Have Spoken To Her When He Had The Chance And In The Process, Maybe Jessie Can Ease Some Of The Ache In His Own HeartIt Is A Simple Plan Give Jessie A Lifetime Of Memories, Mend His Own Broken Heart, Then Leave And Send Word Of Adam S Death But The Moment Mitch Arrives At The Ranch, His Plan Begins To Fall Apart Jessie Is Everything His Brother Said She Was, Everything Mitch Could Ever Hope For In A Woman Now He Must Spend The Rest Of His Life Pretending To Be Adam, Or Tell Jessie The Truth And Risk Losing Her Forever This was so good, I m so happy I stumbled on this book A light and sweet romance with great characters and plot.Will for sure check other books by Kimberley Reeves At first I was really conflicted about how I really felt about this story and the I thought about it, the I realized how much I truly enjoyed it I was skeptical about everyone s role and reaction to the situation But if I found myself in this place, I think if want the same scene too to play out So the story is about twin brothers, Adam and Mitch, who are in the special ops together Adam takes every chance he can to spend time with his lover Jessie She s in love with Adam but he admits to her that he s not capable of giving her the life that she wants or deserves When Adam is killed protecting his twin brother Mitch, Mitch decides to seek Jessie out He pretends to be Adam so that she can have a final goodbye before she finds out the truth But then Things get complicated The rest is for your eyes only This book was truly amazing and beautiful, it gave me great joy to read it and if all of Kimberely Reeves novels are this good and such a joy to read, I will be a contented fan, always When Adam was broken, he d go to Jessie and she would fix him Then Adam would go back to the Special Ops and continue on with his missions On his last mission, Adam never came back, he was killed by saving his brother Mitchell When Mitch read Adam s journal about Jessie, he knew he had to go to her and be with her He knew she was something special, so he was going to pretend to be Adam for her and then eventually leave Only he couldn t leave because he was in love with Jessie.Jessie knew something was different about Adam, she didn t know what until Adam told her that his brother died saving him Jessie s heart was breaking for dear Adam but when this Adam didn t have scars in the rightful places that her original Adam did, she knew that this was Mitch and not Adam Silently she grieved for Adam but she was pregnant with Mitch s twin boys and she knew she loved him desperately and completely So she waiting for Mitch to tell her the truth, only he didn t until he was forced to. 3.5 stars A moving story about a twin brother going to tell his brother s lover that he has died in war Deciding that he wants to give her the satisfaction of having to be able to be with her lover one last time the twin takes on the identity of the fallen brother He develops a strong relationship with the lover and it becomes harder and harder to tell her the truth because he knows that it will send her away from him.I had a hard time with this book because I couldn t believe that the twin wouldn t just come out and tell her the truth because it was obvious that she loved him for who and what he was And, I really have a hard time not believing that she didn t know her current lover was not the same man as the prior one Yes, she had her doubts but she herself never fully realized the difference.But the book ended well and I did love the two main characters. Okay, so I m now officially a fan of Kimberley Reeves writing, so maybe some people would say that I ve stopped being objective with regard to her work but I don t think that s the case I know what I enjoy reading and it s impossible not to get excited when you come across an author who delivers what you want time and again.I ve said it before, but it bears repeating This Author is SMOOTH Her writing style flows and her plotlines and characters are kept fresh by unexpected twists and a LOT of well written emotion.I can t see any romance reader being disappointed by Broken Just a word of advice though, maybe, keep the hankies nearby and be prepared for a story that will leave you wanting by this author. I love when I find those books that are the hidden gems This is the epitome if that I loved this story from start to finish It was beautifully written, I went through every emotion possible while reading, and was completely satisfied at the end Definitely one of my new favorites 3.25 StarsThis book would make a great Lifetime Movie, which can be a good thing and a bad thing Seriously, it really would We have our hero, Mitch, who just lost his twin brother, Adam, during one of their Special Ops missions Prior to Adam s death, he was seeing Jessie Adam and Jessie would get together in between missions Adam pretty much uses Jessie a crutch, of sorts He finds peace and comfort with Jessie However, Jessie knows that each time Adam visits, it won t be for a long period of time They come to an understanding that this is all their relationship would ever be After Adam s death, Mitch takes it upon himself to help Jessie Mitch s plan is to provide Jessie long lasting, loving memories of Adam, leave, then sending word of Adam s demise He believes this will help her cope However, as soon as Mitch steps out of his truck to meet Jessie, he falls head over heels Initially, Jessie believes this man is Adam, but as the story progresses, she starts to notice subtle differences and figures everything out Mitch, on the other hand, is trying to figure out how to tell her the truth The negative, it just seems to drag on and on and on To confront or not to confront That was the question I found myself skipping towards the end just so it can end Not good At least I got this for free from And like I said, it would make for a great Lifetime movie.

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