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Olivia S Luck Alliott, Catherine Livres Biographie De L Auteur Catherine Alliott Is The Author Of Twelve Bestselling Novels Including A Rural Affair, One Day In May And The Secret Life Of Evie Hamilton She Lives With Her Family In Hertfordshire Commencez Lire Olivia S Luck OLIVIA S LUCK Achat Vente Livre Parution Pas CherAchat OLIVIA S LUCK Prix Discount Bienvenue Dans La Plus Belle Du Web Il Est Grand Temps De Se Faire Plaisir, Le Tout Au Meilleur Prix Pour Arriver Ici, Rien De Plus Simple, Les Internautes Bibliophiles Ont Recherch Par Exemple OLIVIA S LUCK Dcouvrez Toute L Tendue De Notre Slection Autres Livres Pas Cher OLIVIA S LUCKOlivia S Luck English Edition EBook Alliott, CatherineAchetez Et Tlchargez Ebook Olivia S Luck English Edition Boutique Kindle Genre FictionOlivia S Luck By Catherine Alliott Goodreads Olivias Luck By Catherine Alliott Is About A Woman Named Olivia Who Finds Love Again After Her Husband Leaves Her During A Major House Renovation Its A Perfect Beach Read Withthan One Subplot Bringing Dimension To This Rom Com There Were Surprises And A Few Twists And Turns That Left Me Guessing Which Is Rare For This Genre Olivia Luck Author Of Pressure Point Goodreads Olivia Luck Lives In The Middle Of America With Her Loving Husband And Her Obsession With Writing She Wrote Her First Romance Novel At Age Eight When She S Not Reading, Editing, Or Writing, You Can Find Her In The Kitchen Learning To Cook Olivia Loves To Travel And Spend Time With Her Family LearnAsk The Author To Ask Olivia Luck Questions, Please Sign Up Combine Editions

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    This was a re read for me, I read this book when it first came out years ago and loved it. After that I got every Catherine Alliott book that came out up until the last couple of years when I felt that her writing was not as good as it used to be.
    I had forgotten quite a lot about this book so, it was more like a first read and I really enjoyed it, even though at times it was silly I laughed at all the stupid things the main character did along with her friends and neighbours.
    This is one of her best give it a try.

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    Olivia’s Luck by Catherine Alliott is about a woman named Olivia who finds love again after her husband leaves her during a major house renovation.

    It’s a perfect beach read with more than one subplot bringing dimension to this rom-com. There were surprises and a few twists and turns that left me guessing which is rare for this genre. It’s a fast, enjoyable read with a range of characters that play off of each other well. Definitely worth a read!

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    Maybe 2.5 Stars. I didn‘t particularly like the main character, which makes enjoying a book difficult. This book is so much about divorce and trying to get a man back, trying to meet new men, liking a different man, then saying that man can‘t compare to the old man but then oh no, somehow he‘s the one. It just doesn‘t make a whole lot of sense. Either you want your man back, or you‘re confused and don‘t know what you really want but are trying to keep everything the way it is (because the situation is so horrifying, that you need time to process it or don‘t want to really deal with the situation and ignoring it is easier). OR you know you can‘t forgive that person. Either way YOU NEED TIME TO PROCESS.
    What annoyed me about this book is that she‘s so focused on her marriage until suddenly she‘s done with everything but it doesn‘t get explained really, why she‘s now not wanting to be with him. Like, how is it that I don‘t know how she feels throughout the entire book? She doesn‘t cry, she doesn‘t seem anxious, when she gets angry, she doesn‘t do anything drastic but instead someone tells her to stop immediately and she just stops. That‘s not how feelings work. It‘s unrealistic and stupid because how can a book so much about cheating and being rejected and being „the boring, normal one“ be so without feeling?
    Maybe I‘m overreacting. But what I definitely hated was how she spent 80% of that book pining after her husband, trying to get him back, saying how no other man can compare and suddenly she‘s with the guy she explained wasn‘t the one for her.

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    I love British chick lit, and I have enjoyed Alliott's other novels, but I gave up on this one. I don't always need characters to be likable, but Olivia was so unlikable that I found it hard to root for her or even care about what happened to her. Also, all of the bitchy snark about the physical characteristics of people who weren't thin and conventionally attractive got very tedious very quickly.

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    A hilarious read, this book is laugh-out-loud funny. My favourite of Catherine Alliott's books!

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    This book is so about life. This would happen to me or my family, at least the falling down part. LOL!! Catherine gives you funny with enough depth that you aren't bored

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    Typical Catherine Alliott story. Her heroines always seem to be rich twits and Olivia is no exception. I didn't really like her honestly. Nor Nina or Hugh or Molly. The smoking really put me off.
    Not bad for light reading, but it's hard to care what happens romantically to people you haven't warmed to.
    The builders story was hammy and didn't ring true either. Very long also.
    Not to put anyone off who feels like a bit of chick lit, it's mildly amusing and the writing is good, it's just not overly convincing. Read a lot worse.

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    Enjoyed the British linguistics but found it to be a frivolous read with a bunch of shallow judgmental characters.

    This one passage was the most insightful thing in the book: “Years of rich, privileged people playing carelessly with other, less privileged people’s lives. Let the little family of the ‘lower orders’ beside the garage in Finchley......just get on with it, just cope, whilst those who’d created the carnage, those carefree, rich, amorous men....absconded themselves.”

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    This book starts off lovely and the romance is cute and everything is going along, you know, normally and then it suddenly goes nuts. I mean it's a funny book and I enjoyed most of it until the end section which is just really far-fetched and ridiculous.

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    A daft and enjoyable yarn. Good long story full of quite made characters - all very upper middle class and just fun.