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    Some Piers Anthony books are good Some not so good.This one drags in the middle with what is essentially a lengthy exposition of his views on education, which suffocates the main character s extended flashback of his own hippie style college education That s not the only extended part of the book that drags, but I eventually got through it.The part in Hell is interesting.I recommend this book only for those who want to read all of Piers Anthony s books, or for those who are so entranced by the woman on the cover that they have to have it, and for the latter, just because you have it doesn t mean you have to read it.

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    Vision of Tarot is refreshingly free of Piers Anthony s usual digressions on boobies I sometimes wonder if it has ever occurred to him that he might have female readers , but that s about all it has to offer This is the middle of three books about a planet called Tarot, on which members of many competing religious sects live The main character, Brother Paul, is from Earth, and he has been sent to Tarot to try to find its God The way to find God is to go into Animations, which appear to be mystical spots on Tarot that cause people to have very detailed visions Or something.I might understand the plot a little better had I read the first book, but frankly, I m not really interested As usual, the main character is an avatar for Anthony, and this book is really about his own search for God I might be interested had he prosecuted the search in anything resembling an honest fashion, but he has done little than repeat the tired canards you can read in any religion related thread on the internet So, if those threads are your cup of tea, then pick up this book Otherwise, skip it.

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    I ve tried reading this book twice, once when I was a teenager, and once as an adult, and both times I concluded that I wasn t interested in finishing the series I m not certain whether I finished the book probably I did, the first time Looking at it now, I m not certain why I lost interest, but I think it has to do with how much promise the first book in the series God of Tarot seemed to hold, and how disappointing this was by comparison I do remember that the second time I read it one of the things that excited me about the first book was the idea of crafting a fantasy narrative that paralleled the tarot deck, and that part of what let me down about this volume is that Anthony decided to abandon that and re write the tarot to suit his own purposes I m not certain that would offend me as much today I ve grown tolerant about such things , but I m also not sure I want to plow through Anthony s prose again when there are so many better things to read.

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    This is the middle book of the Tarot trilogy, and is no standalone Like say, Lord of the Rings, the three books are really one novel, not three novels with the same world and characters, so you should really read God of Tarot first Brother Paul of the Holy Order of Vision is a monk on a future Earth that has expanded to the stars He s sent by the head of his order to investigate reports that God has appeared on the planet Tarot The previous book was framed by the first 9 trump cards of the Tarot, this novel is framed by the 11 trump cards I discovered this trilogy in my teens right around the time I became fascinated with the Tarot I m really the opposite of a New Ager, and don t believe any deck of cards have powers or that the tarot cards have a mystical past going back to Egypt, but I loved the art and symbols of it all, so I adored how Anthony played with it and religious and spiritual themes.

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    This was a darker series for Anthony, and challenges religious beliefs and faiths I would not recommend this for younger readers, who aren t yet grounded in their own religious beliefs It contains deep thoughts, and I believe some pretty hard core sex scenes if I recall correctly, though it s been a lot of years That said, if you re older and want a good read that explores complex notions of religion and philosophy, then this one was pretty good Make sure you re well grounded before diving in.

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    I enjoyed this, as I am hooked on Piers Anthony However, I think this book would have been enjoyable if I had a knowledge of 1 Tarot cards 2 World religions At times this read like a history text, and it slowed me way down Having said that, Anthony is a master at imagery Some of the imagery is shocking, but you want to keep reading The majority of this book is spent with Brother Paul in animation Still highly recommended.

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    Part two has Paul trying to find god through religion His visions take him to various times and places and bring up some interesting thoughts All of it still mapped against the symbolism of the tarot deck It makes a pleasant read and shows some of the various thoughts on religion Nothing really new or mind boggling, though.

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    This was an interesting read, thoughtful and visual at the same time, I found the thoughts expressed about world religions to be very insightful, I may at some point come back to this book so that I can learn from the ideas expressed in this book.

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    I m not a big fan of this series Piers Anthony like Stephen King seems to go hot or cold with me and this was definitely a cold one Not recommended

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    Strange but good.