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Terra Has Never Known Anything But Life Aboard The Asherah, A City Within A Spaceship That Left Earth Five Hundred Years Ago In Search Of Refuge At Sixteen, Working A Job That Doesn T Interest Her, And Living With A Grieving Father Who Only Notices Her When He S Yelling, Terra Is Sure That There Has To Be To Life Than What She S GotBut When She Inadvertently Witnesses The Captain S Guard Murdering An Innocent Man, Terra Is Suddenly Thrust Into The Dark World Beneath Her Ship S Idyllic Surface As She S Drawn Into A Secret Rebellion Determined To Restore Power To The People, Terra Discovers That Her Choices May Determine Life Or Death For The People She Cares Most About With Mere Months To Go Before Landing On The Long Promised Planet, Terra Has To Make The Decision Of A Lifetime One That Will Determine The Fate Of Her People

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    wait, is this really and truly out now i am going to have to buy it jews in space so let s get one thing straight yes, yes, this is phoebe north s book as in goodreads phoebe north and sometimes, when you read a book that a fellow goodread s er has written, there is a tendency to bump the rating up to avoid potential awkwardness.but the joke s on you, because we are only the most casual goodreads acquaintances it s of a one sided i am in awe of her and read her reviews the way i read blair s and aerin s and i just kind of admire them from afar relationship, although one time we bonded over a book that wasn t very good, but she was too classy to talk about it out in the open and that led to her sending me this book to read.this book that is the bee s knees and i don t even like science fiction, which shows you how damn good she is.because it is sci fi, obviously it is on a freaking spaceship after all, and while there are all sorts of science fiction y elements with biology and botany and genetics, which she writes very well,it is also a story about a girl on the verge of womanhood trying to find a place for herself in a society that chooses everything for its people the spaceship asherah is populated by the post terrestrial jewish preservation society, whose goal is to preserve jewish culture and bloodlines.it left earth 500 years ago, when an asteroid was about to hit the planet, and people started rioting and it all went bad since then, it has been making its way towards zehava, a planet believed to be inhabitable everything within asherah is carefully monitored, and all disease has been eliminated there is somewhat of a caste system in place, with council members on the top, followed by a specialist class, merchants, laborers and artisans ostensibly, you are placed in the profession for which you show the most aptitude on vocation day, which occurs when an individual turns sixteen, but there are of course political factors at work no one s really going to rise up out of their family s position in the pecking order citizens are allowed to choose their spouse, provided the blood tests pan out,and that is also generally done at the age of sixteen each couple is required to have exactly two offspring one boy and one girl, but these are not carried in the womb, but are grown outside the body in a hatchery in egg like containers after the parent s dna is all smooshed together and left to ferment phoebe north is much better at writing science than i am everything about this book is excellent the world building is perfectly, densely created, the characters are all heartbreakingly real, and most importantly, our heroine terra behaves the way someone would behave given her situation having lived her entire life within closed quarters surrounded by a strictly regulated society she is not infallible she doesn t know arcane ninja fighting styles she isn t the beautiful girl with the heart of gold she is deeply vulnerable and looking to be accepted to be loved her mother died, unexpectedly and inexplicably when she was twelve, and her father crawled into a wine bottle to cope her brother already has a family of his own, and she only has her art and her best friend rachel to provide emotional release, but with their new responsibilities terra as a gruff botanist s assistant, and rachel as a dress shopkeeper, even this comfort is taken from her she sends out feelers, hoping to find her bashert, or soulmate, but after she witnesses something she should not have seen, she finds herself caught up in a situation which becomes dangerous than she expected all she wants is a place of her own, outside of her unhappy home life and her feeling that she is a constant disappointment to everyone she knows and this need to please, to belong, leads to dangerous exploits, but it also gives her a chance to become the woman she wants to become it s just a giant thumbs up of a book, painstakingly rendered all the coming of age uncertainty, all the painful decisions about duty and tradition vs what makes sense, her poor heartbroken father, the very likable koen, rachel s loyalty despite their suddenly different social status and that other thingit s just excellent.i am so grateful we bonded over that bad book, so i could get the opportunity to read this great one.and again jewwwwwws in spaaaaace come to my blog

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    Starglass is my debut novel Here are five fragments about it 1 Terra is a girl who sometimes regrets her words a girl who runs her palms over her body at night and quietly takes stock a girl who has heard things, said things, seen things she does not want to recall She wishes she could distill her life down to a single, simple point She wishes that it was not so sprawling or messy, wishes that she were not so sprawling or messy, too Terra has tried for fifteen years to be good, but she suspects that she is not good What she does not want you to know is that her desires are simple she wants this, and only this to be loved.She says I embarrass her, to say it so plainly But the truth is, Terra, sometimes the truth is embarrassing.2 If this were a fairytale Terra s task would be simple She would kill the evil queen who killed her mother She would strike the queen s ogre henchmen down She would use a ceremonial sword, carved from glass blessed by the gods.Terra does not believe in gods She owns no swords only a dull old kitchen knife inherited from her gran And Terra knows that there is no evil queen Her mother died of cancer It was a stroke of luck Bad luck, sure But Terra knows there s no such thing as curses.Maybe Probably She thinks.3 Terra was born in a bottle Inside that bottle is a village There is a library in that village, a school There are scientists and farmers There is a tower with a bell And there is a man who rings the bell every hour that he s not too drunk to stir himself from sleep In Terra s neighborhood there are rows of houses with families inside, and each family looks like this a mother, a father, a daughter, a son.Terra s family is the only one that is broken 4 Terra was born in a bottle Scientists made her, just like they made everyone she knows They stitched together parts of her Momma, her Dad, and then she hung from tubes for nine months, ripening This is the way that life works where she lives The sheep rut in the pastures and tomcats prowl after mollies and Silvan Rafferty once kissed her in a field But babies They re not born They re made.5 She has a favorite tree in the dome, a maple with leaves that look like red hands splayed out against the sky Sometimes she crawls up into it and closes her eyes and pretends that she can feel the world move beneath her Terra knows that this is silly There s no way she can feel it move the ship flies too silently, too swiftly for that But when the dome lights go out, she stares up at the glass that keeps her from floating out into the stars and imagines that she knows what sort of universe is waiting for her There are stories, songs, legends They learned them in school, or else the other kids did, while she was busy drawing in the margins of her notebook Because legends were never any good to her fairy tales, comfort cold as those lonely shipboard nights What Terra needs are answers facts or figures, data, graphs Because Terra knows this she s moving toward something Her body aches to think of it She tells nobody, speaks of it to one She keeps it hidden deep, deep inside.But she can t deny the truth.

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    I m still reeling from my marathon reading session of this book A spaceship traveling to another planet Always an interesting concept, but I ve had one previous encounter with this premise through a series that shall remain unnamed, and it didn t end well This book turned my brain upside down, set my head spinning, so on and so forth Nothing was what I expected from the very first page I loved this book.A Jewish spaceship traveling to another planet What The Hell.That was my initial reaction Umwhat Seriously Skepticism level 10 At that point, I didn t know what to expect Ultimately, this idea was so incredibly well executed, and what an utterly unique concept it turned out to be.To put it lightly, I m not a religious person At all I am the first to go off on an expletive filled rage about how much I do not appreciate religion being forced down my throat Leave your religiosity out of my fun reading experience, please This book is not preachy, it is not religious it is based on a secular Jewish society traveling towards another planet on a spaceship The society is based on Jewish cultures and values, but it is never overtly religious I was never offended, I never felt uncomfortable, I never felt this book was preachy in any way There is a correct way to incorporate religion and its corresponding culture into a book without being offensive, without sounding like a sermon this book exemplifies how it should be done.The world building and background building is extraordinary I am highly critical of YA dystopian sci fi because so often, there are so many gaping plot holes There are few such in this book The history of how the Earth came to be endangered and everyone came to be on a spaceship was adequately explained, and there is actually a reason for the Jewish culture of the spaceship Up to this book, the spaceship Asherah has been in space for 500 years, traveling towards their destination, the planet Zehava The background of the spaceship, its history, its culture, its survival, are all very well described and revealed gradually and reasonably throughout the book I am impatient, I like knowing things so that I know the context of things This book did not spoon feed me the details, but the revelations always came at a reasonable, relevant pace that satisfied even me.The history and background is so wonderfully, realistically built I cannot say I have a single complaint or question about it at all The spaceship s weather and internal environment is controlled, and seasons come and pass as the Council sees fit Each family has one child, a male, and a female, hatched from artificial wombs, genetically chosen and bred for strength Citizens are assigned jobs, they can be leaders, or specialists, or laborers there is a very clear distinction of class At the age of sixteen, they can also get married here s the interesting thing, the male or the female can make a marriage proposal, there are no specific gender roles There s also diversity in this book, not too much, since it is a Jewish spaceship, and well, do you know of any Jewish Asians besides Grey s Anatomy s Christina Yang but rest assured, you will be pleased with the diverse and complex cast within this small community.The characters are amazing You think you know your characters, you think you know how people behave You think you know who is good, who is bad Think again Everyone is so wonderfully complex, so brilliantly real.My first impression of our main character, Terra, was not a positive one She was 12 years old, angry and full of grief from her mother s recent death Her heightened emotions at the time was also combined with adolescent angst and irrational dislike, and I thought she suffered from the dreaded Special Snowflake syndrome at first She was also so determined to love the useless art of, wellart and she s not particularly good at it, either Terra wanted to be an artist despite knowing that the spaceship colony s survival is based on practical skills, and not purely ornamental ones I grew out of my dislike of her very quickly Terra is not a special snowflake she is not perfect, she is not beautiful, but she is a survivor, and she is persistent She is willing to do what is expected of her by her family and by society, even if it is not her choice She never acts like a martyr, but she is determined, and Terra does what needs to be done.Terra may be in danger, she is involved in a mystery, but she never acts beyond what is reasonable I would say that Terra s actions were, for a good chunk of the story passive This is not bad Terra was raised to be a good girl, an obedient one, and good girls do not go pursuing trouble when they see it She is pulled into the situation, and she does what is needed of her she does not go seeking out danger for the thrill of it Her actions are never extraneous.Terra s relationship with her family is so heartbreaking Her father isdifficult Anyone who has had an alcoholic parent or knows of someone who suffers from the double whammy of grief and alcoholism knows what a horror it must be like Terra lives on eggshells She is afraid of saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things, yet she can t help herself at times such is the landmine of an adolescent mind, speaking before thinking They have such a complicated relationship, between his rages and his gentle momentsit is a complex, tangled mess, and utterly wrenching to observe Silence grew between us, intercepted only by the sounds of the celebrations that raged across the observation deck, and the bustle of the hatchery beyond the shouts of the workers, the cries of new children I didn t look my father in the eye as he stared at me, but I didn t move, either I couldn t speak or breathe I didn t want to risk inciting his wrath even further Her relationship with her father naturally translates to Terra s insecurities when the time comes for her to pursue her own relationships as she matures This book is not overwhelmingly romantic at all It is incredibly realistic in portraying the intricacies of teenage relationships the fear, the lust, the awkwardness, the earnestness, the hesitancyall are well portrayed There is nothing predictable about the relationships within this book, and Terra s feelings and doubts are so sadly understandable, given her own family I loved the portrayal of romance, it is believable and completely acceptable within the context of this story I should have just accepted it believed him, believed that it would all be okay But I couldn t I d spent my whole childhood trying to tiptoe around my father, afraid to even breathe wrong I didn t want to spend my marriage like that too The other characters are equally well woven I loved Terra s interactions and relationships with each I also found Terra s relationship with her best friend, Rachel, refreshing It shouldn t be, but it is Unfortunately, a lot of books tend to underplay or slut shame the beautiful best friend to highlight the good in the main character this book does not do that Rachel and Terra do not have a perfect relationship, but they are supportive of each other, and they clearly love and care for each other There are jealousies, there is anger, but it is nothing overdone, and their relationship feels very realistic and by no means idealized.If I have one complaint about this book, it is that there are too many twists I like having a little bit of predictability, and this book just took me for a headspin I didn t see anything coming at all I loved it, but at the same time, I wish things were a little bit less complex Some things stretched my boundaries of belieflike Terra s dreams, but those are small complaints in the very enjoyable grand scale of this book.That ending Fuck that cliffhanger, man I can t wait to read the next book.

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    Recently I ve been going through a strange phase I haven t been able to read anything due to an extreme lack of interest in books This went on for a whole month, and is still sort of going on right now But during this time I did pick up a few books and attempted to start them, but I ended up being so disconnected from most of them and or found myself being occupied doing other things I mean I have lazy days but this is just a whole nother level I think this phase was mostly caused by the fact that the majority of books I ve been reading had been mediocre at best I wasn t able to find that one book that could truly pull me in Starglass was the first book I picked up that genuinely did pull me in from the start It certainly helped that I was so excited to read it due to the fact that it was written by Phoebe North, an active Goodreads user that I don t personally know but love from afar anyway, and I m also quite a fan of her reviews So naturally I was pumped to pick up her debut novel.This book is a quiet type of story rather than an action y one, and usually those are tough to pull off unless they re contemporary But I think the secret to a gripping not really action y type story is to have good characters At least, that s my criteria If the characters aren t worth caring about then I d find the book boring and would probably just DNF it In this book s case though, I genuinely did care for the characters, especially Terra Man, there were some moments in this book where I truly did feel for this girl She s quite a tough cookie, but she s also still young and it shows in that she s a bit lacking in self confidence and is also struggling with feelings for the opposite sex.Speaking of which, the romance in this book is very confusing At first we have Silvan Rafferty, the gorgeous and spoiled rich boy type, but then it was made pretty clear that Terra s attraction to him was only physical, even though there were some small moments that would make you think twice about it And then there s Koen, and oh man, I really can t say anything about Koen without hinting at a huge spoiler Just read it and find out for yourselves And then probably the weirdest aspect of the romance was this certain boy that Terra keeps seeing in her dreams I know, I know, the whole seeing you in my dreams thing is an extremely cheesy cliche, but eh I won t give the book too much of a hard time for that, cause like I ve said many times, it s YA there s ALWAYS cheese, whether you like it or not But this guy was neither Silvan nor Koen, and it seems we have to wait til the sequel to find out just who the heck this dude is cause there was no explanation.Besides characters and romance I do have a bit of a critique for the culture in the book It s just a small, technical one I m not Jewish and don t really know much of anything about Jewish culture so I obviously can t critique that But what I was a little annoyed by was I wish there was a glossary either at the beginning or end of the book, because there are literally no explanations of the many terms used in the book I guess I sort of grasped the gist of them judging from the way they were used, like mitzvah seemed like it means duty or obligation, or tikkun olam I assumed meant something like eternal happiness or something Pretty much an ultimate goal that the people in the Asherah want to achieve I know I can just Google the terms but it would ve been very helpful to have a glossary added in if there would be no explanations.Another thing that bugged me even and caused me to take out one star was the ending Or rather, the lack thereof Like seriously, it doesn t even deserve to be called an ending because, during the final few pages everything was rising into a big crescendo and I was so hooked my face was practically pressed onto my phone s screen And then, all of a sudden it just ends Just like that During the action, during all the excitement that I was waiting for Just, poof I mean I m annoyed by cliffhangers in general but this is ridiculous So yeah, that really really irritated me that it would end so abruptly.Other than that, though, I really enjoyed this book Great characters, interesting story and setting, although a few annoyances here and there The lack of explanations for terms thing I ll forgive, but that so called ending Unacceptable Nonetheless, at least my hopes for the book were met And hey, it got my lazy ass to actually FINISH a book for once, so that says something.

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    But you know, Terra, if you didn t want to be botanist, maybe you should have drawn something besides trees This review contains mild spoilers Starglass quietly tells the first half of hobby artist Terra Fineberg s coming of age story on board of the spaceship Asherah, which has been traveling towards the inhabitable planet Zehava for about 500 years and is due to land when the heroine is approximately seventeen, earning her bread in a specialist position and at least betrothed to someone council approved When an an asteroid had threatened to destroy Earth, numerous ships had been overrun with healthy, genetically promising individuals willing to survive Terra s uninformed ancestor chose the safest option with the shortest list of applicants An ark provided by a hierarchical society of secular, but strict Jews driven by the vision to create a completely new civilization by rearranging useful seeming scraps from Jewish rituals and morals and founded on the assumption that man is inherently evil and in need of being led.I guess, from an objective point of view Starglass is a well written, slowly paced young adult novel with a nice message Liking or not liking it is a matter of individual taste and private expectations My expectations were dangerously high, because I have enjoyed book blogger Phoebe North s reviews and essays for a few years now I admired her expressive style, her considerate opinion and her personal history of falling in love with fiction especially science fiction as a child with limited access to reading material Her desire to reproduce the euphoria she had experienced when she devoured a Mercedes Lackey or an Anne McCaffrey in others resonated deeply in me And since I always had a soft spot for interstellar travel although I never actively watched series like Spaceship Orion , Star Trek or Star Wars , because TV time was a controlled commodity, which was distributed in smallish doses in my parents household and plots set in confined, self sustaining surroundings like space ships, cruise ships, submarines, remote islands, emergency shelters, floating cities and the like with bonus excitement added for futuristic world building, I was eager enough to get my hands on Phoebe s debut to preorder a copy Noticing that Phoebe had consumed lots and lots of space located films, shows and books and had concentrated deeply on travelling technology that would actually work or rather fail, I dreamt up a result that would be inevitably better than other attempts More believable, intricate, creative and much futuristic The last wish was not founded on anything Phoebe said or wrote at all It was fueled by my own fascination with interiors depicted in films like The Fifth Element and The Island or favorite books like Startide Rising The exceptional cover which had eventually been revealed for Starglass should have alerted me to the possibility that the novel would present an albeit different world building, but not one defined by holographic plants, wondrous architecture or intelligent suits spun from space worm spit It did not My homespun explanation for Terra s woolen 20th century style coat was that the heroine is wearing earth made clothing in reverent remembrance of her dear mother the writer of the nostalgic letter at the book s beginning The ivy Well, which cover designer had ever been able to resist the urge to add an artistic touch, a contrasting color The step into the reality Phoebe had concocted for the inhabitants of the Asherah therefore proved to be extra deflating for me I had to switch gears from gleaming steel corridors, sparse, multi functional accommodations, high tech communication and unknown wonders to a sleepy, rickety 1,000 souls village with an in ground cemetery, a clock tower, a cobble stoned shopping district, flocks of sheep grazing next to fish filled streams, printed school books, two storied brick houses that come with staircases and galleries and are surrounded by decorative gardens, and ancient, flickering computers that have been running for centuries and are used only to control the weather, house plant databases and keep people s bloodlines from going incestal routes In short, life on the vast vessel reminded me much of The City of Ember than of any space adventure I have so far enjoyed vocational and political matters included But the comparison to Ember s slowly failing underground town and the comparison to my own childhood in a village that was inhabited by slightly less than 1,000 people brought additional food for thoughts and a slight incredulity to the surface I wondered where the material for the various and dynamic fashion in the clothing shops comes from there are, for instance, golden, shimmery wedding dresses, and colors are in or out in the matter of a season Are they made from sheep wool Are there flax fields Who spins the cloths Who does the sewing Are there a couple of factories Terra s best friend wears lipstick Does it make sense to produce decorative cosmetics for such a small group of potential customers The Asherah s captain employs 50 guards How can they be spared, when there is food, clothing, paper, household tools, school material and to be made, machinery, housing and infrastructure to be maintained, the next generation to be hatched and taught and scientific experiments for life on Zehava to be conducted Then there is the hatchery, where human foeti are nurtured and human DNA is tampered with, and there is the botany department, where new plants are created Both institutions operate with only minimal computational support Including me there were only eight children from my village in my grade even though some families had three children or Consequently I doubted that Terra s class would hold so many students of her age I estimated between 35 and 40 on the day the vocations were distributed , when each couple has one girl and one boy Until I reached the last chapters, in which Silvan Rafferty s grandmother is introduced in a side sentence, I had been convinced that the Asherathi eliminated their citizens as soon as they become elderly Terra should call two sets of rather young grandparents, one uncle and one aunt her own But there is only one estranged aunt view spoiler How can people be estranged, when there is no physical distance between them hide spoiler

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    Starglass has a premise that we ve all seen before a community thriving in a spaceship, traveling the vastness of empty space in search for a new home One notable book that s similar is Beth Ravis Across the Universe series, which I adore and hold close to my heart And just like aforementioned series, this one also has conspiracies and plots going on behind the scenes, in which a rebellion is brewing and is about to lose control Because this has been used over and over again in literature, be it in a spaceship or in a dystopian setting, I was especially wary, but surprisingly, while the premise wasn t original, the execution and delivery of it were well done, making the read a refreshing experience For a book that spans 448 pages, the plot didn t feel dragging at all I loved how in this setting, you really can t trust anyone Everyone s so suspicious One moment you d think they re on the good side, later on, you ll see that their actions are very inconsistent All sides have their fair share of good and bad apples, and like the heroine, the reader can t really tell who to believe until the very last page But that doesn t mean it s a linear good versus evil I think it s of people who believe they re right and have valid reasons for feeling so versus people who are the same In other words, it s a kind of scenario where one doesn t really trump the other, a scenario that can only be resolved not by dominating the other but by negotiating and comprising I appreciated it wasn t all black and white, there were some gray zones as well.There are also some sub plots scattered throughout that will make you sad with grief However, there were times that it felt like there were too many things that was going on, so there were instances in the middle part that were just so exhausting But otherwise, the overall plot was really good, and I loved how the rebellion and the hidden motives and agendas of certain individuals unfolded.I also appreciated the diversity of the cast of characters here There were a lot of neat people that you don t really see much in Young Adult literature I won t really spoil it for you guys, so I ll say just this expect the unexpected Haha Terra, on the other hand well, I liked her, most of the time I shared with her pain of losing her mom and the trials and tribulations she went through in the book, but there were times she made some decisions and said some words that I don t really condone Her weak character became her disadvantage as it made her vulnerable to manipulation, but I really liked how she broke the chains weighing her down and finally decided for herself By the end, you ll feel proud of her as she finally stood on her own two feet That part where she ultimately determined what feels right for her was such a monumental moment You ll truly appreciate the Coming of Age aspect here.Overall, this book was really good There were some things that I didn t like, but generally, I found it well done with the right pacing and enough scenes that would make you drool for Even though the premise is not original, Phoebe North still gave us content that provided something new to the genre I am definitely looking forward to book two An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review This did not influence my thoughts in any way.

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    Wow I loved this book I was so impressed by all the research that was clearly done and the way everything lined up for the ending My goodness, THAT ENDING Starglass feels like very old school sci fi for the younger generation and I couldn t find any plot holes in my reading The only reason why I didn t give it 5 stars is because the beginning is pretty slow and could possibly turn off less patient readers It worked for me because I fell in love with North s prose But once the climax hits, the plot went nuts I would highly recommend this to fans of Beth Revis Across the Universe series.

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    This book is hard for me to talk about because it gives me lots of FEEEELS that don t have much to do with the book itself Untangling them all has been the project of months, and I m still not done Don t worry, it s unlikely to affect you in quite the same way I m an eccentric case, as ever.It s thoughtful and introspective than you might expect going into a SF book set in deep space I hope lots of people read it, and I hope books like it are published and see wild success.

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    This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibraryDespite the fact that the plot didn t even kick in until well after the halfway mark, the book wasn t bad Like, I enjoyed Terra s everyday life in the spaceship What I didn t like was the blurb promising me In this futuristic, outer space thriller, Terra has to decide between supporting the rebellion she believes in and saving the life of the boy she loves And like no, that s not what s happening at all, it s not a thriller, and she barely believes in the rebellion because she, and I, both don t really know what they re rebelling about And she s not in frickin love with anyone, that s for sure And it s not Phoebe North s fault that the blurb writers hyped up her book and promised it was exciting that is actually is It s slow paced and definitely lacking in thrills or excitement.It s like she accidentally stumbles and fall face first into this rebellion and then never picks herself up off the ground to explore and maybe find out about it She s not curious, she s not driven, and she has no motivation to do anything to advance the plot She has no goals and no obstacles to overcome The rebellion are all like Oh, before you join us, you need to prove your loyalty and if I was her I d have just walked away, because they obviously need her than she needs them AND THEN the thing that they need her to do If she just FRICKIN WAITED a few weeks she wouldn t have had to do it at all Like, I don t even know why there is a rebellion at all What are they rebelling, that the Council is trying to keep them alive That there are rules and laws I mean, there are always going to be assholes, and for most of the book, it appeared to be the rebellion who weren t quite sure what they were standing up for but riled each other up anyway.Terra seemed kind of bland, though I think she may be intelligent, but it s hard to see because we get so little introspection except some stupid dreams She s passively drifting through life and the largely plot less book like the Asherah is drifting through space, due to reach its destination but until then, life goes on as usual I m not looking for a high stakes, ninja warrior, Hunger Games style action adventure, but I would like Terra to be directly involved in the plot If you take Terra out of the novel completely, the story would be exactly the same until the plot finally kicks in at 70% well kind of but not really That s what frustrated me about this book, as well written as it is Having a good grasp of the language you re writing in doesn t automatically make you a good interesting storyteller Terra s passivity annoyed me And while I don t think she s particularly happy, I also don t think she s depressed or suffering from PTSD from an abusive, alcoholic father.What I did like was the secular notion of these Jews in space They speak Yiddish words and have Yiddish traditions, but they re not forced to worship or whatever it is Jews do I don t even know, I was raised Catholic All I know is that the representation here felt respectful to both Jewish and non Jewish readers I didn t feel excluded, although I did have to look up the definition of some words It didn t feel preachy or even religious.So overall I was happy to read the book, disappointed that it was little than a slice of life type story, with a rebellion that seemed really pointless But really, how do you sell something that s like nothing really happens However, the writing was good But it wasn t good enough to make me want to shell out 25 for the sequel because the sequel s ebook doesn t seem to be available.

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    11 April 2014 1.99 on Kindle I pounced on this so I had it in Kindle I d previously borrowed from the library I think it s definitely worth it for this price Review I m conflicted about this book, or rather how I think about it On the one hand it does some things really, really well others it does satisfactorily, but some things frustrated the hell out of me I m going to try and talk about all of these things.The stuff it does really, really well Diversity First of all, this is a Jewish spaceship Peopled solely by Jewish people It s so nice to read about some religion other than Christianity, honestly I loved that Then there s the fact that the book opens with a letter from a lesbian woman to her daughter I nearly did a fist pump at that The fact that gay is not shuffled to the back like it s something that never happens I really appreciated the fact that the author used this science fiction setting to explore the issues of homophobia and gay rights The right of choice is a strong theme throughout the book.Other things worked for me, but didn t raise that hell yes feeling in me Like how Terra reacted in certain situations How she felt about her situation, and her role in the greater scheme of things The way the community developed and changed over the 500 years they were traveling to their destination was eminently believable The writing was straight forward and easy to read through This was a quick read I d fly through 20 30 pages before I even realized I had I was glad that romance wasn t a focus, really glad actually, though I think it probably will be in the next book.But, yeah, there s always a but But, there were things that left me shaking my head in frustration I m a character reader I love characters, they are what makes me invest in the story first and foremost Second is the world Preferably I d have both of these in my books Great characters that feel real in a world that fascinates and intrigues Unfortunately Starglass fell down for me in both categories The only character that is really developed in this book is Terra And she s so damn passive that I could never really love her She accepts whatever she s told, by whomever deigns to tell it to her, and just goes along with it Eventually she starts to question, but it was a little too late for me Though she spends a good deal of the book working towards personal agency, time and time again she simply falls into patterns that leave her following someone else s plans However, this is the first book I will say that by the end I had hope that maybe, just maybe, Terra would show the growth I might have glimpsed in her last act in Starglass.I mentioned that I like intricate worlds, and I kind of expect them when you re on a spaceship that left Earth 500 years ago This could have taken place in a walled community cut off from the rest of the world There was little to no advancement in technology except for the fact that kids are grown in hatcheries instead of born now computers are pretty much a non entity jobs are shopkeepers, bell ringers guards bakers botanists, etc Then there s the fact that they set sail, as it were, for a planet that they know NOTHING about Five hundred years flying through space and you don t even know if this planet you re heading towards has air we can breathe, water to drink, or if it s at all habitable It strained credulity for me I had a hard time swallowing the lack of advancement in a people that could build a spaceship like this.I didn t even really get to get a good feel for the fact that we re in space until near the very end when view spoiler we finally reach our destination hide spoiler