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THE PASTWill Banning Survived A Childhood So Rough, His Mind H As Blocked It Out Almost Entirely Especially The Horrific Day His Brother Michael Died, A Memory That Flickers On The Edge Of His Consciousness As If From A DreamN T GONENow, As A Successful Psychologist, Will Helps Others Dispel The Fears The Past Can Conjure But He Has No Explanation For The Increasingly Bizarre Paranoia Affecting The Inhabitants Of Caledonia, California, Many Of Whom Claim To See Terrifying Visions Andhear Ominous Voicesvoices That Tell Them To Do Unspeakable ThingsIT S DEADLYAs Madness And Murderous Impulses Grip The Coastal Town, Will Is Compelled To Confront His Greatest Fear And Unlock The Terrifying Secret Of His Own Past In A Place Where Evil Isn T Just A Memoryit S Alive And Waiting To Strike

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    This book was neither fish nor fowl part ghost story, part military conspiracy, mixed in with absurd sitcom like characters and irrelevant explicit sex scenes thrown in at random Not to mention the cats, which made a nice kind of radar for the invisible bad waves, but otherwise were given too much attention Reading for the umpteenth time how they crawl around Will was simply boring.The only parts worth reading were those concerning the mysterious events and ghost visions happening in the neighborhood and the exploration of their origin As it is, a good idea for a ghost story was messed up by adding too many unnecessary ingredients burying instead of supporting it.I ve already read several pretty good novels by Tamara Thorne, therefore the The Forgotten was a very surprising disappointment.

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    Not gonna finish this one It s really crude and just disgusting I m no prude, but this is just trash with a ghost thrown in Plus, the ridiculous sterotyping of the gay assistant is unforgivable I had to go back and check the author, and was surprised to see a woman writing this at times sexist, misogynistic junk.

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    DNF Starting the book with a man who believes he was a talking penis quickly made my mind up that I couldn t suffer through this book.

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    I have to say yuck I m sure this author has many fans who would call me names and scratch out my eyes, tell me not to be a prude Thing is I like a hot romance novel now and then I am not off put by physical intimacy in books but it should be part of the natural progression of the story One review of this book suggested the author was trying to write erotica I think the book failed in that category as well since the erotic scenes were not very intense, just gross I think that while i m standing here plotting my next move I m going to masturbate that sort of thing However, everyone climaxed in this book but the main couple And the story.The story sounded good in the summaries i looked at Didn t hold together,though I was almost bored about halfway through the book The characters were pretty shallow The main character, Will, has an obnoxious semi evil brother named Pete, who has teased Will his entire life During a phone call Pete gets on Will s nerves by calling him Willy and says outloud Still hate that name, huh Think there is some deep dark reason for that To which Will thinks to himself, Willy is slang for penis and you are fully aware of that Did the author forget that peter is also a similar euphemism What was her point Peter vs Willy Most of the character names sounded like names you would see in porn Lara Sweethome, Mickey Elfbones, Mia Hunt Hartz, Carrie Cockburn, Mr Hardwick, Sgt Jeff Thursday Really Also, the author s word of the month was Hypnogogic I lost track of how many times that word was used after about 10 Sorry if you are a fan of the author Maybe I m disappointed because I had no idea what i was really getting into when i started this book I had completely different expectations I was hoping for a good paranormal, supernatural, ghost story I had hoped I would feel something for the tortured main character, a psychologist I thought there would be psychological thrills.

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    From the back The PastWill Banning survived a childhood so rough, his mind has blocked it out almost entirely especially the horrific day his brother Michael died, a memory that flickers on the edge of his consciousness as if from a dream.Isn t GoneNow, as a successful psychologist, Will helps others dispel the fears the past can conjure But he has no explanation for the increasingly bizarre paranoia affecting the inhabitants of Caldonia, CA, many of whom claim to see terrifying visions and hear ominous voicesvoices that tell them to do unspeakable thingsIt s DeadlyAs madness and murderous impulses grip the coastal town, Will is compelled to confront his greatest fear and unlock the terrifying secret to his own past in a place where evil isn t just a memoryit s alive and waiting to strikeI loved so many of the characters and Will s relationship with his three cats Freud, Rohrshach and Jung and his friends was a wonderful part of the book I felt cheated at the end.Everything was so rushed and there were some illogical leaps to tie things up So, while I liked most of the book I would hesitate to highly recommend it to someone.

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    I don t know if I would really call this a horror novel More like a supernatural conspiracy thriller Without a lot of thrills Will is a psychologist He s been best friends with Maggie since they were 4 Evidently that means they cannot date Even though they both have feelings for each other His older brother Pete is a psychopath He used to bully Will when they were younger Especially after their oldest brother Michael died Pete now owns a thriving cable company Which allows him into peoples homes Animals start acting weird Then people I waited for something to happen But, we get a lot of unnecessary details what they ate, repeated details about Wills patients, etc., etc I liked that there were gay characters in it BUT, one of them was a stereotype Then the neat ending I ve read other books by this author They were nothing like this I ll still read any others I just wouldn t recommend.

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    The first book I read by Tamara Thorne was Haunted I will admit that my first thought was how bad can a book be for the low cost it was I found myself having trouble putting the book down I enjoyed it so much.After I finished Haunted I had to look her up and find books So, the next book I read was The Forgotten And I must say I loved this book I liked the fact that the story takes place near the same town as Her book Haunted While reading it I keep seeing Candle Bay another book I bought and sorry to say missed placed it So know I must buy it again Not just to read it but to see if it ties into the other two books Tamara Thorne You are such an amazing writer I would like to thank you for not only writing about the paranormal, which I am a big believer, but with The Forgotten not only have you writing about E.L.F waves but also with the psychologist type of view point in my eyes at least.

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    I was really hoping this would be a good ghost story I forgot that I had read another Tamara Thorne novel earlier in the year and was horribly disappointed But this bookoy vey Her depictions of the characters are so generalized and stereotypical Oh, this character is gay He MUST be uber flamboyant I don t know I read it straight through I did like the idea of the government using magnetic waves to control citizens of a town, and how the waves not only affected people but also animals But I didn t like how, once again, she has to always fall back to sex I think she gets bored I mean, even in her thank yous at the beginning of the book she makes reference to some guy saying that he always likes to come last Ugh How awful is that Why doesn t she just write erotica It seems like that s what she wants to do anyway

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    Right from the get go, I liked the way Tamara Thorne put words to paper She has a simple and satisfying was of telling a story that makes it very believable The characters in the story are well though out and the plot is electrifying I found that I did not want to put the book down because I had to know about Will s past and how they were going to stop Project Tingler Would the ghosts invade and kill everyone Or are they just apparitions for people to see Would the government stop its testing when they noticed the ghosts Or would they just continue and watch what happens I really enjoyed this tale of ghosts and was pleasantly surprised when it wasn t a splatter book Is the story scary No, at least it wasn t to me, but it is a great tale The Forgotten by Tamara Thorne is an excellent book that any ghost enthusiast will enjoy.I rated this book a 9 out of 10.

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    With The Forgotten, Tamara Thorne takes a chilling ghost story and lays it neatly over a conspiracy, that is equally as haunting, making nothing safe, real or unreal As with her other works I have read, in The Forgotten, she creates a world filled with characters as real as anyone you pass on the street, with her words coming to life and reaching from the pages, haunting readers as only she can She is the master of the ghost story, bringing to each of her novels a realism that will cause even the most skeptical to turn on a light, while they read.The Forgotten is a must read novel, by a must read author, and I highly recommend it to all readers of horror and thrillers If you love a good ghost yarn, you are in for a treat.