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    You know what punk is A bunch of no talent guys who really, really want to be in a band Nobody reads music, nobody plays the mandolin, and you re too dumb to write songs about mythology or Middle Earth So what s your style Three chords, cranked out fast and loud and distorted because your instruments are crap and you can t play them worth a damn And you scream your lungs out to cover up the fact that you can t sing It should suck, but here s the thing it doesn t This book is an amazing book about a young kid who had a full ride scholarship to college, is in the Young Republicans club, and is smart, beyond measure Just one problem, his father, is a 80 s punk And a famous one too for some one who likes punk rock or any type of music in general, this is a great book It has so many great quotes, that I use in an average day It s so realistic, that quote above was said by the main character s father He didn t act like he was amazing, he wasn t a show off, and he wasn t trying hard to be hip He just had fun, even if it was in an intense, crazy manor It s down to earth It had a major twist, that just made me want to keep reading It had a great ending, I honestly wish the book was longer I don t often read books twice In fact, I practically never do, but I can tell you for sure, I will read this book again.Enjoy reading J.T.

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    I read this because it is on a list of books as summer reading for my students I thought with the title and the cover it would be, at the very least, a music lesson of some kind Not so much The protagonist is graduating high school and is a leader in the Young Republicans on his campus His best friend is a punk rock girl that is his total opposite But she s all about loving everyone and not judging others, so she defends her Republican friend while he is of a worm in this regard The young man knows his biological father s name, but has never met him and his mother would rather forget the man that fathered her child Blah, blah, blah His father is a former legendary punk rock god And guess what The band is reforming and touring And guess what else The young man is going to be a roadie in an effort to get to know dad This isn t a long book, but it felt like work The characters are stereotypes and some of the side plots are too much If this focused on the relationship between father and son, it would have been a compelling story It veered off into DNA tests, romance of the ugly duckling type, and a womanizing jerk The final scene really is out of a movie and wasn t too believable, but after getting through the entire book, I was happy for something exciting to happen.

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    It is a light hearted story about a Young Republican OMG these people really exist who suddenly found out his biological father is no other than the most infamous bad boy in the punk scene, and how the teenager discovered about his bio father during dear old dad and his band s tour.I chose not to rate this book because I only read it very quickly during a train ride and I skimmed plenty of parts Still the story and the dialogues seem to be a lot of fun LOL

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    Born to Rock was an amusing read The idea of a Harvard bound young Republican from Connecticut on tour as a roadie with a notorious punk band sounds like the set up for a much funnier novel than Born to Rock Somehow, Korman s book fell a bit flat in the humor department for me I m not sure teens would find it laugh out loud funny either Again, I think it is a light, amusing read Younger teens would probably enjoy reading about Leo s adventure touring with Purge While there is sex, drugs and rock and roll, the writing is tame There is not much bad language and Korman is light on the details of the sex and drugs Some aspects of the story seemed appealing to an adult audience The difficulties of being middle aged and touring were funny, but I m not sure teens would find them as amusing as I did My favorite part was when the guitar player Neb Neezer did his signature scissor kick, landing on the stage in a full split.He didn t get up Also, the storyline about Max s divorce seemed too adult with talk of the cost of redoing the kitchen Though, Llama the poodle did add some funny moments to the story, especially when he conveniently chose to make a statement on the sidewalk in front of SOD, the Society of Decency It was also funny when Llama was about to head into the oven at the Pretzel nightclub.

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    As far as YA books go, Korman is pretty much where it s at Born to Rock is no exception He manages to write about punk rock and the 80 s without mentioning one curse word He writes about love, drugs, womanizing, republicans, and crashing through windows on motorcycles and never once goes into any sort of detail that would strike up an image of disgust or have those right for our kids groups banging down his door He is the antithesis of writers who go into too much detail scratching out every single detail no matter how disturbing or disgusting Leo, the protagonist, is under the impression that his bio dad is an 80 s punk rocker named King Maggot When he discovers this little nugget of truth he joins the band on a reunion tour as a roadie What happens from there is varied and exciting, and as I mentioned clean and fun, and Leo is audience to some serious after parties, and other interesting post concert goodies The important aspect of the story is that everyone has their own history, but that does not necessarily make us like our family We can strike out on our own and be who we are for real despite what our family is like Leo finds this and many other things out throughout the book This is a good, clean, fun read, and will only take a few days Pick it up to further your world of YA lit and let loose for cripes sake

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    Leo Caraway, Harvard bound Young Republican, discovers that his biological father is famed punk rocker King Maggot He ends up going on the road with pop and his band Purge for a summer reunion tour, and wackiness ensues This is some highly enjoyable wackiness, folks I had a great time reading this book though I really do wish the ending had been less rushed.

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    I generally like Korman s books because they re funny quick reads In this way, Born to Rock is representative of Korman s style The book may appeal to adults who like young adult fiction, rather than teens Adults may identify with the plastic posers and the aging music singer scene.Still, the book ends positively and there s affection shown to most of the characters.

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    The cover to this fun tome grabs your interest right away An infant with a spiky mohawk, perfectly formed Is Leo, the Young Republican and Harvard bound senior, really related to King Maggot, the greatest punk rocker of the 80 s Can Leo see that a childhood friend Melinda, behind the goth get up and anti establishment attitude, was perfect for him Who is his biological father King Maggot, who in a strange way he wishes it to be, or the unseemly and womanizing Tour manager cousin of the King Due to Leo getting caught cheating, threatening his Harvard scholarship, a desire to raise the tuition money and curiosity over his biological dad, he finds himself spending the Summer in the unlikeliest of adventures rookie roadie for the resurrected career of King Maggot.Lost luggage, fights, nights in police stations, and babysitting deviant rock stars mark the life of Leo until everything comes to a halt near the tour s end For a brainless bit of fun, and a coming of age morality tale of sorts, BTR doesn t disappoint Check it out today.

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    Leo Caraway has always been aware of a rage within It comes as no surprise to him when he discovers that his biological father is the front man for a punk rock band He finds an opportunity to meet his dad at a press conference for the beginning of a comeback tour His dad invites him to join the tour, for the summer, as a roadie This is the summer after Leo graduates from high school Leo learns about the rock n roll lifestyle and realizes his values are not aligned with it Paradoxically, he forms a sense of belonging with his dad on the few occasions that his dad truly recognizes him It turns out that dad is struggling with this new role of father and trying to do right by it This book was a fast and enjoyable read It was poignant because the themes were the universal human ones of identity and integrity set in an environment that many of us are curious about Punk rock bands have asked very meaningful and important life and societal questions through their music How do did those very same individuals grapple with the microcosm of nuclear family

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    This book blends two aspects of literature that I find refreshing young adult lit and rock and roll fiction The two tend to go hand in hand, and this one was no exception Perhaps because the protagonist isn t a musician himself, or maybe I m just softening my feelings in general for the genre, but I thought this book was actually pretty well written There were some plot twists that caught even myself off guard, but for spoilers sake, I won t get into those Still, it was a really fun read, it was quick as all hell I probably got through the nearly three hundred pages in just a few hours, and it was really fulfilling from start to finish I do find that I have to remind myself from time to time that I am reading YA, and for that reason some of the plotlines and their presentation can feel a bit familiar , but that s coming from a self professed elitist book snob Overall, I say give it a shot it s a fun read that will make you smile, and you ll be entertained from start to finish.

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  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Born to Rock
  • Gordon Korman
  • English
  • 20 February 2018
  • 9780786809202

About the Author: Gordon Korman

The Sixth Grade Nickname Game , wherein Mr Huge was based on that 7th grade teacher.Korman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing While in New York, he met his future wife live in Long Island with their three children.He has published than 50 books.