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They Wanted A Romantic Weekend By The Sea They Weren T Looking For A Fight But You Have To Defend Yourself Right A Ska Festival Draws Thousands Of Skinheads From Across The Country To The Sleepy Seaside Town Of Cleethorpes Local Residents And Day Trippers Look On In Horror As The Town Is Taken Over By Shaven Headed Masses Wearing Boots And Braces But Much To Their Surprise, The Weekend Unfolds PeacefullyThat Is, Until A Group Of Drunken Bikers Think It Would Be A Good Laugh To Smash Up A Few Scooters, Thinking They Must Belong To Mods Revenge Is Swift And Vicious, But The Bikers Have Friends Too Friends Who Are Than Eager To Settle The Score

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    This is a slice of skinhead life so close to the real thing that you can taste the mushy peas and vinegar from the seafront when you read it It follows the ribald romance of Trog and Mandy, and the many mishaps they encounter on what was supposed to be a charming weekend jaunt to a ska festival by the sea There is so much detail of the working class life of the time that you can tell that the author must have lived and breathed it, and he has poured his experiences into this solid stomper of a novel.

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    Taut and authentic, this compact subculture fable kicks off at a slow pace, moves up a gear and then accelerates and explodes into well timed seaside violence Skinhead Away is a bruising piece of pulp fiction for hoolie lit disciples with short attention spans.

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    Richard Allen style pulp fiction for UK82 punks skins Herbert s Set in Yorkshire somewhere near Sheffield I d guess you can smell the leather glue violence It s a fictional story but Marcus was in the scene captures it perfectly.If you travelled up to LEEDS for Christmas On Earth with DAMNED UK SUBS EXPLOITED ANTI PASTI etc etc then this book is your life