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Sex Is Part Of A Loving Relationship However, Really Loving Someone Doesn T Always Mean The Sex Will Be Wonderful It Might Be As Routine And Dull As Brushing Your Teeth, It Might Be Difficult, Or It Might Just Hardly Ever Happen The Good News Is That You Can Turn A Disappointing Sex Life Into One That Is Enjoyable And Fulfilling, And A Satisfying Sex Life Can Be Made Even BetterIn The Relate Guide To Sex In A Loving Relationship, Sarah Litvinoff Guides You Through Practical Tasks, Quizzes And Talking Points To Help You Discover The Sexual Person You Are, With Unique Likes, Dislikes And Needs You Will Build Your Own Unique Sexual Profile Draw Up Your Own Better Sex Plan Separate Sexual Fact From Fiction Tackle Common Sexual Difficulties Learn Simple Sex Enhancing TechniquesThe Inspirational Yet Down To Earth Methods Highlighted In This Book Will Make A Satisfying Love Life Possible For Any Loving And Committed Couple

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    This book is horribly out of date and old fashioned.