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I listened to this on cassettif you can get through the first 15 minutes without throwing up, you have it made Totally true and very interesting, medically sound Not for the tender hearted, great if you like research Would make a great horror film. I didn t buy the whole epidemic thing It was a little too dramatic and improbable, but none the less exciting I still eat beef. Rhodes tracks the entire history of TSEs transmissable spongiform encephalopathies through the researchers who studied and solved many of their puzzles The outcome is accessible science, a clever mystery, international muckraking, and a warning Everyone now knows of the political decisions which helped the spread of AIDs, particularly the failure to protect the blood supply in America and France It shouldn t be surprising then, to learn how footdragging contributed to cases of TSEs in America and Britain Perhaps the most upsetting news for readers isn t that the TSEs are easily spread and 100% fatal it s knowing that all the medical breakthroughs won t save us if no one will act on the knowledge. Prions are nightmarish little critters They re not viruses, they re not bacteria and they re sadly quite indestructible They re like a Superhero gone wrong, with no Kryptonite that could destroy them The fact that they do a number on the human brain is terrifying the proven method of infection ingestion via our food supply is enough to make me side eye every piece of food in my fridge.Nicely paced with enough science to inform but not so much to bore the average reader it s a nice primer on the vicious little cycle in the world of prions This book makes you look at high protein diets in a whole new vision of little prions dancing in your head. While somewhat dated written in 1997 , I found this book to be an accurate and detailed history of our knowledge of prion diseases Since publication, we still do not know the exact cause, means of diagnosis or any treatment for the diseases that we did t know then, which wasn t much Not to downplay the suffering of the poeople who have died in the UK s Mad Cow Disease disaster, it didn t turn into the horrific epidemic that the author envisioned Since it was clearly published close the time Preston published The Hot Zone, he had a case of my disease is scarier than your disease that he had to get out of his system at the beginning Aside form some speculatory scare tactics at the end, it was well written, interesting and informative. enjoyed this book It broke down not only the discovery of a new disease, but how that process works Experimentation and research abound in this book You also get to read about many a researcher some of whom have not previously gotten the credit they deserve for their efforts in the discovery It is a little scary, as toward the end they start mentioning the epidemic pandemic even that could happen by March 2016 well, while this is still an issue CJD is asked about every time I give blood it certainly hasn t turned out to be the deaths for 100,000s that this book foreshadowed on a side note, while reading this book I kept thinking about a fiction novel I read a while back Meat by Joseph D Lacey If you enjoyed the pacing and story line in this nonfiction tale, I highly recommend seeking out Meat. A bit alarmist, but a good history on the study of kuru, CJD, and the various animal spongiform encephalopathies I thought it was an easy read read it about a day , but then again, I just finished a Masters degree program studying human infectious diseases The take home message I got all your food could easily have been contaminated with infectious BSE i.e livestock derived byproducts used to fertilize organic crops , incubation periods are long 50 years , and there is no cure yet for prion diseases Don t sweat it Enjoy your life. This was pretty good, well researched, good info, and he writes really well, so it was fun to read, too, but if I m remembering correctly, there was a lot of very current prion BSE etc research towards the end of the book, and I m wondering now how well the science holds up Might at some point look into it. Well, I ll still eat meat, but only because I think that everything is hopeless This was a compelling, if somewhat terrifying, read that shows just how helpless we can be against diseases of unknown origin Deadly Feasts does a great job of exploring the background of the Mad Cow epidemic in Britian, its similarities to other fatal brain diseases and the scientific controversies surrounding the disease and its origins While the story remains wonderfully told, I can t help but wish for a sequel in order to understand where the scientific community stands on this disease today, whether governments are still ineptly managing us to the bring of disaster and whether the entire world still stands on the brink of epidemic. In This Brilliant And Gripping Medical Detective Story Richard Rhodes Follows Virus Hunters On Three Continents As They Track The Emergence Of A Deadly New Brain Disease That First Kills Cannibals In New Guinea, Then Cattle And Young People In Britain And France And That Has Already Been Traced To Food Animals In The United States In A New Afterword For The Paperback, Rhodes Reports The Latest US And Worldwide Developments Of A Burgeoning Global Threat