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Jimmy Is A Caged Animal, Trapped On A Dysfunctional Housing Estate And Desperate To Escape He Seeks His Freedom Through Drink, Drugs And One Night Stands, But The Prison Keeps Closing In When His Older Brother Goes AWOL From The Parachute Regiment And Returns With Robbery On His Mind, Jimmy Sees A Way Out A Way ForwardBut There S A Storm Coming In Jimmy S Sea Side Town, And He Knows It Trouble Is, In Jimmy S Prophetic Visions He Can T Quite See Who The Storm Leaves For DeadThugs Like Us Is Based On A True Story Set In England In And Starts On The Day Of The Queen S Royal JubileeWarning This Book Does NOT Contain Any Teenage Vampires, Dodgy SM Soft Porn Sequences, Witches, Dwarves, Dragons Or Indeed Any Mythical Characters WhatsoeverThis Book Definitely Contains Nuts

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    This review is cross posted from Papyrus Independent Author Reviews A storm is coming and Jimmy feels it As his birthday draws near and his brother returns from the Parachute Regiment, Jimmy faces a future that could break him And then there s the sea always the sea.Thugs Like Us tells the story of Jimmy, a pill popping, grog swilling, off the rails punk living in a working class home in the coastal district town of Broadgate, England The structure is basically a week in the life , but it s a pretty eventful few days.We live through Jimmy s birthday, the return home of his older brother, the important decision of his best friend and a number of sexual encounters, each of varying importance There are a few cross road moments in the story, but in each one Jimmy seems to make the wrong choice, pushing him further towards a fate that I believe he expects and, therefore, doesn t struggle against.This story feels a little like an S E Hinton novel with a UK punk feel Regardless of feelings and thoughts, the characters move, as if on rails, to a destination already chosen for them.This is the kind of story I can really enjoy and I certainly enjoyed this one There was only one scene where I felt disconnected because of a logical continuity issue that wasn t significant to the message, but threw me nevertheless An underage night in a bar where alcohol was not permitted was suddenly full of beer drinkers I didn t understand what had changed to make this a logical development so I remained thrown out of the story for a bit.The blurb refers to Jimmy, the protagonist, as a caged animal Although, this is accurate on the surface, there is to this character than merely a trapped feral Jimmy s response to his captivity is ambivalent Although his aggression is externalised, it sometimes seems less an act of defiance and an act of self sabotage He has a pervasive fear of the sea, but I m not sure it s because he feels hemmed in by it His response could also represent an almost agoraphobic fear of freedom and the change required to gain it.I really felt like I connected with Jimmy While not a punk myself, I appreciated his fear of change, his reaction to the sea that dark, uncaring destroyer always at the edge of his senses, and his need for violent self sabotage.Two other characters seemed to have the most impact on Jimmy His brother, Martin, became the awful failure he could look forward to The imagined success of his time in the army soon dissolves in the overwhelming urges of violence and self obliteration The other, Singe, his best friend, provided an almost perfect validation for all of Jimmy s irrational fears in a scene as mesmerising as it was unsettling.In the end I was left with the impression that the fear of escape was a stronger motivation than the frustration of captivity.The writing itself is fantastic I felt every punch the author threw Jimmy s fears, his anger, his obsession with the sea Every intention coursed through the writing like an electric current.Singe s final scene was breath taking and that scene alone would be reason for a re read.This is a debut novel, but I m hoping it s not the last For those who like a bit of S E Hinton realness and wouldn t mind translating that to a harsher British setting, now is the time to purchase and enjoy Thugs Like Us.

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    Based on a true story, Thugs Like Us, is set in the late 1970 s Britain Jimmy is a troubled teenager He lives in a dead end seaside town and believes life holds nothing for him other than a life of substance abuse and sex Then Jimmy s brother goes AWOL from the army and plans a robbery which potentially gives Jimmy a way out.This is a decent story of a teenager living on a rundown council estate in a difficult period of British history The scenes are played out against a backdrop of the rise of punk, a cultural reaction to the grey days of the time The story unfolds through the eyes of protagonist Jimmy The reader feels his angst at a life being wasted he knows it and can do nothing about it He and his friends, not the greatest of influences, pass the time by taking drugs, getting drunk, and getting into fights Jimmy is a troubled soul, with a difficult home life and unable to form relationships with the opposite sex.Thugs Like Us is apparently based on a true story and it certainly feels like the reader has dropped into a series of events in Jimmy s life Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn t The characters are reasonably well drawn, particularly Jimmy himself who has a strong voice.The writing is gritty, the language harsh and fits well with the period The setting itself is strong, life on the estate is believable There is a sense of humour running through the story which helps lift it from simply being a bleak tale The ending is drawn together well, giving Jimmy a potential future but still a challenge ahead.As a reflection on a period of history it is well done Overall, a pretty good and relatively well written story Originally reviewed for Books and Pals blog May have received free review copy.

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    This book was sent to me by a friend and I left it unread for a few weeks When I started reading it I couldn t put it down and read it in two sessions It struck so many chords with me I thought it was my biography My friend said it was based on a true set of events and I can believe that I recall doing some of the same things in Thugs at about the same time, especially the casual criminal damage It recalls a simpler time Not necessary in society but in the way we viewed our lives and what they held I miss the freedom I felt then, before the responsibilities of family, mortgage and debt burden and grind me into the ground Jimmy s salvation is the love of a great woman and the sense to realise there s to life than the crap going on around him The story revives the expression we longed for that suddenly had a outlet with the punk explosion This should be read by anyone who had an ordinary life set alight by punk because things were never the same again I d fancy a pint or three with John as I think we would have a lot in common and a lot to laugh about.