free Women's Worlds in Seventeenth-Century England: A Sourcebook By Patricia Crawford –

What sets this book apart is the inclusion of documents, revealing the language and mindset of the period, and allowing us to glimpse the small details of everyday life. Women S Worlds In England Presents A Unique Collection Of Source Materials On Women S Lives In Sixteenth And Seventeenth Century England The Book Introduces A Wonderfully Diverse Group Of Women And A Series Of Voices That Have Rarely Been Heard In History, From A Poor Devon Servant Girl To Queen Anne Herself Drawing On Unpublished, Archival Materials, The Book Explores Women S Experiences Of Work, Sex, Marriage And Motherhood Beliefs And Spirituality Political Activities Relationships Mental WorldsIn A Time When Few Women Could Write, This Book Reveals The Multitude Of Ways In Which Their Voices Have Left Traces In The Written Record, And Deepens Our Understanding Of Women S Lives In The Past Many excerpts from speech and letters of the day great flavor of just how women navigated their lives in this era.