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    OFFSPRING Review We all have books that we know we shouldn t love as much as we do Some of these novels we should actually hate, downright loathe because of their subject matter and immoral ideals, but we don t We aren t turned on by the debauchery, but we aren t turned away either In fact, we wish we could delve deeper, go further, see even clearer the nasty of which the author is capable Jack Ketchum s OFFSPRING is a guilty pleasure of mine, even so than its predecessor, OFF SEASON This book has far character development than the first book in Ketchum s series about Maine cannibals, and relies less on in your face gore and shock value while telling a pretty overdone tale Don t get me wrong, the violence and disturbia is everywhere throughout, like buckets of blood tossed willy nilly over the walls of a slaughterhouse, but, this time around, Ketchum tackles his own special brand of the macabre in a sideways fashion In OFF SEASON, he described everything in splendidly awful detail, down to the last drop of blood With OFF SPRING, he s poetic in his delivery of the vicious visuals, taking the metaphor simile route instead of the stark realistic approach I think this comes down to Ketchum having grown as a writer since his debut novel, and I respect that SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD The first time I read this one, I was caught off guard by its happy ending This is one of the only books of his that ends on a positive note Throughout the entire story, I was on the edge of my seat, deathly certain that Amy s infant daughter, Melissa, was about to be eaten dismembered violated, so much so that I was sure that s what had happened Meaning, after first reading OFFSPRING, I d convinced myself that the baby had been killed, in turn making the fact that she survives a twist that I didn t see coming when I read it the second time Weird, huh This is not to say that I wanted the baby to die, but that Ketchum s writing is so bleak that I ve come to expect it, and when it doesn t happen I m shocked I feel horrible now Please don t think I wanted the baby to die Pretty please With sugar and dead puppies on top END SPOILED INFANTS Anyway, moving on OFF SEASON, OFFSPRING, and THE WOMAN are not feel good books Do not go into them expecting anything less than the most vile content imaginable If you don t think you d like to read such, stay far away from just about anything Jack Ketchum writes His books are a bit uplifting though, as most of them will leave you feeling as if you have the greatest life known to man in comparison to the poor fucks that inhabit these pages Stephen King said it best Who s the scariest man in America Probably Jack Ketchum.

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    I listened to this one on audio and it was f cking great Jack Ketchum is a twisted dude And a hell of a writer to pull off these brutal tales with such skill Or maybe I am just as twisted as he is for liking them so much.It has been 11 years since the Sheriff had wiped out the family of cannibals that terrorized the small town of Dead River, Maine in Off Season.Guess he missed some.Crap.Now, the Family is back for bloody, flesh eating mayhem.Let the feast commence I liked everything about this one Even so than the first I don t know if it was because I listened to it on audio, or was just in the mood for something a wee violent, but this one really gelled for me right of the bat The narration was spot on and the story moved along at a quick pace Very well done all the way around.When Ketchum is on his game there are few that can rival his brand of sphincter puckering horror 4.5 Stars and Highly Recommended

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    Four and a half stars Almost as good as the original.I am always leery of sequels There seems to be two types of sequel writers Those who are in it for the money Shake that moneymaker Keep them wanting Then there is the reluctant writer who is nagged by his publisher to write a sequel to his best selling novel OK OK just leave me alone I ll write a sequel then complain to the press that I never wanted to do it.Then there is the rare writer who goes back to his novel because he legitimately has something to say Of course I can never be sure, but Ketchum s Offspring, a sequel to his ground breaking horror novel, Off Season seems to be that type of novel He starts it 14 years later The now retired alcoholic sheriff is brought into a murder that copies those by the strange cannibal family from the first novel They were thought to be killed off but that would have been too simple Right.There is the expected blood and gore No one writes heart pounding action like Ketchum Yet he spends time fleshing out his characters in this one both the villagers and the cannibals It is a worthy successor to Off Season Should give it five stars but it is a sequel.

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    This is a sequel to Off Season, but I could be wrong Being that this is a sequel I think you have certain expectations that need to be met For me Ketchum met these expectations and certainly surpassed them This is my third or fourth book I ve read from this author and I just know that I m in for something great In Offspring we are met with another clan of horrible offspring that are trying to survive, but they are vile and disgusting They have a belief that they need a baby I won t elaborate but I thought this concept was interesting So they target another family to feast on Once this plan is set into motion it is an emotional roller coaster ride I loved it It certainly rivals Offseason There was also a character that I really wanted the children of this clan to off in a most despicable way that I didn t feel in Off Season, so that was a neat little twist I think in Offseason you just hoped that ppl survived Anyway, can t wait to read The Woman which I know will be better than the movie even though the movie was pretty great

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    Oh, yeah, this is some sick shit and I mean that in a good way Wait, is that possible If you don t have the stomach for the, no punches pulled, splatter gore, bizarro type horror, then you definitely need to avoid this one If you do, then enjoy Ketchum at his finest If you ve read this you ll understand where I m coming from when I say this I just finished this on Halloween, and I got to tell ya, little kids coming to my door dressed as ghoulies takes on a whole new meaning.

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    I am quite happy to be done I expected it to be gory than Off Season and I am pretty relieved it wasn t because I think I went into shock when shit hit the fan in Off Season I mean, I can t get the image out of my head of Marjories savaged boob and I think I can feel it at times and it has scarred my brain.Only part I skipped over in Offspring was the part of that asshole savage f and the kitten I can stomach almost anything, but not animals being hurt Especially cats Lost one star because of that pointless paragraph But I enjoyed the book none the less Wish Steven was tortured because he is such a dick After you pick up your first extreme horror splatterpunk sadistic thriller or delve into true crime surrounding the minds of serial killers and psychos, you have the need to dig deeper every time Give me a romance novel and I would probably finish it in 3 years time like 50 shades of Grey Maybe it is just me Even though Ketchum novels are the most disturbing novels you would ever probably read, it does make you appreciate the fact that your life could have been similar to the characters in his novels Stephen King said it best Who s the scariest man in America Probably Jack Ketchum Lets get cracking on The Woman.

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    You kind of have to take Stephen King endorsements with a grain of salt but when he says, Who s the scariest guy in America Probably Jack Ketchum , he is spot on No other author has had the ability to get under my skin quite like Ketchum This book is a prime example It s both brutal and brilliant If you like horror which makes you feel uneasy, this story is your Disneyland RIP Jack Ketchum.

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    they breed indeed, but they are fewso they steal or rob white infants to avoid inbreedingand they don t wanna recruit they kill to surviveand cannibalism is their eternal creed of faithor is it, is the core of their theoretic quintessence religious

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    Yet another gore extravaganza from an author whose work I ve come to love I read OFF SEASON last month and gave it all the stars It was perfect This book is great, too Ketchum can turn a phrase that makes me gasp and my stomach clench in revulsion This one is just a touch less graphic than its predecessor, but it s still heavy I m not sure what it says about me that I prefer the ending to Off Season over this one if you ve read it you ll know, no spoilers here but I do I quite enjoyed the characters of Amy and Claire in this book It provided a depth that was needed As usual, content warnings for just about anything you can imagine This is brutal and lines are crossed And I am here for it I m looking forward to reading the third book, THE WOMAN I need to get a copy of it soon.

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    There is simply something mesmerising about the writing of Jack Ketchum There are literary ways to say the following, but for me his word selection, sentence construction, and economy of expression all ooze class While reading Offspring, I found myself imagining him kicking back in the corner of a bar somewhere, tall glass of scotch on the rocks half finished in front of him, cigarette dangling from his off hand, and telling this story to a group of his fellow barflys They, of course, are hanging off every word Exactly as I was once Offspring picked up the pace.This sequel to the notorious Off Season is set a decade or so after the events in that novel The set up is very similar, but obviously with a mostly new set of characters providing the fodder, err, thrust of the narrative Unlike the first novel, Offspring begins with a savage attack and spends much time with the various members of the new clan of feral cannibals most of whom are children Otherwise, it s a very similar beast Time is taken to establish the range of characters, then Ketchum let s them all off the leash, and mayhem ensues.Except and this is a big exception events aren t quite so big, bold and nasty in the sequel Published ten years after the original novel, I can t help but wonder if Ketchum mellowed a bit in the intervening decade Terrible things still do happen many of them to the sympathetic characters but view spoiler one only has to compare the endings of each novel to appreciate this possibility In The Unexpurgated Edition of Off Season, the hero is killed at the eleventh hour In Offspring, the hero miraculously survives in a moment that would likely give Lazerus pause hide spoiler

Who S The Scariest Guy In America Probably Jack Ketchum, The Outlaw Horror Writer Whose Terrifying First Novel Is Finally Available That Would Be Off Season The Unexpurgated Edition Stephen King Now OFFSPRING, The Sequel To Off Season, Has Been Released In This Unique Edition Just When You Thought The Horror Of Off Season Was Vanquished In Their First Outing, The Family, Lives On Years Later Continuing To Terrorize The Coast Of Maine And Their Zest For Life, And Yours, Continues On In The Family Tradition The Local Sheriff Of Dead River, Maine, Thought He D Killed Them Off Ten Years Ago A Primitive, Cave Dwelling Tribe Of Predatory Savages But Somehow, The Clan Survived To Breed To Hunt To Kill And Eat Now The Peaceful Residents, Who Came To Dead River To Escape Civilization, Are Fighting For Their Lives