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Re Read Review March 16, 2019 Still good, but not my fave of hers Like, 4.5 stars If I had to rate all her books, this one would be nearer to the bottom, just above Eleanor Park, and that s purely personal preference speaking All of the Rowells are Quality I have no idea what to expect for the forthcoming Pumpkinheads, but I am nevertheless excited in my ignorance This is definitely the most adult of her books, not a true romance, but a story of marriage and the hard work and heartbreak that goes into it Not being married, I can t relate specifically, but this book feels personal in that I opened up a vein to write this sort of way, and that gets to you as a reader.Georgie and Neil are both Pieces of Work in different ways , and I m not sure I really like them, but I do feel for them and I want them to be happy I still love the main conceit of this book, that inexplicable magical telephone that s never explained, but just descends into Georgie s life like judgment from on high Talk to your husband They stopped really talking to each long before we enter their lives, and it seems very fitting and circular story wise that the main thrust of this book is Georgie talking herself back into her relationship by talking to Neil from the past, simultaneously convincing him in the past to do something she never knew she d convinced him to do in the first place TIME TRAVEL Seth is gross and I don t like him.The little romance subplot in this f f is one of my favorite things Rainbow has ever written, and how they finally get together is the most adorable and sort of gross puppies I know she can write m m romance and m f, so I would like her please to maybe try to write a full novel of f f I bet she would be great at it.This concludes my review that I should have written a month and a half ago 4.5 stars Since this book hasn t been released yet MWAHAHA I READ IT BEFORE EVERYONE I m not going to say too much here, but I will be mentioning it on my channel closer to the release date For now, here is a little blurb of my thoughts This was a really different read, and I realized when finishing it that a big part of that is because it is NOT Young Adult The cover looks it, Rainbow Rowell writes young adult, but this is adult and it shows It s darker, it s realistic, and it s less idealistic And that s not bad at all, but it s sadder The book started off harsher and the pay off wasn t as extravagant All of that in mind, this book was wonderful The characters were complex and unique and real, and their relationships where layered and difficult and full of history The magical element in this book was a mixture of stressful and crazy exciting And the main characters struggle was beautiful.I m glad I read this, and I m especially MWAHAHAHA glad I read it early, and I definitely recommend it DNF about halfway through As always, I like the author s narrative voice, but as a character sketch of a marriage, this wasn t quite sharp enough or funny enough or emotional enough for my taste I also find Georgie s profession rather jarring, in that it was rather unrealistically portrayed in both the details and in Georgie s character Had I never read Liane Moriarty, who writes excellent books that humorously dissect marriages and relationships, and had I never worked in entertainment, I might ve liked this one better.Oh And the only thing tedious than being forced into phone conversations with young kids you don t have a relationship with is having to read about them. Re read 12 3 18 This book is definitely not without it s flaws but FUCK I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH Georgie Neal s relationship never fails to get my all up in my feels both Emotionally and CHRISTMASLY If you haven t read this and you re looking for something to make you emo this holiday season, look no further lmaoRe read 12 20 17 Omg Guys I just read this book for the first time while in a serious relationship and I have to say I love it than ever before The dynamic between Georgie and Neal feels even real to me now that I have experience and I just love this book so damn much and for some reason I m crying Like da fuck I ve never cried reading this book before excuse me while I m all up in my feels D Re read 12 8 15 Still loved this so, so much I want a Neal of my own hugs myself Original read 8 3 14 Loved this so much So so so much Soooo much Neal gave my darling Lincoln a run for his money I love all of Rainbow s characters to death This book is going to stick with me for a LONG time Swooooooon I saw a friend reading this book just now and remembered I read it early last year Since it won BEST FICTION on Goodreads in 2014..I figured then it must be worth a 1.99 the sale price at the time It was sooooo fair that when I saw that my overdrive library had it available, too, I thought it might be better as an audio afterall the name of the book is called Landline.Well reading it or listening to it I enjoyed this conversation the story , for about as long as I do many phone conversations Enjoyable for awhile nice connecting with my friends even up to two hours is great not bad but any longer than 2 hours, I m ready to set the landline down Can anyone tell me WHY.THIS book won BEST FICTION It s a mystery to me Even if if and that won t be me , a reader gave it 5 stars did they really believe this was the best fiction of the year It s almost as shocking as this years Presidential election One thing I did enjoy about this story right off the bat was the line of communication choice.Evening conversations OVER THE TELEPHONE not skype not texting took place between Neal and Georgie I liked the pure symbolism of what the landline phone with the twirly cord represents to me I liked enjoying my own memories I use to speak on my princess landline phone for hours a night during 8th grade Ron and I talked on the phone We did our homework over the landline ate our snacks talked about music school gossip our families and strengthen our relationship I wore his ring around my neck all year long We re still friends today.When I would see Ron at school during the day back in 8th grade we barely talked to one another He sat with the boys Me with the girls One day I got tired of the segregation He was the greatest on the telephone each night but stepping over the line to the boys side during lunch was off limits to girls Enough was enough One day I got so mad walked across the invisible WALL OF DO NOT ENTER and threw my ring at him years later we laugh about it I said I was sorry but he said he deserved it.The only problem was BACK in 8th grade I lost too, by getting mad I lost my wonderful evening landline phone chats with my best friend The LANDLINE with the wiggly long cord had many memories for many of us old farts But now with texting, email, and Facebook most of us don t even own a landline any Different memories There were parts of this story that went FLAT but I like what Rainbow was trying to do Her overall message was sincere and valuable Take time to really connect with the person we love most The Landline was a magical tool in supporting a married couple find their hearts back to each other Resentments were stacking up their jobs, kids, required demands..So a little fairy tale type story takes over Georgie begins to connect by landline when Neal is away on business not just with her old raga muffin husband, instead she gets the younger Neal the guy she first fell in love with It s a cute idea enjoyable enough but Best fiction Now that s funny 3 stars for a solid I liked enough A few great ideas that went flat. You don t know when you re twenty three.You don t know what it really means to crawl into someone else s life and stay there You can t see all the ways you re going to get tangled, how you re going to bond skin to skin How the idea of separating will feel in five years, in ten in fifteenShe didn t know it at twenty threeThis book guys THIS BOOK I finished this book in a handful amount of hours in one sitting Now I know why everybody seems to praise Rainbow Rowell so much She s absolutely amazing. Her writing is just so simple and easy to read The story was fast paced, cute, and bittersweet I loved everything about it I was already hooked after the first page I honestly wonder how in the world the ratings for Landline aren t much higher I always wondered what I would do when put in a similar situation as Georgie where I had to choose between my career or my family. Each time my answer is always the same Why can t I have bothEvery book, every movie, or every show that models the same predicament debating which is of importance career or family , always seems to propose an either or solution Where s the compromiseThere has to be a solution in which both sides can win But then again, if Georgie and Neal thought of a compromising solution at that time, this book wouldn t have came into existence so I won t complain much further DThis book made me cry YES CRY It was just so darn cute and adorable and sad and just ugh I was crying because I seriously couldn t handle all the feels that Landline gave me How in the world does that even happen Guys, seriously though I was bawling And depressed Because it was so bittersweet and cute.I didn t even expect this to be a Christmas y type of story but I m so glad I just spontaneously decided to read it because it brought so much holiday cheer and tears to my heart.Landline is the cutest thing I ve ever read and if you didn t think so, then we can t be friends Sorry That is all.Now I m going back to crying away my swooning heart 3 i have to hand it to rainbow rowell even though her books tend to be a hit or near miss for me, i think its very neat how, across four books, she has managed to effortlessly capture what it means to live during four different stages of life high school, college, working dating young adult, and working married adult really kinda cool if you think about it and even though this was one of those near misses for me, it still was a really cute story the writing in this is classic rainbow rowell theres a very light quality to the way she tells her stories, which makes it so easy to breeze through her books so whilst her writing was really refreshing to read again, i think the story fell a little short with its protagonist she just wasnt likable like, at all i get that sometimes you have to have an unlikable character because not everyone can be happy and lovely all the time, but it was quite difficult to read about a character so selfish also, there were quite a few loose ends towards the end of this which is a little of of character for rowells books.overall, i did think this had a good message but its hard to appreciate that message when it happening to a character you dont really care for im glad i read it, but definitely not her best work, in my opinion 3 stars Georgie McCool Knows Her Marriage Is In Trouble It Has Been In Trouble For A Long Time She Still Loves Her Husband, Neal, And Neal Still Loves Her, Deeply But That Almost Seems Beside The Point NowMaybe That Was Always Beside The PointTwo Days Before They Re Supposed To Visit Neal S Family In Omaha For Christmas, Georgie Tells Neal That She Can T Go She S A TV Writer, And Something S Come Up On Her Show She Has To Stay In Los Angeles She Knows That Neal Will Be Upset With Her Neal Is Always A Little Upset With Georgie But She Doesn T Expect Him To Pack Up The Kids And Go Home Without HerWhen Her Husband And The Kids Leave For The Airport, Georgie Wonders If She S Finally Done It If She S Ruined EverythingThat Night, Georgie Discovers A Way To Communicate With Neal In The Past It S Not Time Travel, Not Exactly, But She Feels Like She S Been Given An Opportunity To Fix Her Marriage Before It StartsIs That What She S Supposed To Do Or Would Georgie And Neal Be Better Off If Their Marriage Never Happened or Fate, Time, Television and True LoveThe funny thing with Landline is that I didn t even fully mean to reread it, I just started the first few pages and then bang I was flying through it in true Rainbow Rowell fashion see Why I Fangirl over Rainbow Rowell s Fangirl Spoilers Levi I felt like I was at an all you can eat buffet, filling myself with one page, one SourceAs far as time machines go, a magic telephone is pretty useless.TV writer Georgie McCool can t actually visit the past all she can do is call it, and hope it picks up And hope he picks up because once Georgie realizes she has a magic phone that calls into the past, all she wants is make things right with her husband, Neal.Maybe she can fix the things in their past that seem unfixable in the present Maybe this stupid phone is giving her a chance to start over Does Georgie want to start over A heart wrenching and hilarious take on fate, time, television and true love, Landline asks if two people are ever really on the same path, or whether love just means finding someone who will keep meeting you halfway.Also funny is the fact when I first read Landline , back in 2015, I came out of it thinking it was my least favorite Rowell book, simply because at that time in my life I couldn t have cared less about married people But with this reread now, coming after three years, I can t get enough of family based stories So I was delighted to discover how with time my perspective had changed and matured to the point of gobbling up every little detail concerning the marriage chronicled in here.It s so hard to capture all that I loved because there s so many specifics but I tried my best by including it all below Rainbow Rowell s signature humor is ever present and on point It was so rare to make Neal laugh Georgie used to tease him about being a waste of dimples Your face is like an O Henry story The world s sweetest dimples and the boy who never laughs I laugh When When you re alone Yeah, he said Every night when I m sure everyone is asleep, I sit on my bed and laugh maniacally I was trying to find the best way to describe the humor, when I stumbled upon this interview between Rainbow Rowell and her audio narrator Rebecca Lowman, discussing the book Rowell You know what, I don t like punchline, sort of zingy humor So I m not drawn to comedians who are very big I like people who are just sort of talking and they re funny when they re talking This This is exactly it.As well as this quote from the book on savoring what we hold precious I put it in my Save Box, she said What s that It s actually just a box I, uh I hate that feeling, you know, when you re thinking about something you ve read or heard, and you thought it was so smart at the time, but now you can t remember it I save things I don t want to lose track of This right here hits the core on why I write such extensive notes during my reading Georgie s office scenes with Seth and Scotty reminded me then why I had such a hard reading this book the first time They weren t my favorite scenes since no one was shining or bringing anything new to the table In particular, Seth threw me off my game at the end because I feel like he was flexing, what Reagan in Fangirl so lovingly calls, his best friend muscles just to remind everyone that he came first I m not a fan Also He can t write anything decent down without Georgie around, which makes him a true Nick They were supposed to end up together, Seth and Georgie.Well, technically, they had ended up together They d talked every day since that first day they met.But they were supposed to end up together together Everyone thought it would happen Georgie had thought it would happen.Just as soon as Seth exhausted his other possibilities, as soon as he worked through his queue of admirers He hadn t been in any hurry, and Georgie didn t have a say in the matter She d taken a number She was waiting patiently.And then, one day, she wasn t And since we re on the topic of my favorite Rowell book, I was so keen on reading about Neal and Georgie together because it felt like we were seeing Cath and Levi chronicled from Levi s perspective Georgie is the one initiating all contact with Neal, making sure she can get a laugh out him at least one , whereas solid, stolid Neal is a tough nut to crack, similar to Cath with their difficulty establishing eye contact and needing a barrier between them, such as drawing cartoons in Cath s case, reading fanfiction out loud to distract And lucky for him, Georgie doesn t want the easy thing To paraphrase Attachments, she likes to work a little harder to get the thing she really wants He s the guy in the Life cereal commercial who hates everything If Mikey likes you, you know you re good If Mikey likes you, it means something The concept behind once we notice something, we see it everywhere is beyond fascinating to me, so I liked how subtly Rainbow Rowell incorporated that shift between the two How had she missed Neal until junior year He d started working at The Spoon as a freshman, same as her Georgie must have seen him, without really seeing him, dozens of times Was she that sucked in by Seth Seth was extra sucky pushy and loud, always demanding Georgie s attention But once Georgie noticed Neal, she saw him around the office constantly She d try not to stare when he walked past her desk on his way to the production room Sometimes, if she was lucky, he d look her way and nod Rowell excels at procuring real authentic moments Can we go back and start over How far back Georgie tried to fold her arms, but she was still holding that stupid Zima Back to the wall, he said Back to you walking across the living room toward me To you saying, I m surprised to see you here Are you saying you want to go back to the living room No Just go ahead, say it again now Georgie rolled her eyes, but she said it I m surprised to see you here You shouldn t be, Neal said He lifted his chin and looked directly in her eyes For the second time in five minutes For the second time ever I m here because I knew you d be here Because I hoped you would be That moment when people stop playing games Gemma Collins echo with one another and just present their real selves Showing someone you re keen on them and having it reciprocated is a grand gesture.I equally loved those tiny, intimate moments sprinkled throughout their married life Stop You re blowing my mind Oh, I ll blow your mind Girlie Are you flirting with me He d turned to her then, pen cap in mouth, and cocked his head Yeah I think so Georgie looked down at her old sweatshirt At her threadbare yoga pants This is what does it for you Neal smiled most of a smile, and the cap fell out of his mouth So far Neal As well as featuring really beautiful metaphors with flowers, like Pizza girl s name was Alison, and Heather s face followed her around the room like a sunflower chasing daylight And Neal s face was like a flower blooming you d need time lapse photography to really see it in action But Georgie d become such a student of his face, she could read most of the twitches Regarding the major plot line of the magic telephone, I could only think of this vine.To give some background, this quote led me to it Georgie exhaled when she heard Neal s voice, then resisted the urge to ask him who the president was I ve been holding off, but I really have to end on the most epic cameo to appear in this book, featuring my all time favorite couple Cath Levi I really thought before starting that it wouldn t hit me as hard because I ve already read it before But it s been so long and LEVI S STILL SO GOOD Can we help you find something someone said.Georgie turned It was the ecstatic young couple Still hanging on each other, as if neither of them could quite believe the other was finally here Taxi stand Georgie said You re looking for a taxi the boy asked The man She should probably call him a man He must be twenty two, twenty three his hair was already thinning My boy is all grown up Wait a minute The boy got out of the truck, then hopped back inside thirty seconds later with his duffel bag He unzipped it, and clothes spilled out He started heaping them in the girl s lap Here, he said, pulling out a thick, gray wool sweater Take this I can t take your sweater, Georgie said Take it You can mail it back to me my mom sews my address inside everything Take it, it s no big deal LEVI GOES OUT OF HIS WAY TO MAKE SURE GEORGIE GETS SAFELY TO HER DESTINATION on top of the snowy hill.And Cath caught up with Levi s good habits along the way because when they notice Georgie s shoes not having foolproof cover from the Omaha snow, this happens Oh for Christ s sake, the girl said You can wear my boots She reached for the floor Georgie noticed she was wearing a small engagement ring You can have them I don t even like them Absolutely not, Georgie said What if you get stuck in the snow I ll be fine, she said He d carry me across the city before he let me get my feet wet Levi would do it in a heartbeat Cue my tears I really thought that time would pass and one day I would be ready to move on But these characters are my home, and I m never going to stop missing them.I ll close off by sharing this beautiful alternate cover for Landline , which has the best details from the book the Polaroid Source Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Landline , just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commissionSupport creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko fi.com bookspoils This review and can be found on my blog. Gosh, rereading this book again was so fulfilling I forgot how incredibly inventive and unique Rainbow Rowell s writing was How wholesome her characters are how wholesome reading the whole story felt It s a love story It s about a marriage that is on the brink of failure and the characters holding on to the remaining scraps of their marriage Do you give up your career to save your marriage or not What s important What ultimately brings you happiness Everything about it felt so real and raw But with Rowell s humour infused in the story, it was easy to get through and magical to get read I didn t want it to end Initial review Rowell, never stop writing Please Thank you Bloody perfection