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American public schools typically focus mostly on American history with a slight dose of why people wanted to leave Europe If you ve ever felt like you ve missed out on the rich history of the rest of the world, but like a book that focuses on individuals instead of masses, then this book is a good starting point for China, one of the most important players throughout history in Asia. Ching traces his family history from 1049 The Ch in Qin name is the origin of the word China The Chinese have amazingly detailed records preserved from ancient times Thus the book gives excellent historical context, and with all the personal details, it provides a fascinating portrait of the lives of scholars in ancient China We learn about the importance of poetry and the extensive use of examinations for civil service I only read as far as 1600 page 177 I m sure the communist era would be interesting reading, too.The detail and the lack of a plot made me decide I d read far enough. More Than The History Of A Family And A Nation, Ancestors Is A Dramatic Personal Odyssey, A Feat Of Research And Discovery That Is As Thrilling As The History Itself Frank Ching S Genealogical Quest Leads Him Back To The Twelfth Century And Through To The S