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Every Year, Ivy League Colleges Tell Prospective Students That, Here, You Learn Even From Other Students Than You Do From Your Classes What If That Were Just A Roundabout Way To Say, Our Teaching Is Pretty Mediocre What If, In Addition To Providing Mediocre Teaching, Colleges Were Extracting Exorbitant Sums Of Money From Students, Their Families, And American Taxpayers What If The College Admissions Process Had Transformed High School Education Into A Series Of Pointless Hoops For Students To Jump Through What If Some Of The Most Successful People In America Had Never Gone To College What If That Were Not Just A Coincidence, And Their Refusals To Participate In A Disempowering Educational System Had Caused Their Successes What If The Very Thing That American Students Work So Hard For, That American Families Save For, That American Taxpayers Subsidize, Is Not Only Overpriced, But Actually Harmful This book was good,I liked seeing the insides to the educational system It is the reason why I hate school but love education Though thought out the book he rambles quite a lot its great. I won a copy of Lies, Damned Lies And College Admissions , by Arvin Vohra through the Goodreads Giveaway Contest Who gets into a Ivy League Collegethe best gradesthe best SAT scores In this book, Arvin Vohra, initial purpose for writing this book, was to outline the college application process in the United States, while also considering other aspects of the current American culture He then explains his own experience with the process, and the problems in the college admissions systems.A University degree is required for most white collar jobs While I have a University degree in Business Administration, I feel that going to University only teaches a person to learn to stand on their own to feet, and think for themselves The rest takes time and experience I am a avid reader, and when I was young, being brought up with a family of engineers, my dad believed strongly in reading and would allow me to take 5 books out of the library every week, 2 for pleasure but 3 to learn something Even to this day, I run my own business from home, but have taken numerous free online educational courses in various skills from programming to project management and computer software.It is what you make with your life that countsnot what University you went to I will always read, as it keeps my mind active and my heart content. Excellent bookExcellent book with good facts One of the best reviews that brings the best of the education process Author makes you think about common issues Every student and parent should read this before they make the decision on higher education.