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I Sat On The Edge Of My Seat Reading It The Author Writes Very Creatively Hall Of Fame, TopReviewer, Matthew G SherwinEntryOf The Feast, Stray, Love SeriesDamien Cooper S Mind Is A Bit Fucked Up Yes, That S His Actual Diagnosis His Disability Has Him Hearing Things He S Not Supposed To Hear And His Other Senses Are Also Taken To New Heights Damien S Boyfriend Adopts A Cannibalistic Feasting Habit After Beginning Employment At A Mysterious Factory Site And Damien S Mother Strays Away From Reality After She Becomes Obsessed With A Self Help Book Damien Struggles To Embrace His Flaws While Uncovering An Explosive New Trait Inhale Exhale And Feast, Stray, LoveWord Count ,WARNING THIS TITLE INCLUDES CHAINSMOKING, A SMOTHER AND NO SUPPORT OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS I ll be honest and say the story borders on the absurd But sometimes that can be a lot of fun This is one of those times I rather enjoyed poor Damien s continued frustration, he and Ben s love, the series of abrupt and unexpected events, and the interesting plot that seems to be developing Unfortunately, being as I m not a HUGE short story fan to start with, I m fundamentally opposed to short stories that don t actually end Isn t a series of interconnected, conclusionless short stories better called chaptersof a book Given my feelings on the matter I was disappointed to get to the last page only to discover that it wasn t the end of the actual story This is my primary complaint though The writing is fairly smooth, the tone often sarcastic, and the characters pleasantly engageable. I didn t quite understand the concept of Feast Stray Love I understood where the reference to it came from but not so much as to how it related to Damien and Ben s story I m going to assume because it was a novella of sorts that it will be further explained in the next books.Towards the last half of the story when we get to the climax of the book it got a little jumbled I felt like it should ve been expanded on a littleThings kind of happened without any clear indication as to how until after it occurs A lead up would ve made it read smoother.I think I have an idea of what the story is about and where it may go I just need some of the unexplained things to be better explained or at least revisited in the next book so that the reader is fully aware of what is going on.Otherwise it was witty, and humorous and has an interesting concept with a kooky cast of characters sure to amuse many readers. This second instalment of Feast, Stray, Love picks up shortly after the end of the first Damien has moved to a neighbouring town, manages to find himself in yet another fine mess and apparently hasn t been able to avoid The Factory s reach Though the novella could use a littleediting, I still really enjoy Anthony s writing and characters But the story seems to be splintering a little bit I m not certain what Caleb and the pastor s drama has to do with the original plot I m also left wondering how The Factory is getting away with what it is doing It doesn t seem very well hidden Lastly, Damien has developed a rather startling ability, but never batted an eyelash at it Seriously, who s that calm about something like that But you ll have to read the story to know what I mean. Kevin Anthony definitely has a quirky writing style A short story that kept me turning the pages until I had read the entire story in one sitting I had no idea where the story was going and the ending was definitely not what I expected.Feast, Stray, Love had some interesting concepts but it felt a little rushed to me I ll definitely be interested to see what this author comes up with in the future. Definitely interesting When I first began reading this, I had no idea where it was going and couldn t have guessed where it went to This was a freebie read and the description had piqued my attention I won t go into the overall story, but it was a bit creepy and had some suspense in there a feeling of American Horror Story to it Its a short story but it packs a lot in those few pages Definitely want to read the rest and see where this is all going Quirky, creepy with some humor in there Feast, Stray, Love took on an interesting premise a man who ends up with some unusual side effects to cope with after a botched brain surgery, all mixed in with a side of cannibalism then placed it in a non descript setting, filled it with characters and a plotline that were not even close to fully fleshed outSee the entire review over at The Novel Approach Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Author. A rather apt short story to have read at this time of year It was amusing with a dash of spicy gore thrown in A little muddled towards the end but not enough to put me off finding and reading the next two stories to find out just what is going on with Damien. 2.5 if I could I just couldn t see myself rating it 3 First off, I thought it was about vampires It wasn t It is about a cult that specializes in cannibalism Our MC, came in contact with new abilities after he has brain surgery His boyfriend works at the Factory aka the cult But his boyfriend isn t aware of what they do Bad things happen Our MC moves to a nearby town, meets new people He finds that that town isn t much better and Factory s presence is also in this new town Damien, our MC, has many things to overcome Moving on and trying to find peace so he can have a regular normal life It was confusing after finishing this book, because I couldn t figure out book 2 Well this book is book 1 and 2 The First Bite Full Course Edition is actually books 1 3. Twisted, creepy and served with a side dish of gore Very interesting premise, great character development and a story I couldn t put down till I was finished Really can t wait forinstallments to see how the questions I have are answered.It s like waiting for your favorite TV show to start