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I Sat On The Edge Of My Seat Reading It The Author Writes Very Creatively Hall Of Fame, TopReviewer, Matthew G SherwinEntryOf The Feast, Stray, Love SeriesDamien Cooper S Mind Is A Bit Fucked Up Yes, That S His Actual Diagnosis His Disability Has Him Hearing Things He S Not Supposed To Hear And His Other Senses Are Also Taken To New Heights Damien S Boyfriend Adopts A Cannibalistic Feasting Habit After Beginning Employment At A Mysterious Factory Site And Damien S Mother Strays Away From Reality After She Becomes Obsessed With A Self Help Book Damien Struggles To Embrace His Flaws While Uncovering An Explosive New Trait Inhale Exhale And Feast, Stray, LoveWord Count ,WARNING THIS TITLE INCLUDES CHAINSMOKING, A SMOTHER AND NO SUPPORT OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS Twisted, creepy and served with a side dish of gore Very interesting premise, great character development and a story I couldn t put down till I was finished Really can t wait forinstallments to see how the questions I have are answered.It s like waiting for your favorite TV show to start A dish of humor served with a side of gore Short, creepy, creativeFeast is the first in the Feast, Stray, Love short story trilogy The story begins with Damien being rescued by his teacher after passing out and causing a massive fire at the local college Upon waking in the hospital, he learns he has a brain tumor, and his doctor performs the surgery to remove it Unfortunately for Damien, his doctor is a bit of a quack and scrambles a few things up while working on him Luckily, Damien s mother and boyfriend are there to support him through his recovery, but the extra job his boyfriend picks up to help cover expenses soon leads to unexpected complications in their relationship, and his doctor s shoddy operating techniques lead to complications of their own First off, I must say I don t frequently read stories specifically focused on men in romantic relationships with each other That being said, I found the relationship believable and, for the most part, tastefully done There are some sexual situations, but none are too explicit and the focus seems to beon the emotional relationship, which is an approach I tend to like in a story However, I would classify this book as horror, rather than romance The true focus of the plot is the doctor s mess of a job on Damien s brain and the creepy factory outside of town that subverts his boyfriend and later threatens his mom People enter the factory, never to return Those who land jobs there either disappear or leave their families to stay at the factory, and strange shipments arrive frequently Besides that, the question is, what exactly does the factory do The dodgy answers Damien gets from his boyfriend and later from a detective leave much to be discovered in later books in the series Adding to the horror aspect of the story are the relationships The author builds a highly admirable and likeable boyfriend, who the main character loves deeply, and then puts him in harm s way He does the same with Damien s mother, building her up into someone the reader likes, and then showing her becoming a bit too enad of an ironically named self help book, Feast, Stray, Love As for the vastly unqualified doctor in the story, I m not certain the details or credentials surrounding him or his work on Damien are exactly believable, but his bedside manner is humorously atrocious, and his less than stellar operating skills are responsible for Damien s subtle transformation throughout the book Again, is it believable Not really, but it is entertaining A good bit of the humor in the book stems from this crazy, irreverent doctor and the reactions of those around him.Besides the romantic angle, the plot, and the crazy doctor, which I enjoyed and led me to like the story overall, there are a few things that kept me from loving it one, grammatical issues, primarily the punctuation of the dialog two, the frequent use of the F word, not a surprise since it s also used in the book description and three, various plot points for which I had to hit my I believe button The dialog and other minor grammatical issues might detract from the story for those who find that sort of thing annoying, but could be fixed in a future edition The F word usage bugs me, but I think it fits into the story and the style of the writing, totally a personal preference type thing The things that were vague could be due to the constraints of writing a short story, namely details are often cut to keep the story short However, some of the details and situations presented are hard to imagine in a real setting, but are portrayed as being normal or realistic, which made some of the fictional aspects of the story less believable.Overall, I liked Feast It s a good, short book with a bit of humor and romance and a whole lot of mystery and creepiness factor, good for a horror story The romantic relationship between Damien and his boyfriend isn t too explicit, focusingon their relationship, but I would caution that it is aimed at mature readers I d recommend this story to those who like the horror genre, want a quick read, and either prefer or aren t bothered by books that feature a male male romance I picked up a copy of this book fromduring a free promo day after the author requested a review. 2.5 if I could I just couldn t see myself rating it 3 First off, I thought it was about vampires It wasn t It is about a cult that specializes in cannibalism Our MC, came in contact with new abilities after he has brain surgery His boyfriend works at the Factory aka the cult But his boyfriend isn t aware of what they do Bad things happen Our MC moves to a nearby town, meets new people He finds that that town isn t much better and Factory s presence is also in this new town Damien, our MC, has many things to overcome Moving on and trying to find peace so he can have a regular normal life It was confusing after finishing this book, because I couldn t figure out book 2 Well this book is book 1 and 2 The First Bite Full Course Edition is actually books 1 3. I didn t quite understand the concept of Feast Stray Love I understood where the reference to it came from but not so much as to how it related to Damien and Ben s story I m going to assume because it was a novella of sorts that it will be further explained in the next books.Towards the last half of the story when we get to the climax of the book it got a little jumbled I felt like it should ve been expanded on a littleThings kind of happened without any clear indication as to how until after it occurs A lead up would ve made it read smoother.I think I have an idea of what the story is about and where it may go I just need some of the unexplained things to be better explained or at least revisited in the next book so that the reader is fully aware of what is going on.Otherwise it was witty, and humorous and has an interesting concept with a kooky cast of characters sure to amuse many readers.