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Wildly Successful When It Was First Published In , Patrick Dennis Auntie Mame Sold Over Two Million Copies And Stayed Put On The New York Times Bestseller List For Weeks It Was Made Into A Play, A Broadway As Well As A Hollywood Musical, And A Fabulous Movie Starring Rosalind Russell Since Then, Mame Has Taken Her Rightful Place In The Pantheon Of Great And Important People As The World S Most Beloved, Madcap, Devastatingly Sophisticated, And Glamorous Aunt She Is Impossible To Resist, And This Hilarious Story Of An Orphaned Ten Year Old Boy Sent To Live With His Aunt Is As Delicious A Read In The Twenty First Century As It Was In The S

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    Sparklingly witty, irreverently satirical, this 1955 novel manages to remain timelessly relevant in its cutting send up of conformity, conservatism, and cupidity Mame Dennis first swam into my ken during the long, hot, boring summer of 1973, an anodyne to the astoundingly dreary Watergate hearings on TV I complained to my mother about the absence of entertainment, and she snorted mightily How can anyone be bored in this house full of books Here, read this, and she handed me Auntie Mame What can I say Mother s always right I love love loved this book then, and on re reading it now 37 years later, I love it just as muchmaybe , I know of how adult Mame felt being handed a kid to raise than I did at fourteen.It s been perfect for me to read in the Auntie adjustment period, because it s not a novel, it s a series of interconnected short stories that share a frame I can snag a quick hit before the next issue arises that requires me to pay attention It s flat out hilarious, this cocktail culture send up Dennis, a pseudonym for the gay literally dawg E.E Tanner III, was Uncle Mame title of his biogrpahy, BTW and had an Aunt Marion who was the model for a lot of Mame s characteristics Dennis hated confromity, he loathed insincerity, he was revolted by Babbittry, and he skewered his targets on brightly colored little cocktail toothpicks with the hula themed hors d ouevre.Mame and Patrick are limousine liberals, rich people who have it in themselves to understand and work to ameliorate the burdens of those not like themsleves In many ways, I think Teddy Kennedy would identify with Mame and Patrick I think they re still, to this good day, sterling examples to the well to do The stories here are about Patrick in larval and chrysalis stages, before Mame effects the rowdy transition of her little love into the oddly spotted butterfly he becomes It s delightful to trot along behind Patrick as he tells us of his life with his Most Unforgettable Character Anyone old enough to remember those articles in Reader s Digest is old enough to follow the archaic references in this book Oh, and those referencesthere are lots of them, and the book s genesis in the Fifties means they re even older still A working knowledge of the world as it was in the 1930s and particularly the haute couture of the day is helpful, but not necessary Just realize that each name dropped is hoity toity, and move onor use this Interweb thingie to learn a lot about the status symbols of a bygone era Either way, you won t miss the fun and the funny that whizzes around behind you to tickle your ribs and neck mercilessly, making you laugh harder than you ll remember laughing in a very long time.Read it and weepfrom laughter

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    BR with my girl Mishy and my boy Giulio WOOT This book is part of Giulio s continuing efforts to give Mishy and I a little culture so we don t embarrass him at parties Is Giulio always right Yes, he is This book is hilarious The plot concerns a boy who is orphaned and sent into the questionable care of his Auntie Mame Mame is probably my favorite character in any book EVER You cannot keep this crazy bitch down Mame takes her young charge firmly in hand by deserting all forms of traditional parenting and teaching him how to live in style He has the usual ups and downs of growing up but Mame teaches him how to do it with flair It becomes a little confusing about who exactly is raising whom, but it all ends well I like to think that there s a real Mame out there somewhere, teaching a new generation of young men how to be fabulous.A reader might get the impression that Mame is actually a drag queen, but I think that may have been the author s intention If you need a laugh, this is the place to get it Highly recommended.

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    So There I was quietly minding my own businessgrowing up in New England when who one snowy night should land square in my lap on the late late movie, but Mame Dennis herself wrapped in the incomparable roz russell I stayed up until 3 00 am watching and enraptured the next morning I pounced on my mum first thing and told her I had a new favorite movie She told me if I liked that I would love the book We checked at the local book store and alas It was OUT of print Sigh So on to the version with Lucy Meh good But Lucy is NO Roz no flames no fights love Lucy just Roz really embodied Mame better sooooo ok I know this is a review of the book not my life story I m getting there So a muli decade love affair with Mame and I had never read the book Then Christmas A small book shaped package under the tree Sigh Yet another book No Harry Potter s due out and much to small any way My mum made sure it was the last one opened And yes I sqeeeeealed like a thee year old getting a tickle me Elmo doll My family LOST me for the rest of that Christmas The book was Amazing I was shocked at how true both movies were to the book Pleasantly so There were of course scandalous sections that they simply could not include in the movies Lol they might have trouble including some of them today But The characters my god Truly stunning While they could have been one dimensional and mired in stereo types They were just beautifully written It is a book for the ages and one that should NEVER be out of print again Read this book I think I have read this book a dozen times and I m sure I will read it a dozen

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    I ve always been a fan of the Rosalind Russell film, Auntie Mame, and after recently watching the dreadfully sub par Mame, starring Lucille Ball, I decided it was finally time to read the book and discover madcap Mame s true story for myself This book is absolutely hilarious, hands down one of the funniest, most charming books I ve ever read The Rosalind Russell film is a gem, but the book takes everything wonderful about the film and multiplies it about ten times over The book is quite a bit cough bohemian than what would ve been allowed in a 1950 s film It isn t a straight, linear story instead it s eleven chapters cover various episodes over the course of Patrick s life as he grows up with his rather unconventional aunt This device helps make the book an extraordinarily fast read as soon as one escapade is finished, you want to dive right into the next Each episode is framed by Patrick reading about the Unforgettable Character in the Digest, prompting him to compare the Digest s Unforgettable Character with his own Auntie Mame Patrick reminsces his way through life with Mame in the glittering Roaring Twenties, surviving the Great Depression, her marriage and widowhood, World War II, and my favorite episodes Patrick s punctured romance with the snobbish Gloria Upson and Mame s golden years when she starts to long for Patrick to settle down and have kids The heart of the story is Patrick s relationship with Mame as he gets older he may get a little frustrated with Mame s unconventional ways, but underneath it all the one thing that never changes is their love for each other Auntie Mame is the perfect balance of laugh out loud comedy and heart tugging, genuine emotional depth HIGHLY recommended.

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    Read at age 10 and I had not much of an understanding the adult incidents, despite this I still enjoyed it I saw the movie at least 5x and decided that it was worth another read in my late 20 s early 30 s I was really shocked that this was published when it was.What a wonderful coming of age story The innocent interpretation of Patrick Dennis s childhood in the 1930 s or 1940 s As an adult reader the subtle hints to the things witnessed during these times will have you laughing uproariously when taken in the context of that era especially Surely, if the authorities had been aware of the activities in Mame s life, Patrick would have been removed from her care and probably further contact until age 18 As a mature adult argh, sigh , I see her care or lack of there of as a form of child abuse although it was not malicious from the manner it is presented.This is a book worthy of consideration for those who enjoy coming of age stories Probably one of my favorites at the times of reading Read other reviews, I am not doing this story justice.

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    On a scale of 1 to 10, this book is a solid 12 Strangley enough after reading this book I want to go through ALL my other ratings and lower them by one I discovered this book while strolling through the shelves at the library looking for my book club book by Dickens I was scanning the shelves with my eyes looking for a name of the author to guesstimate where to stop and the spine of the second in the series Around the World with Auntie Mame jumped out at me So I grabbed it read the cover front back thought it sounded good So I ended up getting the sequel and this one for giggles and grin Eventhough it was published in the 50s it was so hard for me to realise that fact It reminded me of all these current chic lit books out there that their style of writing and storytelling are what people are calling fresh and invigorating Well, this is classical chick lit style, yet by a man I would still classify it as a chick lit or beach vacation read due to the main subject matter is his Auntie Mame and her raising ofhim and all her episodes This book had me in complete stiches with its wit and charm I will definitely be reading by him I just wish he wasn t dead I had no idea that several plays and movies were based on his books, including this one I will definitely have to find those movies to watch now

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    While this book had some entertaining moments, I just couldn t get into it It was at times very predictable, over the top, and so dated, that I found myself wishing I was reading the author s true biography, which sounded much interesting popular author, bisexual man, husband and father, and then a butler.I found Auntie Mame s eccentricities mostly just tiresome and pretentious And I found the Reader s Digest device to be a really artificial organization of these stories Patrick was no great and lovable character either I thought he was kind of a bore.I d like to see the movie based on this book, and perhaps I would find that amusing I have to admit, in the few weeks that it s taken me to finish this novel, it s possible that I just wasn t in the mood for this type of screwball comedy However, I maintain that I always have difficulty, in any genre, enjoying a book in which I don t like the protagonist Whether you think Auntie Mame is the true protagonist or her nephew, Patrick, I just didn t connect with either.And as for all the comments about how timeless this tale is, and how ahead of her time Auntie Mame was, I disagree She was no feminist she did everything to catch and keep the men in her life, including changing her personality, her interests, and even her accent Southern belle And as for living a free, independent, childless life, why did she feel it necessary to take on a bunch of unlovable juvenile delinquents during the war a story with no ending, by the way And why did she browbeat and manipulate her nephew into marriage and having children I mean, come on, even in this fictional account, he was clearly not a heterosexual man She was a diva, an actress liar, and a snob, none of which I find particularly appealing traits in my fellow humans, male or female.Sadly, I really wanted to like this little retro tale of a strong, fun loving woman and the child she s forced to rear in a non traditional manner But I was really disappointed with this fluff, not much better than the Reader s Digest material the narrator references.

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    Like I always say Never Judge a Book by Its Movie You had better believe nothing can be less true that with this book If you have ever seen the movie Auntie Mame made with Rosalind Russell and enjoyed it you will enjoy this book just as much Perhaps a little actually Although at times it is difficult to follow, since we are talking about the late 1920 s and we only go about 20 or so years into the future from there, that means a lot of the language and expressions may be a little difficult to understand.This is the life of an irreverent, quirky, rich, idealistic, hedonistic woman and her orphaned nephew that she needs to raise until he is 18 The adventures, the life, the humor, and sadness everything to make for a wonderful beach read is all here It is witty and dry and just a perfect read.It also translates into the 21st century quite well since there are still scads of people just like Mame There is also a lot that had been left out of the original movie and it was fantastic reading those parts It is interesting to see what a rich, ultra Liberal world was like back then Mame s life was not always portrayed realistically, but it was fun to read nonetheless However, I can safely assure you that the portrayal of Connecticut back in that time period and even now is was spot on The film adaption didn t stray too far from the book, and I am very glad I took the time to immerse myself in Mame and Dennis life and times.Go, read the book, watch the movie and let me know which you found to like better.

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    Auntie Mame sure is one quirky, crazy character, but I loved her and this book I love how light and easy to read this book is, and I have already ordered Around the World with Auntie Mame Very pleasurable read.

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    I ve been an AUNTIE MAME fan for over 40 years, since I first encountered the Roz Russell film accidentally one afternoon They showed it in two parts and I couldn t WAIT for the next afternoon to see the second part Not very long after, equally accidentally, I came across the original Patrick Dennis novel in the 25 Cent bin at a used bookstore Both serendipitous events signaled the introduction of a character who has remained with me ever since in her various incarnations, a love affair that continues to this day my living room walls are covered with AUNTIE MAME orabilia Although I often pick up the original novel to read a few random pages or scenes here and there you ll find copies of it throughout my house , I give the novel a full re reading every five years or so Those familiar with AUNTIE MAME only via its stage or screen versions are in for a treat with this novel, and perhaps a surprise or two as well the novel includes a number of episodes and characters that did not make it into the stage and screen versions Also, AUNTIE MAME is definitely adult entertainment, and though I enjoyed it very much as a teenager, only when I re read it as an adult did I realize how much actually went over my head