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How Ordinary People Become Famous Everyone Gets A Shot At The Spotlight Since Its Launch In , YouTube Has Been A Hub For Users To Upload And Share Their Most Interesting, Intimate, Exciting, Or Embarrassing Moments With Viewers All Over The World But How Does One Take Advantage Of YouTube S Far Reaching Resources And Get A Video Seen Here, Hollywood Producer Frederick Levy Addresses The Interests And Needs Of The Casual YouTube User As Well As The Serious Web Enthusiasts And Video Makers Who Are Looking To Explore YouTube And Its Social And Networking Aspects In Greater Depth Loaded With Advice From Established Hollywood Gurus Who Ve Been There, Done That, This Is The Must Have Guide For The Wired And Connected Audiences Of YouTube, MySpace, And Metacafe Readers Will Learn How To Upload Videos From A Mobile Phone Capture Video Directly To The Site From A Webcam Embed Videos Into Personal Web Pages Or Blogs, And Much, Much

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    I read this out of some kind of bizarre attempt to combat survivorship bias and because I m interested in people s early predictions for YouTube s trajectory The author s tone and the overall messaging of the book are similar to the inside of a Hollister store in 2008 cloying, and interested in cheesy sexed up aesthetics than anything else However, the interviews with some of the prominent YouTube content creators of the time are worth paging through if you re interested in such things I ve listed the interviewees out for convenience Content creators profiled interviewed as examples of established YouTube stars Terra Naomi, LisaNova, Esmee Denters, LonelyGirl15, Brookers Brooke Brodack Content creators interviewed as potential rising stars Jay Brennan, Emmalina, Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda Blame Society Productions , Justin Sandercoe, Ysabella Brave, Matt Chin, David Choi, Koichiben, James Kotecki Emergencycheese , Cherry Lee TheBathroomGirl , Ben Going boh3m3 , Stevie Ryan LittleLoca, TheRealParis, Ooolalaa , Michael Buckley WhatTheBuckShow , Charles Trippy, Luke Barats and Joe Bereta BarasandBereta , Tay Zonday, Ryan Divine Maldroid , Millie Garfield MyMomsBlog , Clive Newstead Nuodai , Remy Munasifi GoRemy , David Colditz DaveDays , ValsArtDiary, Kevin Nalty nalts , Matthew Lush GayGod , Myles Dyer Blade376 Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts about how content creators who were active on YouTube at that point in time and are still relevant on the platform today are almost entirely absent from this book and what that has to do with the so called old new media divide, but I ll save it for elsewhere.

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    If you want to learn how to be a YouTube superstar, this is the book for you I enjoyed the opening chapters, explaining how YouTube came to be I could see this part of the book being used as a college textbook or something But then I got to the part on how to use YouTube and because I have no interest in uploading videos of myself or anything else on this site, I just couldn t bring myself to care enough to finish the book and it s step by step instructions Why read a manual

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    Glossy introduction to YouTube A bit too pseudo celebrity you can be famous, promise for my liking But it does track and chart the early days of YouTube for both music videos and vlogs.