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Orphaned At An Early Age, Philip Ashley Is Raised By His Benevolent Older Cousin, Ambrose Resolutely Single, Ambrose Delights In Philip As His Heir, A Man Who Will Love His Grand Home As Much As He Does Himself But The Cosy World The Two Construct Is Shattered When Ambrose Sets Off On A Trip To Florence There He Falls In Love And Marries And There He Dies Suddenly Jealous Of His Marriage, Racked By Suspicion At The Hints In Ambrose S Letters, And Grief Stricken By His Death, Philip Prepares To Meet His Cousin S Widow With Hatred In His Heart Despite Himself, Philip Is Drawn To This Beautiful, Sophisticated, Mysterious Rachel Like A Moth To The Flame And Yet Might She Have Had A Hand In Ambrose S Death

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If Daphne du Maurier had written only Rebecca, she would still be one of the great shapers of popular culture and the modern imagination Few writers have created magical and mysterious places than Jamaica Inn and Manderley, buildings invested with a rich character that gives them a memorable life of their own.In many ways the life of Daphne du Maurier resembles a fairy tale Born into a

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    WOW I liked MY COUSIN RACHEL even better than REBECCA

    This dark old fashioned style mystery gives the reader plenty of clues to contemplate, some suspicious evil characters to dissect and others who s na vety and impulsive acts will make you want to scream with frustration..or it did me.

    As for the ending.I loved it, but you ll have to decide for yourself if Rachel is innocent or guilty of a crime s but IMHO view spoiler she is absolutely, positively 100% guilty, guilty, guilty And I still cannot believe all the clues Philip destroyed, but then. thankfully, it did not matter in the least hide spoiler

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    I started reading Daphne du Maurier just this year..a 2017 du Maurier newbie The first book I read was The Scapegoat , then Rebecca , then The Flight of the Falcon..and this morning I finished My Cousin Rachel My Cousin Rachel , is Daphne du Maurier s 3rd highest rated book Rebecca is rated as the 1 popular favorite followed by Jamaica Inn as the 2 most popular I won t be surprised with a new movie of My Cousin Rachel , soon, if this book takes the 2 popular spot soon Regardless which Daphne du Maurier book one chooses to read the reader has NO QUESTION ABOUT THE AUTHORS TALENTS SHE CAN TELL A STORY LIKE NOBODIES BUSINESS Since there are 17,462 Ratings on Goodreads 1, 638 reviews with an overall rating of 3.9 on Goodreads rather than write another traditional review I m going to write a little letter to three characters in this story and one dog Dear Ambrose, I m sorry your life was cut short I m happy you experienced romantic soulful love.but again, I m sorry it was cut short I m sorry you suffered just before you died sounded like you were in excruciating pain physically and mentally What I m most sorry about though disappointed is the way in which you raised Philip I don t think you did him any service He idolized you was dependent on you emotionally spiritually mentally and even physically in ways You feed him your opinions and judgments about women which was basically they weren t needed in your lives Given the size of your estate and the many servants you hired it would have made sense if some of your employees were men and some women But you made sure that all servants in the house, including the Gardner we re all men How dare you project your views so rigidly upon this innocent boy You molded him his life not just sheltered it but actually spoon feed him your beliefs Shame on you for doing that After you died Philip didn t have a healthy sense of self He was left alone in the world a younger clone of you But that didn t even work did it As Philip begins to discover he might not have known you as well as he thought Well, Ambrose what is done is done Philip had to figure things out on his own which isn t SO BAD. it s something we all must do, but in the best of all world s you might have done things a little different by him while he was in your care Bottom line Philip had some problems you must have foreseen these showing up sooner or later AND. Philip loved you You loved him.Rest In Peace Ambrose Dear Philip, Oh, how I worried for you At times I adored you other times I wanted to scream at you WAKE UP Your life was so small you couldn t even see how much it had stifled you I did respect your authentic struggle between feeling jealous of Ambrose and Rachel s happiness in their new marriage and your guilt for having such feelings You were being real and honest with yourself facing what s so You weren t blaming anyone or lashing out negatively against anyone just because of your own negative feelings Philip you became mysterious to me once you turned 25 years old as if your birthday was THE LAUNCH you had been constructing preparing for your entire life I wasn t sure who you were any longer I not sure you knew either It looked like you were acting out impulsively to me in ways that perhaps Rachel might do..but I don t think so, Philip I actually don t think either you or Rachel ever acted impulsively I think you were both playing a master chess game I am sorry you lost Ambrose I m sorry you lost him the way you did I was sorry that you hurt I was very sorry for your loss of Don your doggie I found it somewhat interesting that right after Don died the first thought that ran through your mind was noticing that Rachel was caring for you for the first time perhaps than Ambrose You seemed to deny your own feelings for your loss as Don, saying to Rachel, Don did not suffer I was thinking like hell If you had something fall on your head. could you really say oh I didn t feel a thing You were so in chanted by Rachel at that moment, Philip, your dog who had been with you your entire life took a second seat What a fool you were I don t think you really meant to do any harm yet I thought you were a insensitive. like a child..you were a little narcissistic about yourself And why You were woman starved your entire life I was hoping that he would just go f %k your brains out You needed time to catch up with growing yourself up.You certainly didn t need to even consider jumping into a marriage at age 25 as a virgin man It was your own fault if Rachel had you tied by her little finger NOTE. for friends who have NOT read this book I HAVE GIVEN NO SPOILERS AWAY None Dear Rachel, Oh my dear woman. aren t you the enchantress mischievous aren t you Bossy endearing Philip, Go to Bed How funny I did like that line you said a few times I was wondering why you didn t just say, come to my bed but I knew why really he would have.you were not that foolish You had better strategic moves, didn t you Oh. and how you familiarize yourself with the estate and stories after stories about Philip from Ambrose Plotting were you You could seem so delicate The entire staff adored you.you were quite brilliant at being you You had me believing in your thriftlessness your unpolishedness But you were actually quite skilled and sophisticated You had a natural masterly authoritative way about yourself Tears included I m not sure I fault you though Philip and you both played a dangerous game with the hearts of love money and control Dear Don, I m sorry you died so suddenly You were 15 years old I loved when you snuggled near the fireplace with Philip. Rest in peace, Don You were a treasure in this story The REAL WINNER.goes to Daphne du Maurier.she knows how to develop characters how to spin a story how to involve the readers A Oops we don t grade these books do we we rate them 5 stars

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    My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier is a 1952 publication This version is the 2013 Little, Brown and Company publication A scathingly wicked masterpiece This book has a very heavy atmospheric quality that drew me in right from the start In fact, I was so transfixed, I put aside everything else and gave myself over to its allure Phillip Ashley was raised by his cousin, Ambrose, a confirmed bachelor They are content with their arrangement, and with Phillip s role as heir to Ambrose s legacy However, Phillip s complacency is upended quite unexpectedly when Ambrose travels to Florence, meets our cousin, Rachel , a woman with a connection to their family, and immediately falls under her spell In a shockingly brief period of time, Ambrose goes from wedded bliss to death, leaving Phillip furious with Rachel, suspecting her of contributing to his cousin s demise in some way, shape, or form But, when Rachel shows up at his doorstep with Ambrose s belongings, Phillip too finds himself enchanted by Rachel and soon forgets all about his earlier jealousies and suspicions Until I have several books in my collection written by this author, but the only one I ve read is, Rebecca ,When this book began to recirculate due to a motion picture and a great library reads promo, my interest was highly piqued Finally, I managed to work it into my schedule, but I wish I had discovered this gem sooner This book has so many layers, yet it progresses slowly, adding sinister nuances, bit by bit, until I found myself helplessly trapped in the author s, oh so clever web before I knew what had happened, maybe a bit like Phillip, eh This book combines Gothic mystery, strong feminist undertones, psychological mind games, vanity, guilt, and suspicion, which nearly made me delirious with delight But, it also left me with a plethora of theories and speculations Is Rachel guilty or was it really Phillip Or was she Innocent Both Was Phillip just a pawn in Rachel s master plan Did Phillip needlessly destroy his life While I would ordinarily feel extreme frustration with an author for this open ended conclusion, in this case, it s exactly what makes this book a classic Written back in 1952, the book was a little ahead of its time, although some may have only taken it at face value Nevertheless, here we are in 2017, still talking about it, still pondering on its mysteries, analyzing, and theorizing about it, which is a testament to the author s talent and genius This book was practically tailor made for my reading tastes, so naturally, it gets five big stars

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    I loved this story It reminded me so much of Rebecca, both have that gothic atmosphere, the bit of romance, the slow moving story that builds such tension, and the dimwitted main character I thought briefly this might even surpass Rebecca as my favorite, but how can you top Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again Though not too shabby here with They used to hang men at Four Tunings in the old days.My Cousin Rachel tells the story of obsession Philip is a young gent, who is grieving over the loss of his cousin, who also raised him, Ambrose Ambrose was recently married to his cousin Rachel and became quite ill and died Now Rachel goes to Cornwall to return the belonging of Ambrose to Philip, and the two finally meet Oh there is jealousy, deceit, and such an obsession in this wonderful tale I don t want to tell any as to give anything away Just read this one and decide for yourself about cousin Rachel Is she evil or not I listened to this one via audio and the narrator was awesome Jonathan Pryce, the actor, adds so much to this story, building the tension even as he reads this tale If you are a fan of audios, I highly suggest this one I loved every minute of this and the tension and suspense went right to the end A top read and top audio for the year, and a new book to add to my favorites and list of those I would enjoy a re read.

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    This was a buddy read with James Jay , author of Watching Glass Shatter, and I m so happy we read this I d rate it 4.5 just to distinguish it from Rebecca, which gets the full five.The book actually began a little slowly for me, and it felt almost discombobulated, as if DuMaurier were shuffling toward the storyline But then Rachel appears and everything clicks masterfully into gear DuMaurier expertly conjures a brooding, ambiguous atmosphere, and from the very beginning we wonder about this bewitching woman who seizes our narrator, young Philip, in the grip of her Italianate charm The fact that she may have been responsible for Philip s guardian s death is something he dismisses with the enthusiasm of the young, until.Plot summaries abound, and I won t add to them here The language of the book is utterly beguiling, those languid fluid sentences sweep us through the plot and make us take notice of all sorts of subtleties the cut of a dress, the gleam of an eye, the inflection of a voice, and of course the natural world in all its infinite variety The wind of the day before had blown itself up country, taking the rain with it, and at noon the sun had broken through and the sky was clear There was a salty brightness in the air, lending a zest to walking, and you could hear the running swell of the sea as it broke upon the rocks fringing the bay Once I got past the first few pages, I felt myself in the hands of an expert storyteller The plot moved through its gears with precision, and even when I knew or sensed what was coming, it was a sublime pleasure to see DuMaurier spin it out, taking her time, building suspense so perfectly Oddly enough, though, it was the very expert nature of the narrative that makes this book, for me, slightly less interesting than Rebecca Rebecca has always seemed to me almost Sui generis, and it enchanted me equally yet surprised me it seemed complex and difficult to pin down, a narrative of almost infinite slipperiness and ambiguity My Cousin Rachel, by contrast, is less layered and straightforward, even though it has its own twists and turns and beautiful ambiguities Still, this is a book that will reside with me for some time and one that I ll no doubt return to, if only to see and admire how DuMaurier handles a certain aspect of plotting or character, how she masterfully drops her clues into the narrative stream, how she keeps the pages turning, knowing exactly when to slow down and admire a landscape, and when to speed us through This is a thoroughly pleasurable book, and one that I highly recommend.

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    My Cousin Rachel was published in 1951, and is a gripping story of suspense It very much recalls the feel and style of her earlier mystery novel Rebecca of 1938.The novel s narrator is Philip Ashley, a young man who had been orphaned at the early age of seven He was raised by his bachelor uncle Ambrose, the owner of a large country estate on the Cornish coast In the first chapter, we learn Philip s life story up to the age of 24 Ambrose had been a very unconventional guardian, teaching Philip his alphabet by using the initials of swear words, for instance, but Philip clearly idolised him As Philip grew up, they ran the estate together in an all male household, where Ambrose taught Philip to have nothing to do with women that they were a race apart Although Philip feels himself to be mature, the reader infers from the start that for much of the narrator s life he has been overprotected, and his experience very restricted The only women in his life have been slight acquaintances, whom he usually found laughable He does have one female friend, Louise Kendall, the daughter of his godfather, but he views her as young and immature.During this chapter, in which Philip shares his thoughts, it is clear that something has gone badly wrong There are frequent mysterious allusions Philip is clearly tormented by feelings of guilt towards someone he calls Rachel possibly the Rachel of the novel s title No one will ever guess the burden of blame I carry on my shoulders he says, nor will they know that every day, haunted still by doubt, I ask myself a question which I cannot answer Was Rachel innocent or guilty Maybe I shall learn that too, in purgatory The reader is intrigued to know whatever could have happened The narrator seems bent on mentally torturing himself with reminiscences Some instinct should have warned her that to stay with me would bring destruction, not only to the phantom that she encountered, but finally, in the end, upon her too Having trapped us in her web of mystery and intrigue in the very first chapter, Daphne du Maurier proceeds to use her mastery and control of the narrative to entice us further in.She does this by slowing the novel right down Although Philip is speaking in flashback, his memories of the events he is recounting from chapter 2 onwards feel very much like the present The language is at times poetic the images lush and beautiful, especially the parts set in Italy view spoiler Ambrose although only 43 had had to spend the winters in a warmer climate because of his health His letters told Philip that while he was in Florence, he had fallen in love and married a cousin of theirs called Rachel, the widow of an Italian nobleman, Sangalletti Sangalletti had been killed in a duel, leaving her childless and in a precarious financial position They wanted to travel to England, but it would not be for a long time as there were many financial affairs to sort out Philip was devastated by this news, but also ashamed that he could not be pleased for Ambrose, while everyone else seemed delighted for the happy couple Ambrose s letters became increasingly sporadic, and unlike the carefree Ambrose of old When he did write he complained of the relentless sun, the stuffy atmosphere of the villa Sangalletti and terrible headaches Ambrose also said that a friend and advisor of Rachel s called Rainaldi had recommended that he see a different doctor, whom he referred to as a cut throat They are liars, the whole bunch He said he could trust no one She watches me all the time This resolved Philip upon immediately dashing across to Italy to find out what was happening hide spoiler

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    I have been struggling with this review a bit and I think I know why If you have Rebecca as a point of reference before you read this one, I think you may struggle to review this one, too If I did not have Rebecca, I would probably go with 4 to 4.5 stars for sure With Rebecca, it is still great, but 3.5 to 4 instead I am rounding up to 4 because it is still a very good book, just not Rebecca good While intense and mysterious, I found that the intensity and mystery plateaued early on in the book and kind of stayed there throughout Even getting into the final scenes in the book, everything just unfolded at the same level Now, this is just how it was for me Others may find the resolution intriguing and high intensity than I did.Another thing about the plot and the mystery for me was that I don t really feel it developed all that much After the first third of the book I got the idea of what we as readers should be wondering about and that never really changed or grew du Maurier just kept piling on details about what was already going on and what had happened, and I was over here waiting for intricate and mind blowing twists or side journeys But, that didn t really happen.So far it seems I have focused on the negative or at least what didn t work for me It is only right that I make sure to note that despite what I already mentioned, I did find the story to be interesting and I like du Maurier s writing very much As an overall experience, I am not sorry in the least that I gave it a try Again, I think it mainly comes down to trying to follow up Rebecca being a very big challenge

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    She has done for me at last, Rachel my torment This line should be as well known as Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again this novel is every bit as good as Rebecca As a reader you twist and turn unable to decide view spoiler was Rachel innocent or guilty hide spoiler

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    Why This Book After reading Rebecca several years ago, I placed My Cousin Rachel, another of Daphne du Maurier s famed novels, on my To Be Read TBR shelf Earlier this year, a Goodreads buddy, Michael, and I were chatting about various books when we decided to do a buddy read together, selecting this wonderful Gothic edition We were both interested to see if it lived up to the hype and how it compared to the author s other words We agreed on early March and got to it this week I ve only started doing buddy reads in the last few months, but they are quite fun I recommend them Approach Style I purchased the Kindle Reader version from to read on my iPad It contains 350 pages and took me four days to read The novel is written in first person point of view and told from the perspective of Philip Ashley, a 24 year old English man set in a somewhat unknown time, but likely the early mid twentieth century given some of the details in the background setting The language is intense and full of amazing imagery and astounding descriptions Plot, Characters Setting The novel centers around the Ashley family Philip s parents die when he is less than a year old, but his cousin Ambrose raises him in their England home At some point years later, Ambrose unexpectedly marries a widow named Rachel who is half Italian and grew up in Tuscany It s an odd pairing, as she has a bit of a reputation for husband hunting and spending lots of money After 2 years, Ambrose mysteriously dies and Rachel disappears Philip is distraught, but searches for her in Italy Rachel eventually shows up in England looking to meet her pseudo stepson, and that s when the story really begins to get interesting There s an air of darkness concerning Ambrose s death was Rachel involved She has a suitor of sorts who follows her from Tuscany yet both claim there is nothing but friendship Philip intends to crucify his cousin Rachel after reading a few letters from his late cousin, Ambrose however, things take a surprising turn when secrets are revealed and there s a bit of romance developing in the background Add in a few traditional English families, an inheritance upon Philip s 25th birthday, and a possible proposal to from a neighboring family and you ve got quite a Gothic story unleashing it s power on you Key Thoughts 1 du Maurier truly engages the reader with lyrical and ethereal descriptions of everything going on in the story You will feel like you are sitting at a table in the house watching everything occur around you The super fine details are what challenge your intellect to decide what is real and what is not.2 As a plot, it s classic did she or didn t she kill him But here s the interesting part that question hardly ever comes up in the book It s not a mystery in terms of researching the past to see if murder actually happened It s entirely psychological in the relationship between Philip and Rachel where you listen to the words or what isn t said, think about whether you trust either of them and in the end, you just wish you could have spoken to Ambrose yourself to get the answer.3 I went back and forth multiple times deciding whether I liked Rachel and Philip as characters and as human beings Humanity and kindness are huge themes in this novel Attitude and disinterest are also keen to make themselves present within the relationships Sometimes I wanted to throttle both, other times, the tenderness was admirable The last few chapters truly push the envelope in terms of engaging doubt before there is a final reveal.4 While reading the first 75 pages, I was also editing my novel I had on my writer glasses and couldn t stop analyzing the word choice in du Maurier s initial chapters It was disconnected and hard to attach myself, too I also found a few words that were repeated a couple of times on the same page a pet peeve for me in my own writing and after the third or fourth, I slapped myself and realized it wasn t important 99 amazing words on every page and 1 every so often that didn t work That s way too high of a percentage to ever get stuck Stick with it past that initial 15% mark and you re in for quite an intellectually stimulating ride.5 If you love Italy or the quintessential proper English culture and decor, you will enjoy this novel The only thing that bugged me from time to time was not really knowing enough about Philip prior to meeting Rachel, so I could form a strong enough opinion on who he was as a person, i.e before he became mesmerized by his cousin Rachel.6 My favorite part of the whole book Philip ALWAYS refers to her as My cousin Rachel until a certain event changes their lives then she simply becomes Rachel The meaning of the novel is hidden in that ever so small alteration in their relationship and future Summary du Maurier is quite skilled at creating scenery, characters, and undetermined truth We really never know who to believe, even in the end But it works Whereas Rebecca was a stronger plot, I think My Cousin Rachel pushes the envelope in terms of who should we believe Either case, I really enjoyed the read, especially discussing it with Michael, who is an author you might want to take a look at new book coming out in April 18 I plan to review the author s bibliography this summer to see if there s another potential novel of hers I d like to read Overall, I d give this 4 stars as I really enjoyed it, but there was some repetition and missing pieces so I couldn t quite knock it up to a 5 star rating.