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ARE YOU MY MOTHER Tells A Very Simple Story For Children Who Have Just Started To Read Their Younger Brothers Or Sisters Will Also Want To Follow The Baby Bird S Quest As He Asks Everyone And Everything He Meets, Are You My MotherBack In , Theodor Geisel Responded To An Article In Life Magazine That Lamented The Use Of Boring Reading Primers In Schools Using The Pseudonym Of Dr Seuss Seuss Was Geisel S Middle Name And Only Two Hundred Twenty Three Words, Geisel Created A Replacement For Those Dull Primers The Cat In The Hat The Instant Success Of The Book Prompted Geisel And His Wife To Found Beginner Books, And Geisel Wrote Many Popular Books In This Series, Including Hop On Pop, Fox In Socks, And Green Eggs And Ham Other Favorite Titles In This Series Are Go, Dog, Go And Are You My Mother By P D Eastman, A Fly Went By, By Mike McClintock, And Put Me In The Zoo, By Robert Lopshire These Affordable Hardcover Books Combine Large Print, Easy Vocabulary, And Large, Bright Illustrations In Stories Kids Will Want To Read Again And Again GradesGrades

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    Grades pre k to 2ndWhen I was in first grade, my sister and I found out we were adopted I instantly sought comfort in this book We were told we were adopted because in class we had to write down where we inherited our facial features and hair from I couldn t say where I got my curly hair from and when my teacher told me I had to get curly hair from someone in my family, I came home from school on a mission to discover where it came from knowing that I was the only one with curls The idea that I didn t look like the rest of my family, was difficult but this book helped me deal with my differences Its been a long time since I read it, and although I believe the little lost bird ends up with a mother who looks just like him, I have this memory of my mom using this book to explain that a mother is of a emotional connection, a caring relationship, not always a physical connection.

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    When a Mother Bird leaves the nest to find food for her yet to hatch egg, little does she know that the Baby Bird will be on a mission to find his mother right off the bat With no one in the nest, Baby Bird begins a search around, seeking out his mother Not a kitten, a hen, a cow or a dog and on goes the search for his mother Further explorations prove fruitless, but Baby Bird is soon reunited with his mother and finds all the happiness he could want Neo chose this as his final bedtime book, having heard it before in a previous collection He thought it funny to see all the different mother possibilities that Baby Bird had before locating his rightful mother.

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    3 Are You My Mother s You are not my mother You are a scary Snort I may not have loved this book but I can still appreciate it It s an okay book especially to introduce to young children to as it is a very easy read with very simple words The illustrations in the remakes are very colorful which is good because it holds the eye There s nothing worse than a good story with absolute boring pictures It just kinda felt a bit long for what it was But my little niece seemed to enjoy it well enough Just NOT something I d personally wanna read very often if ever again The message I got out of it is this, It helps children learn we should be thankful for our mothers and also the friends around us That s a pretty good message though that s for sure.

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    A cute, little, tiny tiny bird is out and about to explore the world What is she searching Whom is she looking for Of course, it s her mother, whom she wants to find out Funny and innovative

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    A baby bird is look out for her mother.No, her mother is not missing How can adult go missing But this baby bird has decided to go on an adventure and until it finds its mother, there s no stopping her Sweet and cute story image error

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    I absolutely love this book This book never gets old and never stops being fun to read or hear We LOVE this book For years Thea pretended to pop from the egg She still does sometimes And this book is how she first learned that animals EAT other animals. She knew birds caught worms But it wasn t until I asked her what the baby bird was going to DO with the worm that I realized she didn t know She said the worm was going to live in the nest with the baby bird Like a pet So I, somewhat mischeiviously and after recovering myself, told her He s going to EAT it She was horrified The look on her face was awesome Because, really Who da thunk it animals are food She thought they were all friends Yesterday, in her animal book, there was a picture of a lion in mid air about to tackle a gazelle or some such animal She said Look He s going to climb on his back Like I climb on yours The truth is a little reality than I want her to have so I said Yup Just like you climb on mine.

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    Mother Bird wears a kerchief on her head because of femininity.

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    Strange story, the main character was VERY dim which did not suit the story It at first seemed as though it would be a breath taking story started with the age old question Are you my mother But his repeated asking of this question To other animals and inanimate objects that could not possibly be his mother I found slightly disturbing It also contributed to my fear that this newly hatched bird, had mental retardation brought on by his fall from the nest.This book also brings up another sad topic, chick abandonment The process of an adult bird leaving a new born ALONE in the nest for hours at a time a risky and dangerous thing to do to say the least.In short this story is not despite popular belief a children s story There is far too much chick endangerment Birdy social services should most certainly take a look into this mother s endangerment of her chick Note if you took this review seriouslyyou missed the point

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    un lindo libro para ni os o para aprender y mejorar el espa ol y de hecho la ilustraci n es adorable.

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    A startling exposition on the morality of snorts.