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The First Novel About Present Day North Korea To Be Published In The WestA Moving And True To Life Tale Of Courage In The Face Of Oppression And ExileHyejin Kim SJia Follows The Adventures Of An Orphaned Young Woman, Jia, Who Has The Grace Of A Dancer But The Misfortune Of Coming From A Politically Suspect Family In The Isolated Mining Village Of Her Childhood, Jia S Father, A Science Teacher, Questions Government Intrusion Into His Classroom And Is Taken Away By Police, Never To Be Heard From Again Now Jia Must Leave The Village Where Her Family Has Been Sent As Punishment To Carve A Path For Herself Her Journey Takes Her First To Pyongyang, And Finally To Shenyang In Northeast China Along The Way, She Falls In Love With A Soldier, Befriends Beggars, Is Kidnapped, Beaten, And Sold, Negotiates Chinese Culture, And Learns To Balance Cruel Necessity With The Possibilities Of Kindness And Love Above All, Jia Must Remain Wary, Always Ready To Adapt To The Capricious Political Winds Of Modern North Korea And China Read this before I head to South Korea this week just to get some understanding of Korean culture, etc Devoured it in 1 day at the expense of sleep and school but it was than worth it It is straightforward, honest, and gives an amazing look into the lives of North Koreans and refugees to China I particularly enjoyed the authors focus on how life moves on, that when horrible things happen to us the human spirit doesn t always wail and wallow but silently mourns and then repairs I also liked the main character s fiery spirit even in situations where you think it might just be best for her to go along with the situation, with the result that sometimes things are made worse by her fighting, but sometimes things are made better. 3.5 The author was inspired to write this novel because of her work with North Koreans, now living in Northern China One looks at the cover, the smiling apparently happy little girls, all for show, like most things are in North Korea They were in fact little girls from a state run orphanage, and played as an honor to important personages and to their leader A dancer is what all young girls inspire to be, because if they are a dancer they are provided food, shelter and a community of girls This novel book reads like a memoir, told with little emotion which when one understands what these people go through, all the sorrow in their lives, near starvation, friend disappearing, families murdered., Once one is politically suspect the whole family is punished and all associates are tarred with the same brush, their is not redeeming oneself, they must be forever careful Jia herself, is a wonder and modeled on a real person, but she also has some amazing luck When her luck finally runs out and she escapes to China, she eventually meets people who care about her and help her She in fortunate, but many of her friends were no,t as the reader also learns Many give up, many have hope and keep going, thinking something better is just around the corner Important book for those who are curious or interested in North Korea The writing seems simplistic at times, but it is easy to read thought the subject matter is not So hard to believe that in this day and time so much of this still goes on in the world. The beginning of this was good, reminded me a bit of Memoirs of a Geisha And certainly it was a novelty reading a book set in North Korea I mean, nobody knows anything about North Korea However, as one professional reviewer pointed out, the book reads like a first draft It was like the author was trying to cram as many North Korea issues into the story as possible and she couldn t keep track of them all So many plotlines were simply abandoned and there was basically no ending Also, the business at the end with that nice guy suddenly deciding to rescue Jia from the brothel and pay for her to learn Chinese and everything for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON pretty much defines the term deus ex machina C minus. 2012 03Ketika mendengar nama Korea, apa yang kau ingat Apakah ponsel Samsung, tanaman Ginseng, olimpiade Seoul, atau melodrama mengharu biru dan grup penyanyi beranggotakan banyak orang Sadarkah bahwa semua itu hanya terjadi di Korea Selatan Dan apa yang terjadi di Korea Utara jauh berbeda 180 derajat Tahun 80 an, di Korea Utara masih ada gulag, pembuangan tahanan politik, orang orang yang tidak disukai oleh pemerintahan karena mengungkapkan pikirannya sendiri Jia mengalami hal ini Masa kecilnya dihabiskan di daerah pembuangan yang tandus, sampai ia berhasil dilarikan ke Pyongyang Tahun 1997, ketika di Indonesia iklim politik mulai goyang, di Korea Utara masih saja ada penangkapan penangkapan kepada warga yang membelot, yang dianggap kaum pembangkang Silsilah orang diselidiki Setiap orang bisa menjadi mata mata atas yang orang lainnya.Tahun itu, usia Jia 18 tahun, sama denganku di Indonesia Di sini, aku bisa bersekolah sebagai langkah menuju cita citaku, di Korea Utara, Jia bekerja sebagai penari tanpa tahu cita citanya, terjebak dalam cintanya pada seorang tentara yang ia takutkan sikapnya apabila sampai tahu apa yang ia sembunyikan di masa lalu Dan akhirnya ia melihat tanah seberang sebagai impian Dan jalan keluarnya harus dibayar mahalYang menciptakan batas itu hanyalah sekelompok penguasa dengan tentara sebagai anteknya, tidak memberi penghidupan yang layak di negaranya, namun tidak mengijinkan rakyatnya untuk bahagia di tempat lain Orang orang kecil selalu menjadi korban atas batas.