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Set In The Nineteenth Century, World Odyssey The World Duology,Follows The Fortunes Of Three Young Travelers As Each Embarks On An Epic Journey Their Dramatic Adventures Span Sixteen Years And See Them Engage With Native American Indians, Barbary Coast Pirates, Aborigines, Maoris And Pacific Islanders As They Travel Around The World From America To Africa, From England To The Canary Islands, To Australia, New Zealand And SamoaAmbitious American Adventurer Nathan Johnson S Journey Begins When He Runs Away To Sea To Escape A Violent Father After Surviving A Shipwreck And Enslavement By One Of The Indigenous Tribes Of America S Northwest, His Stocks Rise And He Becomes A Successful Trader When Nathan Decides To Visit Fiji To Trade Muskets To The Natives, He Doesn T Know It But His Fortunes Are About To Change AgainSheltered English Missionary Susannah Drake S Journey Begins After She Agrees To Accompany Her Clergyman Father To Fiji To Help Him Run A Mission Station There They Endure A Nightmare Voyage They Re Lucky To Survive When Susannah Finds Herself Sexually Attracted To A Young Crewmember, She Is Forced To Choose Between Her Forbidden Desires And The Life Her Father Has Mapped Out For HerIrrepressible Cockney Jack Halliday S Journey Begins When He Steals Hemp From An Unscrupulous Employer Who Owes Him Outstanding Wages For This He S Sentenced To Seven Years Hard Labor In The British Penal Colony Of New South Wales Jack Escapes To Fiji Only To Be Tracked Down By A Bounty Hunter Employed By The British Government To Round Up Escaped ConvictsAfter Traveling Thousands Of Miles And Experiencing The Best And Worst That Life Can Offer, These Three Disparate Individuals Eventually End Up In The Remote Archipelago Of Fiji, In The South Pacific, Where Their Lives Intersect

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    Great Story I love how the Authors blend the characters around each other A very entertaining story and well written as always.

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    World Odyssey The World Duology, 1 by Lance Morcan Set in the 19th century, Nathan Johnson, Jack Halliday Missionary Susannah Drake each for their own reasons are set to sea Nathan the only American is off on an adventure of his life, Jack Halliday is sentenced by the british government for stealing hemp, and Susannah Drake, sets off on a mission with her Minister father They all end up on the island of Fiji.Along the way they face danger, pirates, murder, death and interesting and some dangerous people, as they sail around the globe Well written with great detail, I felt as if I were a passenger, watching and setting port in exotic locales Susannah with her naive ways is likable, Nathan has character and Jack has likable traits as well.I feel adventure readers will enjoy World Odyssey.

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    This is a great prequel to Fiji It s really great to read what happened to the main character before they reached their destination in the Pacific Ocean I read this book at a slow pace, because I loved the way how the stories of their lives were told I read Fiji before this one, so I know how their lives intertwine and what s going to happen next.

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    I received the book from the author for an honest review.Since I have read Fiji A novel first, it was interesting to learn how the three main characters within the book came together, which made Fiji and incredible book How their experiences have shaped them into the people they have become, and the choices they have made from an early age that had set them up for their journey together.In this book you are introduced to Nathan, Jack and Susanna as very young children Each in their own world with their own troubles, which played a tremendous role in their destiny Nathan who grew up in America, and Susanna and Jack that grew up in England but on different sides of the coin so to speak.Nathan who had an abusive father but yet instilled within the young child a love for traveling and adventure and at the tender age of twelve ran away to escape from one life to find his own way With a sharp mind and an eye for making money he flourished where ever he went Receiving favor, learning hard lessons and trust only one person himself.Jack who had made choices to better himself was willing to learn a trade and worked hard to do what it takes To get away from poverty that was part of most of his younger years but at the end making a wrong decision, which caused him to serve seven years of hard labor in New South Wales A new British colony at the end of the world as it was known during the late nineteen hundreds Always a loner that defended himself becoming strong and independent on this difficult path.Susanna who grew up vastly different the two men, protective and secure under the watchful eye of her father Reverend Drake But yet she also had to deal with the loss of her mother at a very young age, falling in love with a chimney sweeper, and almost made a grave mistake Her father stepping in to rectify it with any means possible.Following her father when he received the call for mission work on the Island of Fiji A brave and courageous young woman that stepped up to any challenge that came on her way.Determined to do what was needed and supporting her father unconditionally Most of the story is written with their adventures in mind on the seas Their journeys, as they traveled to different parts of the world on different vessels, each learning their lessons from life on these ships We meet different and interesting characters that helped to shape them into the grown up we get to know in Book 2.During Nathan s travels he met a young man Tatoosh, who would play an great role in his life Shipwrecked and abandon on an Island, he was caught by the native tribe and had to work as a slave, doing all sorts of things as the chief demanded from him Here he also learned the pleasures of women, since they found the young white American extremely handsome, he was never without a lover As with Book 2 the authors mixed the sexual adventures of the characters and the believes of Christianity into the book without being offensive, vulgar or preachy The normal desires and the temptations of a human and life became part of their lives, wrestling with the quilt at times, but never willing to let it influence them negatively It was just part of the adventure Especially where Susanna was concerned who grew up in a very loving but religious home Her struggles was in focus as she met young men, falling in love her dreams filled with sexual encounters with them At times she believed God punished her for these thoughts throwing herself wholeheartedly into her studies Deeply devoted to God and the mission The two men of course enjoyed every opportunity given to them with no shortage of exploring a woman s body to become good lovers themselves.Jack s travels showed the brutal ways of the slave masters aka servants of Her Majesty s Crown to get in line with the law as they saw it People who did time for meaningless things, suffering under these cruel task masters Causing Jack to escape on several occasions, each with their own adventures and repercussions.Life on the ship on Jack s first trip was very harsh with many of the convicts dead by the time they landed at their destination Jack himself had barely survived but his will to live and his tenacity made him to overcome these hardships almost in a stride Here he showed his strength and agility to overcome no matter the odds stacked against him.The many storms and deaths they all had to face were part of the story line emphasizing their own struggles as human beings There were obnoxious characters and lovable characters that all played a part to make this a wonderful read filled with adventure, tragedy, hope, struggles and overcoming the odds.A coming of age book as three people learn to deal with the hand handed out to them, making the best of every situation the authors could throw at them.Personally I will recommend that you read this book first to better understand the plot in Book 2, the three characters and how they came together to give us a wonderful, in depth and descriptive story of the Islands and the time they lived in.

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    World Osyssey Book One in the World Duology is by Lance and James Morcan This novel takes one from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the Northwest territory of Oregon from Kensington in London, England to New Zealand and from London, England to the penal colony in Australia to New Zealand Three characters, Nathan Johnson, Susannah Drake, and Jack Halliday, leave their homes to make a new home in the Fiji Islands Little do they know that their paths will cross in that new land Nathan Johnson is the son of a sea captain His father was a brutal and seemingly uncaring man who continually harassed Nathan to shape up and meet his standards Nathan never could and ended up running away from home His first job on a ship was for his uncle his mother s brother who traded along the west coast of the United States Nathan s first voyage was to be very unlucky as he was the only survivor of his ship which went down in a storm Nathan was taken into the Makah tribe first as a slave and then as a son to the chief Over the years, Nathan only wanted one thing, to escape When the time came, he managed to escape and then continue his adventures which would take him to the Fuji Islands Susannah Drake is the daughter of a minister who is called to be a missionary in Fuji She cajoles her father into taking her with him Reluctantly, he agrees The ocean voyage is very taxing Boredom, seasickness, death, pirates, wounded father, all combine to make her voyage exciting What will she find when they reach their destination Jack Halliday is forced to go to work early to help his family survive in London Jack works for a blacksmith and works long and hard hours He is owed some overtime but the owner refuses to pay him Jack breaks into the offices one night and takes some hemp for his back pay He is caught and sentenced to years in the penal colony in Australia He escapes and ends up in New Zealand He has a native wife and four children and is a trader What will he find when he goes into the inland in search of plantation owners to buy the rights to cutting trees What will happen when he, Nathan, and Susannah meet It will be interesting to read the sequel Fiji A Novel The World Duology 2.

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    Word Odyssey peaked my curiosity it travels back to when the characters Nathan Johnson, Susanna Drake and Jack Halliday were youths and how their paths came to cross as they reached adulthood.The story is historic fiction that occurs in the 19th century The whole storyline was well written and the set up was descriptive which made it very easy to visualize the scenes in my head The book is filled with abundant scenarios of Indians, being at sea, the daily trial and errors of earning a living and trying to keep a roof over ones head, with even a little bit of romance thrown in too.In their own way, each character has a special uniqueness and in reading this sequel, I gained a better understanding to each of their persona In one way or another, each experienced some type of hardship that helped to individual mold him her into the person that they portray in another book of the series, Fiji A Novel , which I read prior to this one There is one thing I did find surprising in the entire book was Nathan s background After reading this I saw that his relationship with his father played a key role and could have majorly changed the overall direction of Nathan s life and the path he followed.Overall World Odyssey was a good book to cuddle up with and read.

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    World Odyssey by Lance and James Morcan is the epic tale of three completely different characters, set in the mid 1800 s it follows their tumultuous and often dangerous exploits as they journey across continents to eventually arrive in the South Pacific island of Fiji.Nathan Johnson lives in Philadelphia He s the son of a wealthy but violent father and after running away at 12 he ends up working on his uncle s boat which is shipwrecked and he is captured and enslaved by members of the Makah Tribe.Susannah Drake lives in England The much loved daughter of a Methodist minister and his wife Life will drastically change when at 22 she accompanies her father on a long and perilous voyage to Fiji to open a mission station.Jack Halliday is a loveable, engaging and cheeky Cockney lad but after stealing from his unsavoury employer he is arrested and sent to serve time in a penal colony in New South Wales.Three very different lives, three very different journeys ahead but destiny has decreed that eventually their paths will cross A great read, I loved this book and certainly recommend it happy reading everyone

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    Set in the 19th century, Susanna, Nathan, and Jack begin as children Each one in completely different settings Two grow up in England, and one in America They journey to different parts of the continent in vessels Susanna lives in England and is the daughter of a minister, her life changes in her early 20 s Nathan lives in America and the son of a rich but despicable and very aggressive father, he runs away at a young age and eventually works on his Uncles boat Jack lives in London, a thief who does time for his actions All three characters lead very different lives who s paths will come to cross in this epic journey through an entangling gripping escapade of battles and pirates that span over three decades.Dangerous twists and turns arise as murder is a passenger aboard this enthralling exotic voyage So set sail and join Lance and James Morcan in World Odyssey Book 1 a great start to another new series by these talented authors.

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    World Odyssey is an epic, a story that follows the tumultuous lives of three different people Nathan, Jack, and Susanna In this first novel, their lives are separate from each other, and by the end of the novel, they arrive in Fiji, though their paths have yet to cross.Lance and James Morcan have a wonderfully easy style of writing, simple but descriptive, fast paced yet detailed It is a comfortable book that one can fully relax into because of its steady flow and lovely prose It is a prequel to their first book, Fiji, but each book stands alone and you don t have to read them in the order they were written in For the three main characters, there is change and danger at every turn From travel on land and then on the high seas, I was intrigued and completely pulled into the story from the start to the end of this book I loved reading it as much as I loved Fiji I highly recommend that you get both of these fabulous epics

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    The World Odyssey The World Duology 1 is set in the 19th cantury, Nathan Johnson, Jack Halliday and Susannah Drake a missionary are set to sea each has their own reasons Nathan is off on the adventure of his life he is the only American, Jack Halliday was sentenced by the British Government for stealing Hemp, and Susannah Drake is on the mission with her Father a minister.They all end up on the island of Fiji They face danger along the way Pirates, murder, death and some dangerous people as they sail around the world A very well written story with beautiful details I felt i was there on the ship setting port in the exotic locales Susannah is naive but very likeable, Nathan has character, and Jack has some likeable traits If you enjoy adventure books i highly recommend you read World Odyssey