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Set In The Nineteenth Century, The World Duology World Odyssey Fiji A Novel Follows The Fortunes Of Three Young Travelers Their Dramatic Adventures Span Sixteen Years And See Them Engage With Native American Indians, Barbary Coast Pirates, Aborigines, Maoris And Pacific Islanders As They Travel Around The World From America To Africa, From England To The Canary Islands, To Australia, New Zealand, Samoa And Fiji In Book One, World Odyssey, Ambitious American Adventurer Nathan Johnson, Sheltered English Missionary Susannah Drake And Irrepressible Cockney Jack Halliday Each Follow Very Different Paths Nathan S Journey Begins When Runs Away To Sea And Finds Himself The Slave Of A Northwest American Indian Tribe After His Ship Founders On The Rocky Coast Susannah S Journey Begins After She Agrees To Accompany Her Clergyman Father To Fiji To Help Him Run A Mission Station There, And They Must Endure A Nightmare Voyage They Re Lucky To Survive Jack S Journey Begins When He S Sentenced To Seven Years Hard Labor In The British Penal Colony Of New South Wales After Stealing Hemp From An Unscrupulous Employer After Traveling Thousands Of Miles And Experiencing The Best And Worst That Life Can Offer, These Three Disparate Individuals Eventually End Up In The Remote Archipelago Of Fiji, In The South Pacific, Where Their Lives Intersect In Book Two, Fiji A Novel, Jack Sets Himself Up To Trade Fijian Kauri To European Traders While Nathan Trades Muskets To The Same Natives Susannah And Her Father Are Trying To Convert To Christianity Conflict S Inevitable Susannah Despises Nathan, But Is Also Attracted To Him She Soon Finds She S Torn Between Her Spiritual And Sexual Selves When Their Lives Are Suddenly Endangered By Marauding Cannibals, All Three Are Forced To Rely On Each Other For Their Very Survival

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    Two incredible books, by two very talented Authors World Odyssey and Fiji will take you on the most amazing adventure around the world The stories have a group of very interesting and diverse characters, and they come up against some harsh and sometimes dangerous conditions I found myself lost in these stories for many enjoyable hours Well worth a read.

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    If a person from today boarded a ship in the early part of the 19th century, she or he just might feel that they had entered the infamous Twilight Zone the culture shock would be so great Those who did so at the time probably considered this a modern step forward giving them the ability to cross the world for their own particular motives.The Morcan s World Duology takes you by sea on a ship most of us today would not find seaworthy even sailing on a local lake And yet the people of the time might spend three to six months on such voyage for new profitable markets, for religious proselytizing, for adventure, to be shipped to penal colonies In these motives, circumstances, we meet Susannah, Jack, and Nathan who weather the hazards of storms, whales, pirates, fellow passengers, terror, excitement, and yes, destiny too.The voyage is stressful, filled with illness, loss, temptation, repulsion, and determination.For some the harsh journey ends only to be faced with the culture shock of constantly warring tribes, although endless wars were a part of their own history as it is of ours, but to follow through with the Twilight Zone reference, The How to Serve Man cannibals on Fiji took quite a bit of getting accustomed to Attempts of bring Christianity to the savages are coupled with trading for sea slugs, seemingly a delicacy in some places, for muskets.The Reverend Drake, Susannah s father, carries a pistol as well as a Bible.Although this is an historical adventure novel, with a love story, it is than that, so I borrow this from my original review of Fiji Fiji, again, is not just a religion versus religion, profit for sake thereof, but a story of coming to terms with soul, with sexuality with a sense of humanity with a sense of friendship, with a sense of, well, honor This is not a view of natives living in paradise and sometimes feeding on each other, but with their own very harsh reality, religion, and s that the White faces come to at least begin to understand as they begin to understand themselves at a level deeper than they ever have beforeThe Reverend keeps not only his Bible, but a gun nearby for outlanders who are constantly problematical for this particular group of islanders with their surprising use of ingenious barricades and water flows for protection Perhaps an island version of crenelated walls and boiling oil, if you will.You may check all out my reviews of the books of Lance and James Morcan here at Soon there will be a new one the epic tale of who really runs the world, and for what purposes This one will NOT be fiction So join Lance and James now for The Orphan Conspiracies 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy.And of yes, perhaps after you read the new one you might be moved to take back control of your TV set

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    World Duology is an epic, a story that follows the tumultuous lives of three different people Nathan, Jack, and Susanna In this first novel, their lives are separate from each other, and by the end of the novel, they arrive in Fiji, though their paths have yet to cross.Lance and James Morcan have a wonderfully easy style of writing, simple but descriptive, fast paced yet detailed It is a comfortable book that one can fully relax into because of its steady flow and lovely prose It is a prequel to their first book, Fiji, but each book stands alone and you don t have to read them in the order they were written in For the three main characters, there is change and danger at every turn From travel on land and then on the high seas, I was intrigued and completely pulled into the story from the start to the end of this book I loved reading it as much as I loved Fiji I highly recommend that you get both of these fabulous epics Ever since I read the Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy as a teen, I have been drawn to exotic stories about the South Pacific Fiji immediately drew my interest and I was than pleased with this fascinating novel.If you like your stories straight up, told like it really was, and without any sugar coating, then Fiji is sure to please This novel transcends gender and will appeal to both male and female readers The characters in the story fascinated me, evolving and adapting to their circumstances and surroundings The underlying romance that weaves itself through the story is beautifully written and credible as the couple move from intense dislike to meaningful love.This book had a bit of everything sex, violence, humor, historic detail, and plenty of twists to keep one reading A warning for all readers in keeping with the authentic tone throughout, you will come across scenes of ritualistic slaughter and cannibalism A fabulous novel, beautiful for its blunt rawness, exotic scenery, and fascinating storyline Definitely one to pick up and read The Kindle version is less than a dollar A quality book for sure

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    The world Duolody World Odyssey Fiji A Novel Lance James MorcanWorld Odyssey The World Duology, 1 by Lance James MorcanSet in the 19th century, Nathan Johnson, Jack Halliday Missionary Susannah Drake each for their own reasons are set to sea Nathan the only American is off on an adventure of his life, Jack Halliday is sentenced by the British government for stealing hemp, and Susannah Drake, sets off on a mission with her Minister father They all end up on the island of Fiji.Along the way they face danger, pirates, murder, death and interesting and some dangerous people, as they sail around the globe Well written with great detail, I felt as if I were a passenger, watching and setting port in exotic locales Susannah with her naive ways is likable, Nathan has character and Jack has likable traits as well.I feel adventure readers will enjoy World Odyssey.Fiji by Lance James MorcanSusannah Drake and her widowed father are missionaries traveling to the Island of Fiji Their mission is to spread the word on Christianity Nathan Johnson is a trader and he too goes to the Island Once there the missionaries find that the Island is not civilized and danger lurks everywhere Violence is common and occurs too often.Susannah is sheltered and naive, the descriptions of this Island and the story line were interesting and it was a fast read A bit of graphic violence at times but very intense i needed to know the story unfolds.Both Books are fantastic I recommend reading The World Duology World Odyssey Fiji A Novel , so you read one after the other to really get the entire story in on sitting If not each book is great as a stand alone I highly recommend to adventure lovers.

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    Fantastic Historical Fiction The story revolves around three characters, Nathan Johnson, Susannah Drake and Jack Halliday, who embark on their own personal journey to the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, in the mid 1800s Even though they are from very different backgrounds, their paths will cross and they will have to unite to survive the harsh reality that awaits them on territories inhabited by native tribes.I was immediately drawn into the story, and the fast paced action kept me turning the pages until the end The historical and cultural details made it a highly interesting book offering an insight into the anthropological issues at a time when conflicts between different ethnic groups were solved by brutal violence Between romance, action and historical accuracy, this story has all the elements of great entertainment.I would highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy historical fiction or epic adventures.

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    I received both the books from the authors for an honest review.I already elloborate on both books in the individual reviews so I do not want to give to much away in this one, but it is highly recommended Each book is filled with adventure as you learn and very descriptive as you get lost in the pages of this historical story Easy to read, your imagination is stirred with the interesting places and people they meet along the way Flowing easily, the story addresses many issues plainly creating a world that is both remarkable and authentic The three characters personalities grew withing the pages to become lovable characters you can identify with Each believable in their own place as they conquer lives challenges Thanks for the opportunity to read these books.

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    I am going to Fiji soon so I did a search to find a book set there I m surprised I haven t heard of this book before I read both in the Duology quite quickly The writing is a little cliched at times but I loved seeing how the characters went over time Back in those days without the communication and the laws we have now it was easy to get wrapped up in real adventures The story takes us all over the world and ends up in Fiji where the 3 characters converge Lots of fun, great characters that have loads of adventures over the course of years, I have that lost feeling now that the books are finished Guess I ll have to wait for the movie.

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    I loved this book my favorite of the two and Fiji It s a must read duology All the adventure and suspense kept me reading..when I should have been doing some work. The characters were all very likable You won t regret.Lance and James you did it again I want to thank you two.

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    If you enjoy reading classical seafaring adventures, these two books are for you Treasure Island and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea comes to mind but Lance James Morcan has created their own classical epic tales with The World Odyssey and Fiji The surreal and historical backdrop set the stage for a dramatic ensemble of casts The story takes place in the nineteenth century and span for sixteen years We followed three young travelers as they turn to the sea Burdened with desires for exploration they overcame various obstacles Along the way they encountered natives, pirates and indigenous tribes And so their adventure began.The characters are engaging and the plots are evenly paced Amidst the untamed sea, jealousy and conflicts give rise to unscrupulous deeds But when pushed to the brink, they found strength as they learn to endure each other weaknesses and imperfections I ve read two previous books by the father and son team and enjoyed their books immensely so I decided to follow up with another book After reading The World Duology, I have to say that this book is by far their best work Needless to say, I am becoming a big fan of Lance James Morcan.

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    You have to read Fiji after you read this one This book is filled with how the characters grew up and were raised You ll learn of how their childhood starts, what they endure and come across to know one another.Nathan, Jack and Susanna are all from different walks of life It s really amazing how their paths crossed and met.The time of the story is actually set into the middle of the 1800 s.Nathan was stranded on an island that was taken over by tribes, after his boat with crew and his uncle went down during a storm He was the only survivor.Jack, he ended up in legal troubles His punishment that was a WOW factor.Susanna was the daughter of a minister Her mother, she d lost at an earlier age.__________Every book that Lance and James Morcan have written has been enjoyable, not to mention hard to put down Once you read one of their books, I recommend reading the rest You will NOT be sorry