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Jackson Hunt Gets His Turn In This Finding It Prequel Novella Jackson Hunt Hasn T Been Out Of The Military For Long, But He Needs To Get A Job And Find A Sense Of Normalcy If He Is Going To Keep His Demons At Bay The Job That Falls Into His Lap, Though, Is Anything But NormalBecoming Bodyguard And Babysitter To Spoiled Rich Girl Kelsey Summers Isn T Exactly What He Had In Mind, But It S A Chance To Travel, To Get Away The Catch Kelsey S Father Doesn T Want Her To Know She S Being FollowedShe S Vibrant And Infuriating, Exciting And Reckless, Mysterious And Familiar When Jackson Sees Her Falling Into The Same Patterns He Suffered Years Ago, He Decides It S Time To Stop Watching And Help Her Instead But Getting To Know Kelsey Is Difficult Than He Thought, Especially Because The He Knows Her, The He Wants Her

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    I m so sorry to say this, but this novella was a HUGE disappointment for me I was really excited to read this story through Jackson s POV Surprisingly, I didn t find it that interesting in a lot of places, and just when it started getting good, BAM, it was over VERY abruptly I m used to my novellas having a beginning, middle, and end, and this one had NO end It just stopped suddenly I actually had to go back and check to make sure something didn t happen to my copy because I couldn t believe it would just stop where it did All of the parts with Kelsey that I wanted to read from Jackson s POV didn t even happen He is barely with her before it ends I guess I just didn t expect this story to be like it was From my impression I thought it would be about both before they met and then their time together I knew it wouldn t go into every experience obviously because it was a novella , but I thought it would touch on some of their key moments together before the end To my disappointment, it doesn t They actually only make it through the drugging scene at the club and when he takes her back to the hotel My BIG question of why did he actually leave her hotel room that night I ve wondered this since I read Faking It when she basically told him that if she woke up alone she would think something horrible had happened to her and to please, please not leave her, was never answered It stopped right before that Ugh So now I guess I will never know He left her that night and she woke up alone and freaked out, thinking the worst, just like she told him she would Anyway, so this one just wasn t what I was hoping for A disappointment in the end or non ending I should say I still LOVE Cora Carmack though and will read anything she puts out I can t wait for her next series

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    Reto 3 PopSugar 2018 El siguiente libro de una serie que ya has comenzado.Ser honesta este fue mi libro menos favorito en esta serie Seeking Her es una precuela decente pero completamente innecesaria de Finding It, el tercer libro de la serie Losing It En Finding It, el ex marinero Jackson Hunt es contratado por el padre de Kelsey para seguir a esta y mantenerla a salvo, y l la acompa a a trav s de Europa despu s de graduarse de la universidad Buscarla es la misi n de Jackson mientras sigue a Kelsey, la mira emborrach ndose y conect ndose con chicos al azar No fue terrible, pero tampoco fue una gran historia por s misma.Siento que este libro fue un tanto innecesario, en serio No hay nada nuevo respecto a Finding It Todo lo que esperaba ver desde el punto de vista de Jackson no sucedi , en realidad fue aburrido, no hubo nada nuevo que mostrarPr cticamente 170 p ginas se dedicaron a la b squeda de Kelsey o m s bien el seguimiento y leer lo linda y sexy que era, el resto del libro fue casi lo mismo que Finding It pero en versi n aburrida A ado que tenia unos di logos parecidos a Losing It, como por ejemplo la caballerosidad y otro dialogo que he olvidado pero que podr a jurar es similar a una conversaci n que sucede en Losing It entre Garrick y Blis.Ojal este libro hubiera sido como la novela Losing It y se haya establecido unos meses despu s de Faking It Realmente quer a saber lo que le sucedi a Jackson y Kelsey, ya que su relaci n apenas se mostr al final de Faking It Me encantar a ver lo que hicieron con sus vidas despu s de eso, quedarse en Espa a Regresar a los Estados Unidos Qu hace Jackson a continuaci n en t rminos de un trabajo Eso es sobre lo que quer a leer, pero en cambio tenemos este refrito de un libro Estoy muy decepcionada.

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    Ich hatte gehofft dass man noch mehr mitbekommt was nach Finding it passiert und es endet immer soooooo abrupt

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    although I thought this was interesting, I agree with others that thought it ended too abruptly.

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    I loved to read some of this stuff from Jackson s POV.

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    3.5 5 starsI am a huge fan of Cora s Losing It series and I have to say it s rather bittersweet seeing the series come to its conclusion However, I am certainly excited for Cora s upcoming new adult series I absolutely adored Finding It, so when I learned there would be a novella from Jackson s POV I was ecstatic He really was a mystery in Finding It and I wanted to see what made him tick While we get to know him on a bit personal level in this novella, I found the storyline to be a bit lacking I knew going in it would be a novella and a retelling so that wasn t a shocker, but I just felt a bit bored at times.Don t get me wrong, I do love me some Jackson Hunt And getting inside that man s head was definitely a treat I absolutely love seeing Kelsey through his eyes because he is able to see her vibrant, free spirit and her beauty just by observing her Everyone takes notice of her and wants to be around her they really are the moths and Kelsey is the flame burning brightly and out of control However, as he watches and observes her, he realizes that she isn t just a spoiled, rich girl running around Europe to party In fact, he is almost shocked to see his former self in her She s stuck in an endless cycle of self destruction and it reminds him of an all too familiar road he has once traveled It s just I look at you, and I see a beautiful woman in the prime of her life, traveling to exotic places, with the world at her fingertips But I think that s what you want people to see And maybe I love a mystery too, because I can t stop thinking about what s underneath all that, what you don t let people see Jackson is definitely tempted by Kelsey She s beautiful and sexy and he is envious by how freely she is living her life traipsing around, drinking and having fun But his envy soon turns to anger as he realizes this is a pattern for her He is risking his own sobriety to follow her to bar after bar while she gets drunk and that is really difficult for him He knows he can t be tempted by her, as he has a job to do However, Jackson is definitely fighting a losing battle because there is so much to Kelsey than meets the eye And Jackson is the only one who can see past the fa ade she s put up and see how she longs for .I enjoyed reading Jackson s first impressions of Kelsey and how he has fought his desire for her from the very beginning Although it didn t quite pack the punch I was hoping for, I still found this novella to be a nice addition to the Losing It series Received a copy of this book via Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    Originally posted at City of BooksSeeking Her definitely satiated my craving for Jackson, and I loved reading from his perspective Though this is a novella, I think it s the perfect length not too short, not too long And the latter part of it overlaps with Finding It, which I also loved For those of you who ve read Finding It, this is a must read This novella is a prequel to Finding It, and it follows Jackson as he travels all around Europe keeping an eye on Kelsey You d think it would be weird reading this since Jackson is essentially stalking Kelsey, but it s really not We get to see his side of things, his initial thoughts of Kelsey, and how he started becoming fascinated by her, and slowly understanding her.We get to know Jackson a lot in this, and the demons that plague him too He s been through a lot as a Marine, and this babysitting job was supposed to be relaxing for him But he s shocked to discover it s the exact opposite Jackson sees a younger version of himself in Kelsey, and he immediately knows he has to try and save her from going down the same road he did.I loved Jackson immensely in Finding It, and my admiration of him grew in this novella He has an astonishing amount of willpower, considering he s almost a year sober and Kelsey spends all her time in bars I found that quite amusing, that Kelsey always kept him on his toes even though she never knew he was there I especially loved the parts that overlap with scenes in Finding It, because we get to know what Jackson s thinking It s obvious how much he starts to care for Kelsey, and that was just incredibly sweet.Overall, I adored this novella And I m so glad Cora decided to write Jackson s story, no matter how brief it was It really helps to understand Jackson s thoughts and actions, and it s a little unnerving to think he s been watching Kelsey for that long But the fact that it didn t bother me at all shows how much I love these characters They re actually perfect for one another I really hope there s to come in this series, because I ve met some of the best written characters of NA here Thank you to HarperCollins for providing me with an eARC for review

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    Fue muy corto

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    Honestly, I thought this novella was unnecessary and I liked Hunt before we knew his POV.

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    This is possibly the most pointless novella I ve ever read The whole novella was just Jacons watching Kelsey Like a grade A stalker It got super creepy Nothing about this was romantic Also, the insta love was ridiculous Like what the hell did he fall in love with Her drunkiness, her promiscuity, her fakeness what I didn t like Kelsey from her actual book so I didn t think it would be any different here, but my opinion of Jackson went down a lot not that it was high to begin with He spent the whole time moping and when he wasn t moping he was mooning over Kelsey Just ridiculous Nothing about this needed to be written.