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When PI Ben Callahan Agreed To Take The Job Of Watching Over Spoiled Heiress Grace Montgomery, He Figured It Would Be Easy Money Then He Discovered That Gorgeous Grace Had A Reckless Streak A Mile Wide And Was A Serious Threat To His Libido Ben Wasn T Worried About Being Able To Keep Grace Safe From Outsiders But Who Would Protect Her From Ben Grace Montgomery Was Finally Free Free To Find Out Who She Was And What She Wanted And Who She Wanted Right Now Was Her Sexy New Neighbor She Planned To Explore Her Sensual Side, To Shed All Her Inhibitions And Discover What It Was To Be A Woman Ben S Woman Only, She Hadn T Known That Ben Had Been Paid For The Privilege Just pure fun Cuman lumayan Gak ada yang terlalu istimewa dari Grace kecuali dia sangat menyayangi anak anak dan berusaha menberi sebanyak mungkin kepada orang lain Dilain pihak, Ben merupakan pribadi yang baik, memikirkan kepentingan ibunya. Le do en Junio 20132.5 estrellas I miss the fun, flirty books by Carly Phillips I am forcing myself to read the bundle just to get it done. Good book Setting New York her apartment, the park, the alley near the park Theme love honesty Characters Grace Montgomery finding herself, separate from her family a photographer, she is taking pictures of children for a brochure but giving the pictures to the families she followed one boy who wandered across the street, and took a picture of him eating an ice cream but caught his brother selling drugs in the alley behind the brother has been using the little one to carry and Grace is now threatened Emma Montgomery her loving, meddling grandmother she met Ben, and decides to hire him to investigate her granddaughter to make sure she is safe and hoping that they would connect Ben Callahan PI fascinated by Grace wants to submerge himself in her wants to keep his distance and wants to keep her safe Summary Grace is pushing her own boundaries, both professionally and personally when threatened and Ben helps her see what she caught on film, she goes to the boy s mother to tell her what her older son is doing and to get the boy in an afternoon program Ben feels guilty for lying to her about being hired to investigate but he falls in love with her with her spirit and openness to him, even when he was putting up barriers ahhhMemorable scenes So much of Ben s job was based on sight, perception and instinct And right now, his were screaming about the danger this woman posed To his life, his sanity his heart Deciding to act on the attraction and to free her inhibitions she says to him Welcome to my simply sensual seduction She wished it didn t have to end But when the earth shattering climax had subsided, she d opened her eyes, taken one look at the panic in Ben s face and known there was no future Not for them An though she didn t know exactly why he feared intimacy and commitment, she was perceptive enough to take note of his anxiety and realize if she didn t reassure him and accept now, she d lose whatever time he was still willing to share mausoleum of a house we called The Estate, and we had servants galore but we also had Emma. Detektif Ben Callahan tidak pernah mencampur adukkan perasaan dengan profesionalisme kerja, akan tetapi Ben tidak bisa menolak tawaran pekerjaan dari Emma Montgomery karena bayaran yang lumayan dan dia membutuhkan banyak uang untuk membiayai pengobatan ibunya Apalagi setelah Ben melihat foto klien yang harus dia awasi, cucu dari Emma, membuatnya ingin melindungi gadis itu Grace Montgomery ingin hidup mandiri dan dia yakin dia bisa lepas dari pengaruh ayahnya seperti yang dilakukan kakak laki lakinya yang kini menemukan kebahagiaan hidupnya Grace merasa menjadi photografer adalah jiwanya dan Grace tahu dia telah dewasa untuk bisa melakukan apa yang diinginkannya, salah satunya adalah menggoda tetangga barunya yang hot.Ben tidak ingin terlalu dekat dengan Grace, akan tetapi wanita itu tidak seperti yang dia bayangkan selama ini, Grace wanita yang mandiri dan baik, bukan gadis kaya yang manja Dan setelah tahu bahwa Grace telah diserang dan diancam seseorang, Ben kini tidak bisa tinggal diam untuk hanya memantau Grace dari kejauhan, Ben harus melindungi wanita itu Buku ketiga dari series simply kali ini menceritakan tentang Grace, adik Logan, hero di buku kedua Menurutku buku ketiga ini tidak sebagus buku pertama dan kedua, berbumbu sedikit sedikit banget misteri tentang peredaran narkoba yang membuat Grace tak sengaja memfoto bukti dan akhirnya membuat Grace diserang Selebihnya cuma tarik ulur, goda menggoda, antara Grace dan Ben Karakter Hero di cerita ini sebenernya cukup oke, selain digambarkan cukup tampan dan macho mengendarai mobil mustang , Ben pria penyayang dan care terhadap ibunya, memiliki jiwa ingin melindungi yang lemah, akan tetapi yang membuat karakter ini lemah, pandangannya terhadap kaya dan miskin, selain itu dia memukul rata sifat semua orang kaya itu sama.So far, aku cukup menikmati membaca simply series sampai dengan buku ketiga ini dan akan lanjut ke buku empatnya, walaupun tidak terlalu banyak berekspektasi untuk cerita di buku selanjutnya. Simply Sensual by Carly Phillips is the third book in the Simply series Grace Montgomery family has lots of money She wants to go out on her own and not use the family money She wants to take pictures and sell them to magazines and all Grace doesn t call home very much Her Grandmother hires P.I Ben Callahan to watch and take care of Grace from a distance Hot sex happens between them Lotsgoes on in the story A Good Read. I bought this book last year and I forgot where I put it after that And today when I clean my drawer, I found it Hidden under old paperworks from high school and still in its plastic wrapper Oh my god It s about Ben, who hired by Grace s grandmother to spy on her and to make sure that she s safe Grace s work are risking her life and she s also receiving death threats Grace s gran wants her safe At first Ben s reluctant to do his job because he thought that Grace s one spoiled princess But it turns out, not Grace s humble and down to earth and she touched Ben s deepest heart And apparently, Ben s also touches Grace s One thing led to another and when she finds out that Ben s just a spy that her gran hired, she s devastated. One thing for sure, Simply Sensual is very typical and kind of cliche But everybody loves cliche, right I do Ben s kind of cute and Grace s tender heart is beautiful I love the way Miss Phillips describe hr characters Easy to read and simple But the angst is very turn off When I expected some actions from Grace s death threats sender and there s none, I was disappointed It could ve been better But so far, it s very enjoyable to read and there s no heavy angst which is nice Way to go, Miss Phillips