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For Generations, The Beaumont Family Has Harbored A Magical Secret They Each Possess A Savvy A Special Supernatural Power That Strikes When They Turn Thirteen Grandpa Bomba Moves Mountains, Her Older Brothers Create Hurricanes And Spark Electricity And Now It S The Eve Of Mibs S Big Day As If Waiting Weren T Hard Enough, The Family Gets Scary News Two Days Before Mibs S Birthday Poppa Has Been In A Terrible Accident Mibs Develops The Singular Mission To Get To The Hospital And Prove That Her New Power Can Save Her Dad So She Sneaks Onto A Salesman S Bus Only To Find The Bus Heading In The Opposite Direction Suddenly Mibs Finds Herself On An Unforgettable Odyssey That Will Force Her To Make Sense Of Growing Up And Of Other People, Who Might Also Have A Few Secrets Hidden Just Beneath The Skin

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    The book Savvy by Ingrid Law is a fantastic fantasy novel.It s about a girl named Mibs who is turning thirteen, and in her family, turning into a teenager means that she will receive her special ability called a Savvy It s a great novel filled with a bunch of fun adventures In the book Savvy Mibs lives between Nebraska and Kansas, she is no ordinary girl In her family at the age of thirteen everybody gets their Savvy On her older brothers thirteenth birthday his savvy was to control electricity, and her other brother named Fish, is able to control the weather Everybody in her family seems to have a Savvy except her dad, but her thirteenth birthday is coming soon and she is very excited about her Savvy What will Mibs s Savvy be Will she be strong enough Ingrid Law is mind blowing She s a great storyteller Her characters are very delightful and Interesting Ingrid Law handled this story perfectly,there were so many twist s in this story and great imagery.I could NOT put this books down, it was mesmerizing In the end this book left you wanting The message of this book is, don t be in a hurry to grow up.I agree with this because, us as young students can t wait to get out of school, but we should stop trying to grow so fast and enjoy being young We should just enjoy the little fun things before we have to grow up get jobs and pay bills, that s no fun In conclusion this book really interested me, and raised multiple questions in my mind, such as What would my Savvy be and Would my Savvy be life changing I would really recommend this book to elementary students and above This book will change your perspective on how you view life as a young child, and maybe you ll end up having a great journey along the way.

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    Meh I wanted to like Savvy, but it felt manipulative and overwritten to me the same vibe I got from The Underneath and The Higher Power of Lucky This one, not surprisingly, is a Newbery contender as well A florid style, faux vernacular, and over the top alliteration and cutesy vocabulary does not equal literary merit I felt like it lacked both strength and authenticity The story itself could have stood on its own, and with a different writing style I might have enjoyed it I like stories of adolescents coming into a hereditary talent or power, though that s hardly an original idea And I enjoy stories with strong families But the bulky writing had me rolling my eyes the whole time, keeping me from enjoying the potentially exciting plot I can t think of a single child I can give this to I can think of some parents who might luxuriate in it as a read aloud, and children perhaps enjoying it that way I ve heard only good reviews of this, though, and from friends and colleagues I greatly respect so my dislike of it is probably a matter of taste.

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    Savvy is the new book from up and coming author author Ingrid Law The book is an intriguing look into the life of an extra special family known as the Beaumont s The Beaumont s are endowed with what they refer to as their own personal Savvy, some type of supernatural power that they develop on or around their thirteenth birthday The story focuses on the young protagonist Mississippi Mibs Beaumont who is rapidly approaching this fateful date When her father is involved in a car accident, Mibs and her two brothers along with a few tag alongs set out on a journey to visit their father in the hospital.Savvy is a wonderful book aimed primarily at young adults, but also easily accessible to an older age group It is a refreshingly original adventure story which appeals to the inner child inside of each of us Both boys and girls will find themselves enthralled as they follow Mibs, her two eccentric brothers, as well as a host of other wacky characters on the road trip to end all road trips While often hilarious and zany, Savvy remains grounded in the traditional wholesome family values we have come to expect from the Walden brand The story combines just the right amount of humor and heart to make it one of the most engaging children s books of recent memory.

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    Kids, please don t hitchhike aboard a stranger s bus I actually had to look up the criteria for a Newberry Medal after reading this Even as an honor medal, I couldn t believe that it deserved the title of most distinguished contribution to American literature for children But I guess that s not really up to me, it s up to 15 people to decide.Butif it were up to me, this book would probably get a medal for best concoction of invented and real wordswithout saying much I fully admit that it s unique prose caught my eye in the beginning but after a while the story was so full of word fluff that when digging around for the story, I realized there wasn t very much there.Word Fluff I appreciate beautiful prose but it just got to be too much Much of the prose sounded like this next to the pushing pulling waves broody Samson was a dark and shadowy seven my palms burned like fire from all of the hurt just under the skin Girls only get quiet, polite savvies sugar and spice and everything humdrum savvies etc etc etc.Now, don t get me wrong I fully enjoy adjective saturated imagerybut when the focus is on the word usage than on the plot, I begin to wonder what was the point of the story in the first place Plot In case you re wondering, the plot basically goes like this view spoiler 1 Leading off from the summaryMib s parents are at the hospital.2 Since her parents aren t there, the town s preacher family hosts Mibs 13th birthday party which is a disaster so Mibs hides aboard the Bible Supply Bus.3 Along with 2 of the preacher s kids and 2 of Mib s siblings, the kids stow away on the bus, heading toward Salina where the hospital is located Eventually we learn that an alert has gone out that kids are missing Btw Grandpa Bomba is at home with the other Beaumont sibling 4 Mibs discovers that her special magical power is hearing the thoughts of people through ink on their skin.5 The kids and bus driver and another hitchhiker travel through different cities until they finally arrive at the hospital.6 Mibs tells her dad that even though he s human, he still has a magical power which is that he never gives up.7 Family returns home hide spoiler

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    Monday through Wednesday, we called our thin stretch of land Kansaska Thursday through Saturday, we called it Nebransas It s writing like this that makes Savvy fun and quirky Law especially captures the as the main character, a young girl named Mississippi Mibs Beaumont Mibs and her family share a special secret that on their 13th birthday they get a certain power For example, Mibs brother Fish can cause hurricanes and thunderstorms, and her other brother Rocket can generate electricity which, by the way, jumpstarts their ancient station wagon I can t wait to discover what Mib s quiet younger brother, Samson, will get A few days before Mibs special birthday, her father is in a serious car accident and in a hospital almost 100 miles a way in Salina, Kansas Her mom goes to the hospital with Rocket in the Rocket powered station wagon, leaving the kids Fish, Mibs, Samson, and baby Gypsy at home The day of her birthday party, Mibs realizes that Samson s turtle, previously assumed dead, has come out of hibernation Thinking that her savvy is the power to wake animals and people up, she sets off on the quest to visit her dad and cure him herself.Mibs finds a pink bible salesman s bus with Salina on the side to hide in, but Samson and Fish find her and decide to join in the impromptu journey, along with family friends Bobbi and Will Jr.The characters in this book are lovable The bible salesman is a great adult to add to the story Law s sentences are full of alliteration that bounces off the tongue and fun to read to yourself What Mibs real savvy is something you wouldn t expect and unique, and the sidestory of Mibs and Will Jr is wonderful Savvy is a lighthearted story with a deeper meaning, but it s not preachy at all It was quite enjoyable, actually It was a quick read I wish there were pages to read when I finished it

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    I liked just about everything about Savvy. Interesting characters Mibs, Fish, Lester, Lill, Will Junior, Bobbi, all well developed I really enjoyed getting to know these characters I had high hopes for Lester, smiled when Lill brought out the best in him, and worried when trouble met the big pink bus.While the story concept is intriguing, it s Ingrid Law s writing that made the story shine She has a wonderful savvy for words, if you will Mib s description of her father, for instance He was good and sweet and had wild black eyebrows that twisted like dancing beetle legs In my mind I can see those eyebrows, dancing over a big grin.And this line rings true, I believe Lester might not have looked the part of a hero, but I suppose you never can tell right off who might have a piece of Prince Charming deep down inside. Beautiful, and so true.But I think my favorite thought of Mibs from the book is this one that comes about 2 3 of the way through Maybe we all have other people s voices running higgledy piggledy through our heads all the time I thought how often my poppa and momma were there inside my head with me, telling me right from wrong Or how the voices of Ashley Bing and Emma Flint sometimes got stuck under my skin, taunting me and making me feel low, even when they weren t around I began to realize how hard it was to separate out all the voices to hear the single, strong one that came just from me. That s good stuff, thoughtful and true I admire Law s ability to bring all these characters to life in such a vibrant, lyrical way.I would ve liked to have seen of Gypsy and Grandpa Bomba I have no idea if there are plans for a sequel, but I d be interested in reading about Samson s savvy In fact, whenever Ingrid Law has another novel out, I m there.

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    Wow Just wow This book so disappointing Just wow This was the book we read for book club and I had to force myself through it I mean, really On like page 150 they were still on the bus I am not sure if this is supposed to be an adventure book or what but some, I don t know excitement would have been preferable They only met one new person and of course everything works out just peachy Of course the kids names have to do with their powers Rocket electricity, Fish water even though the parents didn t know what their kids savvies would be at the time of their birth And really, I was excited to have them finally get off the bus, but then they got back on Why Just Why And I m sure Gypsy just magically appeared at the hospital as soon as the Bus Clan that s what I m calling them now since their life purpose is to ride that dang bus arrived This book was a waste of paper.

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    I picked this up because of a strong recommendation and when I heard some of it was set in Kansas I was sold Since I m a native Kansan I knew I was going to like the book even because of that little fact.Mississippi most commonly known as Mibs is just about to turn thirteen A big step in any kid s life, but in Mib s family turning thirteen means a whole lot than becoming a teenager, you also get your savvy A savvy is a special power you have and for everyone it s different Mib s oldest brother Rocket can blow out a whole grid of lights without even blinking, and her other brother Fish can make it storm even if there isn t a cloud in the sky Now it s Mibs turn to see what savvy she ll receive on her birthday Unfortunately Mib s father gets into an accident before her birthday, and it won t be a birthday soon forgotten Before she knows it she s on a pink bus with pink bibles with a the timid driver named Lester, her brothers Fish and Samson, and the local preacher s kids to boot What follows is a wild tale of how these kids will do just about anything to get to their dad, and along the way come to learn quite a few lessons.What I appreciated the most was the dynamic between the sibilings How they annoy you to no end, but will always have your backs regardless You hardly ever see that in books, and it s one of the most complex and close relationships you ll see in real life The Beaumonts are the best from Grandpa Bomba to little Gypsy The author could have easily made this into a darker fantasy but I m glad she didn t It fits much better how it s shown here, and gives a chance for younger audiences to read this story of how no matter who you are things are hard whether you have a savvy or not It really hits on the point that it s hard to know somebody by just looking at them, and friends come from the most unlikely places.I will definitely will be reading the sequel Scumble.