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A Raw, Edgy, Emotional Novel About Growing Up Punk And Living To Tell The Clash Social Distortion Dead Kennedys Patti Smith The Ramones Punk Rock Is In Emily Black S Blood Her Mother, Louisa, Hit The Road To Follow The Incendiary Music Scene When Emily Was Four Months Old And Never Came Back Now Emily S All Grown Up With A Punk Band Of Her Own, Determined To Find The Tune That Will Bring Her Mother Home Because If Louisa Really Is Following The Music, Shouldn T It Lead Her Right Back To Emily

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    Not sure whether to give this the highest or lowest rating because it should get props for being one of the worst things I ve ever read, like a literary mix of the movies Showgirls, Crossroads Britney Spears, not Ralph Macchio , and Prey for Rock n Roll Gina Gershon in a rock band The story is about a teenage girl in Nowhereseville, USA, and her dreams of making it big in her pop punk trio It reads as a checklist of plot points from a made for tv movie on the Lifetime network, featuring such obligatory cliches as rape, miscarriage, abusive boyfriend, short lived drug addiction, abandonment by mother, etc There is a ton of awkward phrasing and attempts to use musical terms as metaphors that all made me really uncomfortable and I had to keep reading Kuehnert has a minimal knowledge of rock music and equipment jargon which becomes painfully obvious whenever she attempts to use them, usually out of context, and anyone who knows what she is attempting to say will be embarrassed I feel like at some point someone must have said to her, This is a whammy bar, and she immediately thought she should compare it to an emotion and put it in her book I bet if someone explained a Spanish soap opera to me it would turn out a lot like this book Another thing that made me uncomfortable was the repetition of the phrases rock god and my music I m shivering just remembering it It felt like a YA book, and very well might have been mis categorized in Borders, but that wouldn t make it ok.

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    Not since high school dating have I felt so tricked and empty The main character combines the collective whining powers of Twilight s Bella and My So Called Life s Angela..and then proceeds to try and trick the reader into believing it s punk , when really, it s a V.C Andrews novel minus the incest and the plot suffers because of that glaring omission, by the way I was suckered in by the Joey Ramone name drop, the Sleater Kinney lyrical reference, the Doc Martens on the book cover I admit it I chose the glittery vampire, and I m ashamed of it Since I couldn t find a hair shirt and kneeling on lentils is just a waste of good legumes, I read it all the way to the end, periodically stopping to shove a spork into my ear in hopes of creating the brain damage necessary to enjoy the plot twists and reminding myself to never ever stop submitting my own writing because, hey, if she can get a book deal, anyone can So in that sense, it did serve a purpose, as motivation, but it also was penitential, because I was, in fact, paying for the sin of choosing the book based on its alleged hipness which, like long haired boys in high school.I never learned my lesson from Oh plot, you ask Only that a girl who s been abandoned by her mom in the middle of bumfuck, Midwest becomes the biggest punk band since Nirvana, gets on the cover of Rolling Stone, survives domestic abuse and drug addiction, discovers a ZOMG FUCKING DARK RAPE SECRET that means her mom didn t abandon her, she left to protect her a cross country motel search ensues Oh, and she reunites with the long lost mom who s been gone her whole life in the middle of Penn Station Of course she does Did I mention her punk band is called She Laughs Oh Yeah There was probably a reason I forgot to mention that Favorite bit of dialogue I would like to remind you that the author would like us to believe this is a street punk talking, by the way His brilliant aquamarine mohawk I will spare you the rest Anyone who has ever in their life met a punk knows that those words can t, don t and shouldn t ever happen together Did I throw it down in disgust Many, many times, usually followed by, or in conjunction with, a stream of steady, creatively fused, profanity Did I finish it Yes I did To punish myself To see if she actually went there she did To motivate myself to write better Did I almost fall for it again with the same author I did Almost Am I learning Sort of Or at least to remember the names of authors who trick me and do me wrong.

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    Oh my god It is so bad This is one of the worst books I ve ever read It s probably second only to this book I read in ninth grade about the alleged Pope Joan That one I stopped reading when a character set a table with forks, which hadn t been invented when the book took place This one I stuck with, just to talk about HOW BAD it is It reads like a fifteen year old s fan fiction I kept expecting the main character to have sex with Draco Malfoy, which would have at least been a little bit interesting.The story is one that I could totally get behind, and I thought it was awesome that it was a real book by a local author I wanted to like it I really, really wanted to like it I just couldn t At all The story is poorly thought out, the dialogue is stilted, the situations verge on the absurd, and the main character s band has the worst name ever She Laughs Yeah I laugh at it.I feel like I should say SOMETHING nice about it though, because otherwise I just look horribly mean So I guess I ll say that if I had read this when I was 14, I m sure I would have liked it Maybe because I didn t know any better then, but I mean, the post riot grrrl setting is one that I know well, understand, and was fully immersed in during the late 90s So I probably would have really liked this book ten years ago Sadly, though, I m not ten years ago.

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    At the heart of any novel about music and musicians is the question, Can music save your mortal soul Stephanie Kuehnert s wonderfully gritty novel I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone looks at that question from the perspective of Emily, an angry young female punk guitarist, and answers it with a resounding Yes Or, is it a maybe Emily follows her heart and her music, hoping it will lead her to the mother who abandoned her for punk music when Emily was four months old But Emily s journey leads her to so much , and not all of it is good Her actions almost destroy her friendships with her two band mates and alienate the only family she has left but her twin passions, finding the transcendent power of music and reuniting with her mother, drive her to the end I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone reads with all the jarring attitude and truth of punk Kuehnert s love of music comes through on every page, but her understanding of the pain and angst of growing up in a band is what makes this novel sing And who can resist a story about a girl with a guitar

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    I read this book in 24 hours Not because it was easy, or so I could get it over with, but because it was one of the best books I ve read to date I couldn t believe my eyes when I read the book I associated with Emily, the way she loved music and the person she was.The book itself is so well written that after digesting the whole thing, I felt my jaw go slack in awe of the beauty of it Stephanie s talent, love of music, and experience exude from this book with such ease that you d think it was an autobiography I had to keep reminding myself that it was fiction I had to stop myself from looking up the band She Laughs to hear what made everyone love them so much I felt every emotion the characters felt If I wasn t in college, I know I d be just like Emily.To have read this book in less than 24 hours with morning classes and heaps of homework is a miracle Even Please Kill Me took longer for me to read than this book, even with my being engrossed with it as I was, and at the time I wasn t in college yet I wonder how I hadn t found this book before, I wonder if Stephanie is going to write If she does, I ll be there to shell out the bucks to buy it This book, to sum it up, is worth every last penny I paid for it.

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    Altars Saviors Rock n roll I braved my fear of spiders, dust plumes as thick as L.A smog, and the stench of dog piss that the last owner of the house had let permeate the basement to tirelessly search my father s record collection for my next holy grail.I liked this one It was well written Stephanie Kuehnert has a way with words, and she can spin a good story No doubt about it For those that love music particularly punk and angst will find much to delight them in I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone Emily, our heroine, is a girl rocker with a band Emily s choices aren t always wise Often they re just the opposite And she has to learn things the hard way But through it all, I found myself liking herflaws and all.Emily has abandonment issues and justly so Her mother abandoned her and her dad when she was just a few months old Her parents had notoriously left Carlisle, Wisconsin, in 1974 But after she left, he decides to return much to the dismay and delight of some of the residents Emily s best friend is the daughter of her mother s best friend Regan and Emily are inseparable Regan s part of the band as well We get Emily s story, but we also get snippets of her mother s story Both share certain similarities Emily s story is sad and bittersweet in a way As Emily chooses time and time again not to respect herself and her body Her choices when it come to what men she lets inare often all too regrettable.I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone is an ambitious novel covering a great span of years some of her childhood, all of her teen years, and even a little beyond when she s an adult The plot revolves around her growing up and growing wise Of course before she can do that, she has to hit rock bottom She has to make all the wrong choices before she can start making the right ones But even when Emily is down on her luck and spiraling out of control, you can t help but like her and want her to find happiness Becky Laney of Becky s Book Reviews

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    With a star review from one of my all time faves, Mr Irvine Welsh himself, I expected waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay from this one My two biggest complaints I would ve liked direct references to actual punk rock instead of, say, Nirvana , and I wish home girl would ve figured out when enough was enough and just ended the damn book It was fine, but I m certainly not recommending it to any o MY teen readers

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    not good poor joey.

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    fucking book club

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    I know that I m probably getting old with the way I do reviews on here. but I just can t help it This book deserves a soundtrack too Moms that are reading this don t play that with your little ones in the room lolz Good grief my lovely girlies I can t tell you how long I have searched for this book I mean it s been over a decade A couple years back I was talking to my best bud, and I told her that I wanted to write a book I told her that I wanted to tell our generation s story Where was it Where was the sex, drugs, and rock and roll Where were the mosh pits, the struggling bands, the teenage girls dropping acid, the Chuck mingled with Vans, and the boys in leather jackets with their heroin eyes I searched for this book I hungered for that tale I was determined to write it if I couldn t find it I knew it had to be out there.I m almost 32 years old I am a child of the 90s I was born in the late 70s, watched Saturday Morning cartoons in the 80s, and dreamed of getting out my hell hole town and become a big rock star when the 90s approached I lived in Art Class, sang a Smashing Pumpkins song at my High School talent show, and saw my first concert with my Dad as I dreamed of stage diving and throwing myself into the pit I lived but I didn t get to live enough I was too far from bright lights and busy streets I know I don t have as much experience as someone who was near a bigger city, but I did the best I could with as little as I did and I would never give those days up Music was our lives back then It was our reason for living This book is freaking fabulous It s based in the 80s 90s during the rise of American Punk and Grunge It s all about a girl named Emily and her mother Lucinda and their journey in life Lucinda ran from her family back when Emily was a baby telling her husband that she needed to follow the music Michael raised their daughter to see the music, to live, eat, and breathe the music Emily did just that.Told in 2 different POVS you get to hear Emily s side of starting a punk band, wanting to use boys, watching her best friend leave her behind for love, and looking for her Mom when she thought she needed her the most.In Lucinda s story you hear how and why she left her family and why she can t stop to take in the view that is behind her.With references to Nirvana, Subpop, The Pixies, The Ramones, Patty Smith and whole bunch others I totally recommend this book if you want to remember your youth.Totally awesome book I can t wait to read from this author I m so happy that my generation is finally sharing our stories