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Very sanitised book, almost to a point of bring like a children s book But some good wrestling stories. Ted Dibiase s autobiography, The Million Dollar Man, is the latest release in the WWE s officially licensed batch of sanitized, neutered autobiographies that do not carry the voice of the purported author Co author Tom Caiazzo writes in a very simple, concise, neutral style that conveys all the excitement of a lasagna recipe.At the same time, Dibiase does have an interesting story to tell TMDM is one of the few wrestling books I ve read that gives the reader some incite into the Mid South territory under Bill Watts, and he also shares some great tales of the Amarillo territory run by the Funks The most notable part of Dibiase s career his 6 year run as a top heel in the World Wrestling Federation however, is briefly covered in about two chapters The back half of the book spends far time covering the topic of Dibiase s first book, his life as a born again Christian and minister Given that this story falls largely into the If you ve seen one, you ve seen em all category with the usual I was an adulterous drug addict and then I found Jesus narrative, it did not exactly grab my attention Sting, Bill Watts, Vince Russo, and Goldust have all published the same basic story of turning to religion from the wrestling business.As the only double second generation wrestler I can think of his mother and stepdad were both accomplished wrestlers, Dibiase has an interesting and unique story to tell Sadly, that story is really not told here Recommended for fans of the Mid South Wrestling Association and or UWF, but that s about it. Everyone S Got A Price Everyone S Got To Pay Cause The Million Dollar Man Always Gets His Way After Proving His Point, Ted DiBiase Would Laugh And Fan Out His Large Roll Of Hundreds, Worsening The Degradation Of Whoever Had Been Foolish Enough To Accept His Challenge Or Get In His Way Defeated Opponents Put To Sleep With His Million Dollar Dream Would Have The Added Humiliation Of Awakening To Discover That The Million Dollar Man Had Been Stuffing Bills Down Their Throats Winning Match After Match, Yet No Closer To The Championship, DiBiase Wanted The Title, But He Couldn T Seem To Win It His Solution Pay Andre The Giant To Win The Title, Make Sure The Referee Was Also Taken Care Of, And Then Have Andre Hand The Championship Title Over To Him True To His Taunt, The Million Dollar Man Had Gotten His Way, And Ted DiBiase Became The Most Hated Person In Sports Entertainment Making His Way To The Top Of The Profession That He Had Loved Since He Was A Child, Ted DiBiase Never Did Anything By Half Measures He Couldn T, Because The Men He Respected And Worked Side By Side With Expected That Iron Mike S Kid Would Give His All And Each Day While On The Road Learning What It Was To Be A Wrestler, Ted Remembered How His Father Had Taught Him To Give His All Every Time It Was How His Father Lived And How He Lost His Life, Dying During A Wrestling Match While Ted Was Still A Boy From The Dusty Roads Of Texas To The Bayous Of Louisiana, Ted Moved From One Wrestling Promotion To Another Sometimes A Babyface, Other Times A Heel He Learned How To Tell A Story And How To Draw The Fans In, Both Inside And Outside The Ring In , Vince McMahon Had An Idea For A New Character, The Million Dollar Man, And One Person Came To Mind Ted DiBiase For Nearly A Decade, Fans Waited To See Just How Ted Could Prove His Adage That Everyone S Got A Price When He Was Sidelined By A Neck Injury, DiBiase Started A Second Wrestling Career, As A Manager He Managed Some Of The Biggest Stars Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, And A Very Green Wrestler, The Ringmaster Who Would Later Be Known As Stone Cold Steve Austin Ted DiBiase, The Million Dollar Man, Is Fondly Remembered By Wrestling Fans For His Style And His Command Of The Ring This Is The Inside Glimpse Of Three Decades Inside And Outside The Squared Circle A good read for anybody for anybody who was a professionalWrestling fan of the 80 s Ted Dibiase the million dollar man was One of my favorites he gave the best promos i felt rather disappointed with this wrestler s book with such a wwe legend like ted dibiase, i was expecting him to take the reader into what it was like being a part of the biggest wrestling company in the world instead of which, he seems to avoid revealing much of what occured during his time with the wwe from 1988 to 1989 there s no mention of his feuds with hulk hogan, jake roberts or the macho man randy savage dibiase starts off by revealing how he came to work for vince machon, how the million dollar man gimmick was created, both of which i found interesting however, i felt as though could have been detailed the early days of ted dibiase takes up a lot of the book and as this volume is fairly brief in comparison with the memoirs of other wrestlers, 240 pages, accounts of how dibiase came from a wrestling background, the constant changes of address during his childhood and his budding football career tend to take up too much of one s reading time the selection of photos are very good on the whole, how different the man looks clean shaven his days as a wrestler working for bill watts s mid south wrestling territory are interesting and are by far the most readable and remembered not a bad volume but certainly no classic by any means. I love wrestling biographies I usually plow through them in 2 to 3 days Like any genre, they range from the great Mick Foley s first 2 books to the not so great The Rock s pointless tome THE MILLION DOLAR MAN falls somewhere in the middle.Ted Dibiase started wrestling pre WWF, when the business was still divided up into territories This makes for diverse experiences and, hence, interesting stories All of the I remember that moments that I read these books for are in there The vignettes before he arrived in the WWF The duplicate referees in the Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant match How much for the plastic surgery, brother Billionaire Ted showing up in the nWo Good nostalgic stuff The problem is it s too repetitive Dibiase will say something like Vince McMahon explained the Million Dollar Man Character to me and then you ll have a testimonial from Pat Patterson saying Vince McMahon explained the Million Dollar Man character to Ted Also, with a story that wraps up with a guy being born again, there s not much build to that revelation It could have had detail on his life of sin, instead of just a sentence here and there saying I drank a lot and cheated on my wife Of course, he did have a book come out before this one Maybe it s all in that one.All in all a fast read with a good amount of nostalgia. I really enjoyed this book Although it reads like someone else was physically writing it, the story of the greatest heel in wrestling history is one of the most interesting wrestling tales ever Ted DiBiase is a legend If nothing else, this book was an amazing history lesson about one of the greatest careers ever. I really like learning about the lives of people in the WWE I gave this 3 5 stars because there were some parts of the autobiography left me dragging but Ted Dibiase is one of the greatest of all time and I still adore him as much.Everybody has a price for the Million Dollar Man. I thoroughly enjoyed this autobiography I grew up watching pro wrestling in Arkansas from the Mid South wrestling territory so I saw Ted DiBiase from the beginning of his wrestling career I have read another book about him Every Man Has His Price which is also very good Ted was one of my favorite wrestlers when he was a good guy and he was even fun to watch as a heel Ted is very honest in this book about his successes and failures, both professionally and in his personal life The book is classy and does not unnecessarily tear down other people while still remaining honest I especially enjoyed the details about his time in the Mid South area because I grew up with that He had some classic angles and matches which I m happy are preserved on YouTube It is great to see Ted has turned his life over to the Lord and now is a minister Last year, I went and saw a movie about his life which was also very good I highly recommend this book, especially for Christians who are fans of pro wrestling. Great readGreat read coasted through it quickly Ted was one of the best in the golden age of wrestling Highly recommend