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Very funny and well observed problems I read this book in about an hour and what a pleasant hour it was. Nothing really original about taking a bunch of other people s tweets and publishing them, still I love the sarcastic tone We know that people on the other side of the world are starving, yet we complain through various social media that our waiter served both coffee and ice cream at the same time, that we got too much feta in our greek salads or ordering the wrong pizza size This book lets us relate, and laugh at each other s misfortunes Definetly worth picking up A collection of middle class tweets, amusing but short A good table book At 9.99 this is the most cynical and lazy book I have ever encountered Probably took about ten minutes to put together and five minutes to read Do not buy, do not even borrow It is depressing rather than funny and it only left me feeling evendistraught that some people have too much money yet shit for brains It makes one despair at the failure of the concept of meritocracy and made me want to start a workers revolution If laughing about how to pronounce quinoa is your thing, do not buy this book kill yourself and do us all a favour. Took me about 15 minutes to read, but was laugh out loud funny and will be revisited as a bathroom book. rather than funny which in few cases it was , the way some people make clear they ve got nothing meaningful to share is pathetic It s also a 100% Anglo Saxon perspective, which is evenpathetic I liked the idea butvso muchcould have been done with that title. A Hilarious Collection Of The Most Agonizing Real Life Inconveniences Faced By The IPhone Losing, Polenta Burning, Eurostar Missing Middle Classes, Illustrated By Matt Blease My Pug Has Hiccups I Ve Given Myself A Croissant Headache I Just Dropped Batteries In My Quinoa Think I Ve Forgotten How To Ski Can T Find Your Melon Baller Wrestling With Wrapping Paper Struggling To Figure Out How To Properly Pronounce Quinoa Get Your Daily Trials Into Perspective With This Hilarious Collection Of The Top MiddleClassProblems From Around The GlobeSince , Benjamin Lee Has Run The Hugely Popular MiddleClassProb Account, And In This Book He Has Selected The All Time Highlights