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Award Winning Biographer Elizabeth Partridge Dives Into Lennon S Life From The Night He Was Born In During A World War II Air Raid On Liverpool, Deftly Taking Us Through His Turbulent Childhood And His Rebellious Rock N Roll Teens To His Celebrated Life Writing, Recording, And Performing Music With The Beatles She Sheds Light On The Years After The Beatles, With Yoko Ono, As He Struggled To Make Sense Of His Own Artistic Life One That Had Turned From Youthful Angst To Suffocating Fame In Almost A Split SecondPartridge Chronicles The Emotional Highs And Paralyzing Lows Lennon Transformed Into Brilliant, Evocative Songs With Striking Black Andwhite Photographs Spanning His Entire Life, John Lennon All I Want Is The Truth Is The Unforgettable Story Of One Of Rock S Biggest Legends

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    NON FICTION CATEGORYAll John Winston Ono Lennon wanted was the truth and that s what Elizabeth Partridge tries to deliver She doesn t shy away from the ugly aspects of Lennon s life and character, but she doesn t neglect his triumphs and virtues She writes a compelling biography that paints Lennon as paradox someone who publicly advocates peace and privately beats his wife, someone who is fiercely independent and shockingly needy He is the dark, the edge, the grit of the Beatles Partridge unfolds his troublesome childhood, his hotheaded adolescence, his experience with Beatlemania, his relationship with Yoko Ono, and his move into politics Throughout each stage of Lennon s life, Partridge shows how he was a man struggling to find an identity, and striving to be loved All I Want is the Truth is interspersed with amazing photos, and brilliant often filthy quotes from Lennon and the important people of his life Her research relied most heavily on the memoirs of those who remembered Lennon as well as some personal interviews The complexities and realities of Lennon s life, sex, drugs, death, and foul language lends his biography to an older teen audience Beatles and Lennon fans rejoice and read this book

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    John Lennon All I Want Is The TruthElizabeth Partridge truly wrote a tremendous book in John Lennon All I Want Is The Truth This photographic style biography of the famous Beatle and political activist John Lennon is both entertaining and informative Giving and insight into the legend s life in a way that most will have never seen before As is the case with most biographies, perhaps the area of John Lennon s life where you learn the most new information is in his younger years, when he was just a kid running around Liverpool This book gives the reader outstanding insight into the turmoil that John Lennon had to endure in his childhood Perhaps the instance where you can feel the raw emotions John went through is when he is five, and has to choose which parent he wants to spend the rest of his life with Freddie told John he had to make a choice Stay with him or go with Julia John chose FreddieJohn was shattered He suddenly had changed his mind, and ran after his mother, crying It is passages like these that grip the reader and puts them there with John and his parents The purpose I believe of writing this novel was to give people a better idea of who John Lennon was as a person While many people know who John Lennon was, and his actions, most people have never known why Most people have never heard what shaped John Lennon into the man he was, what was going on in his mind when he was making music and fighting for the rights of the people Partridge achieves this through a lot of Ethos and narrative By adding the powerful emotions that John felt during the various narratives in the book, Partridge connects the reader and those feelings in a way that causes you to fully understand why he felt the way that he did While her strategy was extremely successful, perhaps if she also used pathos to show how what he was doing was morally wrong along with the ethos of how he felt, Partridge could have captured the conflict in John Lennon even further.It is clear that Partridge s argument in this book is that John, while a troubled soul that was far from perfect, was a good man at the core who used his influence as a Beatle to try and change the world for the better She uses his various charitable acts as evidence to support this claim, such as the Attica Estate and his support of feminism These claims are for the most part sound, but she does try to make the less than perfect actions of John sound like less than they actually were John could be nearly evil at sometimes, which Partridge attempts to sweep under the rug by making him sound just troubled So while the majority of his actions were pure at heart, he definitely had some flaws in personality The main target audience of this book, as you might expect, are fans of the Beatles and John Lennon This is most likely the reason for painting John in such a good light, as Beatles fans have proven they do not take kindly to the tarnishing of their beloved idols reputations So, to keep from being shunned by the very audience she targeted, she had to be a little nicer than i personally believed she would have liked, as it gets away from the true John Lennon, if not by much It is unfortunate, but hey, at the end of the day she has to make money, Such is life This book takes the reader on the emotional roller coaster that John experienced throughout his life The reader gains new insight into issues like the breakup of the Beatles, John s relationship with Paul, and John and Yoko, as the beloved Beatle moved from Rock and Roll to taking on oppression Many questioned the reasons John moved to politics, but this book clearly explains why, and what John was feeling in his mind, as well as what he was trying to get others to feel through his songs This book is outstanding, and whether you re a die hard Beatles fan, a fan of the hippie movement, or just a casual reader, you cannot go wrong with reading this book It is aa very interesting book that sheds light on things that even I as a die hard Beatles fan did not know I personally finished the entire book in a day, which is a compliment that a book rarely receives from me If you haven t had the chance to read it, you are most certainly missing out.

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    This photographic biography of a music legend is carefully researched, engagingly written, and has great appeal to teen readers with its graphic heavy layout a picture on every other page and charismatic, idealistic subject The moody cover showing half of a young Lennon s face, the other half in shadow, speaks volumes about a rebellious but brilliant teen who grew up to change the world.Don t worry Partridge is not as fawning as I She writes about the good times and the gritty times with a objective voice, and presents primary source quotes to flesh out life the songwriter poet, capturing his essence from birth in Liverpool to a young mother through his untimely death at the hands of a Catcher In the Rye influenced assassin at age 40 in front of the Dakota in New York City, hitting all the pivotal moments along the way playing in clubs they weren t old enough to drink in, the Ed Sullivan show appearance, the movies, the girls, the drugs, the record burnings, the affair with Yoko Ono, the Bed in for peace Beatles fans won t be disappointed the other three band members are spotlighted as they appeared in Lennon s life.Thorough source notes and bibliography make this an exemplary resource for students Not included in the review copy but slated to appear in the hardbound edition are an index and permissions A discography is a meaningful addition A timeline is missing, but the work is presented chronologically The chapters divide Lennon s life into segments of 1 5 years, with dates appearing with the chapter headings.Equally enjoyable for browsing or research, John Lennon All I Want is the Truth is strongly recommended for all library collections.

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    Andrea TalaricoBiographyI wasn t sure what to expect from a Young Adult intended biography of John Lennon Having, in the past, read some Lennon biographies for adults, I was wondering how they would handle Lennon s issues his depression, paranoia, Yoko, etc I was surprised and impressed how Partridge navigated these choppy waters she spoke of the problems in a direct manner without harping on them or making the whole biography about them which, actually, several of the adult biographies do, and it s a shame She mentions his problems in the context of his artistic life, which is essential Really, the two can t be divided John s struggles were interpreted and dealt with through his music Patridge does an excellent job of providing enough material, photos, and interesting information to keep even the most reluctant reader transfixed I think this would be a great recommendation for students who love music but not reading, necessarily So many teens love the Beatles here s the book we should be offering them.

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    Allison FreemanAPA Citation Partridge, E 2005 John Lennon All I want is the truth New York Viking Genre BiographyFormat PrintSelection Process Johnson, S 2008 John Lennon All I want is the truth Florida Media Quarterly, 33 4 , 18 19 Review John Lennon was a fascinating, intelligent and troubled man Elizabeth Partdridge expertly transports readers to Liverpool, England in 1940 for the birth of a legend and deftly describes the transition through his tumultuous childhood, defiant teenage years, his successful years as a Beatle all the way up to his tragic death through masterful storytelling, black and white photographs, interviews and from the John Lennon himself in his own words Mrs Partridge begins his story at his birth in Liverpool, England during an air raid in 1940 In his early years, Lennon dealt with an absentee father, a flighty mother who wanted to be his friend, and a strict aunt and uncle Mimi and George Smith, who were a parents to him then his own flesh and blood His mother bought him his first guitar and John was a natural musical genius who spent time writing, playing and collaborating with his best friend Paul McCartney to bother doing well in school Eventually, he began to collect other blokes to join him in his band called the Quarrymen Their name slowly spread throughout Liverpool and eventually they would play to sell out crowds in basements to screaming fans Once the Quarrymen became The Beatles at their new manger Brian Epstein s suggestion, they were boomeranged into the national spotlight and Beatlemania began The Beatles became one of the most popular bands of all time through John Lennon s lyrical brilliance, his collaboration on songwriting with Paul McCartney and playing long sets in a club in Hamburg, Berlin John Lennon spent many years with the Beatles but they eventually broke up and he began a solo career, actively involved in activism, and even drugs like LSD for a time John Lennon was married to and had a son with Cynthia Powell before his controversial relationship with Yoko Ono, which contributed to their divorce John Lennon and Yoko Ono were married which also contributed to the Beatles breakup because Yoko rarely ever left his side, which annoyed the other Beatles including Paul In the end, John Lennon lives a lively, exciting and a roller coaster ride of a life that ended tragically when he was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman Elizabeth Partridge did a fine job of accurately portraying John Lennon, his life, the people that were closest to him and the many events that shaped him The pictures and especially the parts that were in John Lennon s own words were some of the most poignant moments in the book The audience learned a great deal about the members of the Beatles and their interactions, sometimes negative, with the volatile personality of a controversial music savant John Lennon was an intriguing man and through adept story telling and through the use of interesting and viable primary and secondary sources, the reader learns a great deal about the life and times of John Lennon Recommend.

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    This was a well written biography What holds me back from rating it higher is that it is pitched as a photographic book, and the photos weren t great Many of them are of people far outside of John s life I feel a biography of an individual should mainly contain photos of that individual and their life Second to that, there is a lot text than I expected in this book. hundreds of pages That s great, I like reading But the book s physical form is that of a coffee table picture book. it s not ideal to read hundreds of pages of text from a book that is large and cumbersome, not easy to take along or comfortably held in your hands And lastly, this is supposedly categorized as YA though my library s copy was shelved as adult non fiction and that s just plain strange I wouldn t say it s for kids As a general observation The previous biography I read on Lennon basically repeated word for word accounts and descriptions that I read in this book to be fairly noted this one was published first On the other hand, the beginning facts of his life and relationships with his parents and aunt Mimi are completely contradicting I wonder how many people are going to repeat the same events about John Lennon s life, adding their own opinions and spin on things, in order to profit by selling books I finally read the Beatles Anthology, and feel that is the fairest telling, as it s told from their words only. and many of those words contradict the things I ve read from others who didn t know them but have taken liberty to write about them It s hard to know what to believe in these biographies.

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    Jeanine AllenPicture Book John Lennon All I Want is the Truth by Elizabeth Partridge is a photo biography about the life of John Lennon The book starts with his birth and life as a child, moves towards the emergence of The Beatles, talks about fame and fortune with the Beatles, continues to his unhappiness with fame, and eventually ends with his shooting death by fan, Mark Chapman I am surprised this book is considered young adult There is talk of adult subject matter such as continual drug use and adultery The photographs in the book span his life and are black and white I am happy that I was only able to recognize a few of the photos in the book The rest of the photos were new to me and chronicled his life nicely It was interesting to read a biography that showed John as a flawed human being I haven t read many biographies of John Lennon, but I do know that Yoko gets a bad rap This book showed her in a very loving and equally human light I wish the photos were in color or a mix of black and white and color I can see why teens would not be as interested in this book as other photo or photo biography books because The Beatles are as relevant as they once were On the other hand, what is cool in music always seem to repeat itself and some kids want to get to know the classics.

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    When I put a hold on this at my local library, I had no idea what I was getting myself into It was for a book club so I thought I d give the book a try.I have an ugly confession I m not a very big fan of the Beatles Not my era Not my genre I don t know, I just know that I ve never really listened to their music or gotten to know their band members So, I went in to this book pretty fresh not really knowing much about the story My only experience was visiting Central Park in New York city where there is a very big tribute labyrinth and rose garden to Lennon It was a beautiful site in the park, but the person behind didn t mean anything to me.Although it s not my type of book, I actually thought it was very good I thought the book did a great job of touching on the whole life but not bogging down in the details too much It gave just enough of the story, atmosphere, and people to keep me interested without losing me in information overload The story was fascinating, even to someone that wasn t huge on appreciating his art or craft And the photos were intriguing and really made it all come together.I m glad it was nominated, I would have never read it without this club Thanks Carrie

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    This book is well written and fascinating The story of John Lennon s life is really sad, funny, crazy, and wierd The writer does a great job of using quotes and stories to show how he was truly feeling through all the turmoil of being a Beatle, but importantly, of being John Lennon.I gave it 3 stars for 2 reasons it s a photo biography and the photographs weren t the best I d give them a B And the fact that, honestly, Lennon bugs me He had a tough childhood and never got over the fact that his mother didn t want to raise him But it takes him 35 years to realize that he can actually get control of himself This is when he becomes a househusband and has a large part in raising his 2nd son, Sean Out of love for Sean, John finally starts to control his temper and stops taking drugs except for the occasional LSD It was hard not to be angry at him.

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    08 June 2005 JOHN LENNON ALL I WANT IS THE TRUTH by Elizabeth Partridge, Penguin Viking, October 2005, ISBN 0 670 05954 4 For people and things that went beforeI know I ll often stop and think about them In My Life In an interview with RKO radio network just six hours before his death, John spoke about the opening up that had occurred during the sixties The thing the sixties did, he said, was show us the possibility and responsibility that we all had It wasn t the answer It just gave us a glimpse of the possibility For me, the possibilities began at my cousin Pam s house on one of those Sundays when all the Sicilians Mom s family got together up the Island for an afternoon and evening of lasagne, cannolis, conversation, and booze It was the end of 1963, I was eight, and President Kennedy had been murdered just a few weeks earlier Eleven year old Pam told me she had this new record I had to hear As I had no older siblings and she was the cousin closest in age to me, she played the big sister role up through college I stood there as Pam turned up the volume and dropped the needle It was a 45 of I Want to Hold Your Hand b w I Saw Her Standing There One effect of hearing that record was that for the next dozen years, just like Pavlov s dog, I would drop everything when Pam told me to come listen to a new record Another result is that I would never in a million years have been able to bring up an image of the house that Pam moved out of than forty years ago, if it weren t for recalling so vividly that pivotal experience from my childhood But now these days are gone and I m not so self assuredNow I find I ve changed my mind and opened up the doors Help But much significantly, I wouldn t be who I am today if it were not for the influence of John Lennon s words and actions upon my life Being who he was, his speaking out in opposition to the Vietnam War was the first voice in opposition that really caught my attention and helped lead to my life of activism and obsession with justice And, hey, you just have to look at me Forty years after that Sunday at Pam s, twenty five years after the dream of ever getting to see The Beatles onstage ended forever, thirty five years after crying for an hour, at age fifteen, when Mom ordered me once again to get a haircut before the Sicilians came over for Thanksgiving dinner, my appearance is still ruled today by the long hair I longed to have after first seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box theyTumble blindly as they make their way across the universe Across the Universe Thus, it is not surprising that I have read a good assortment of books about The Beatles Will you ever look at him, sitting there wid his hooter scraping away at that book Paul s grandfather Wilfrid Brambell in A Hard Day s Night I picked up an advance reading copy of JOHN LENNON ALL I WANT IS THE TRUTH at the beginning of Book Expo last week in New York City I then stood quite contentedly on interminably long autographing lines all weekend, waiting to get signed books from the likes of Maurice Sendak, Barbara Boxer, Ben Saenz, and Carl Hiaasen I waited contentedly, oblivious of my surroundings, because I had my face buried in a bloomin book In fact, Elizabeth Partridge has written the definitive book on the life of John Lennon And I don t just mean just the definitive book for teens, even though it is absolutely a YA with it s in depth look at John s adolescence, its multitude of uncensored quotes from the Fab Four, and it s consistently honest look at the sex and drugs not to mention the rock and roll Partridge reveals the intimate stories of Lennon and McCartney, the early Beatles, and Yoko without glossing over any of the multitude of warts Ah, people asking questions, lost in confusionWell I tell them there s no problem, only solutions Watching the Wheels And then there are the photos The evening after returning from New York, Shari and I met with one of our Best Books for Young Adults teen groups in their school library I walked over to the shelves, located a copy of RESTLESS SPIRIT THE LIFE AND WORK OF DOROTHEA LANGE, explained Elizabeth Partridge s connection to the famed photographer, and pointed out that Partridge was obviously going to insure that the photos in the biographies she wrote would be both excellent photos and perfectly reproduced photos If I weren t already confident of that, Partridge s publisher teased me a couple of months ago by mailing me a partial blad showing selected pages that reveals the oversized dimensions and the gorgeous photos that are literally suitable for framing JOHN LENNON ALL I WANT IS THE TRUTH will henceforth serve as my Exhibit 1 on why YALSA should get to work on creating an informational book award to parallel ALSC s Sibert Medal So long agoWas it in a dream, was it just a dream I know, yes I knowSeemed so very real, it seemed so real to me 9 Dream When I revealed to those BBYA teens on Monday night who the subject of Partridge s new biography was, they let out a spontaneous cheer You may think I m a dreamer, but as I gazed out at those young, enthusiastic faces I could imagine the potential of the sixties, which Lennon was such a pivotal force in creating, carrying forth and coming to fruition through this younger generation Within its beautiful package, JOHN LENNON ALL I WANT IS THE TRUTH provides the seeds, the instructions, and the cautionary statements for enacting that change Richie Partington, MLISRichie s Picks