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Ava Bertrand has just found out that she is a very powerful prophesied witch with supernatural factions gunning for her, wanting her abilities Ava is diligently learning her craft while trying to protect herself and those around her from imminent evil forces that want to change the balance of the supernatural beings Romantic relationships and friendships are put to the test as Willow Falls becomes the focal point of a vengeful werewolf and the ancient vampire whose history with Ava s mother threatens the whole town If you like witches, werewolves, and vampires with romance and action, then you will enjoy the sequel to Imprinted by the Alpha I gave this 5 out 5 stars as this was the perfect continuance from book one I am so looking forward to the next book in the series. Willow Falls Used To Be A Small Quiet Town, That Is Until Ava Bertrand Turns And Reveals The Mark What Follows Is A Whirlwind Of Danger Now That She Has Been Captured By Caleb S Estranged Malevolent Brother Blaez, Time Is Running OutTo Make Matters Worse Ava Learns Blaez Not Only Wants To Use Her To Wipe Out Her Lover S Race But That He Has A Mysterious Connection To A Dangerous Vampire, Named Jasper If Ava And Caleb Don T Find Out How To Stop Them, Blaez Will Wreak Havoc On Willow Falls And Take Revenge On His Brother, Becoming Alpha Once And For All I completed reading book 2 of the marked one series Scent of bloodOh wow Ava is amazing she is who we are following along with her mother, and best friend well this book has bigger characters that are evolving, fun and suspense Its easy to read and our author joy gets into the heart of the matter..This book is so worth the read now onto number 3 cant wait yahoo Time is running out and Ava needs to learn to use her powers, Caleb s brother not only has an evil plot of his own he s also got a connection to the vampire king, Jasper in this thrilling installment of The Marked One serial romance.There is never a dull moment is this fast paced and smooth flowing story full of action, suspense and passion When Ava is captured she learns some Caleb s nefarious plans which don t look good for Caleb, his pack, the town of Willow Falls and definitely not for Ava The reader can t help but get caught up in all the suspense as the well written scenes and details capture the imagination and the strong compelling characters ensure that the readers want to know every last detail The reader can practically feel the turmoil that flows from the characters as they realize just what is coming for them and Ava tries desperately to learn everything she can to protect them As with the first story, I was completely caught up in this one and as it leaves us with a major cliffhanger, I can t wait to read the next installment. Okay, book two picks up right where book one left off I loved that The author did not waste any time in diving into book two In this book you get to see of the characters and their relationships Caleb shows of his alpha side which I found attractive He is dominate and wants to protect what is his I also loved seeing of the badass side of Lil She is strong and stands right by her brother Ava, learns that she needs to accept who she is and she needs a crash course in learning about her powers and spells I really enjoyed seeing the relationships between the mothers and daughters You don t see these types of relationships in paranormal books to often So, I am really looking forward to seeing these relationships develop We also get a glimpse of Blaez s past I almost feel bad for himalmost Oh, and did I mention the steamy scene between Caleb and Ava Looking forward to read book three. This was just as good as the first one and I enjoyed reading it very much It has action, paranormal, and even magic I would recommend this book to anyone to read Once I started reading I couldn t put the book down until I finished and now I can t wait to read the next book in the series I think it was wonderfully written Blaez has kidnapped Ava and so now Caleb and his sister Lil and his pack plus Sarah Ava s mom have to go to rescue her Caleb needs to take into consideration that Blaez is a powerful enemy and not turn his back on him Ava has a very short time to learn all the magic she can learn before the king vampire Jasper finds her and brings his dead queen back from the dead. This is book 2 in The Marked One series This series must be read in order.Ava has been captured by Blaez Her blood is being used to take the wolf away from the werewolves Caleb and his pack must rescue her Before the rescue samples of her blood is taken Now the pack must get it back and destroy all of it before it can be used against them.This is a good story, the only reason it didn t get 5 stars is it s too short I find myself getting annoyed only having the story in short bursts. Witches, Wolves Vampires Now that Ava knows what s coming for her and what she is capable of, she is desperate and willing to learn all that she can to win this battle.Will the protection spell on Willow Falls be strong enough to keep out the evil that is coming after Ava and will Ava be able to fight it off if it get through.Many surprises await Caleb, Lil and Blaise as they discover what Ava is capable of.Can t wait to read the next book in this series and get the answers to all these questions. I got this and read it in one night The story continues with Ava and Caleb In this book Ava is learning her power s in order to stop evil not giving spoilers you need to read this to get the full effect Jocelyn has a different style to write and make you feel like your a part of the story and feel what they re feeling Cant wait for book three, I m thirsty to see what is going to happen and see Ava grow as the story continues so thank you Jocelyn for creating this story line.. Book 2 3 could have been combined to make 1 full length book The initial book was great in regards to length and storyline Now it seems to be drawn out Are the next 2 books also going to be less than 90 pages and be the same cost If so not worth my time or money Disappointed