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In The New Novel From The Bestselling Author Of The Earl I Adore, May Bradford Isn T Afraid To Play Devil S Advocate When It Comes To A Duke After Her Mother S Death, May S Sea Captain Father Sends Her Halfway Around The World To Live With His Stodgy Sister In England The Summer Festival In Bath Made For A Lovely Distraction, But Now She Can T Wait For Her Father S Return So She Can Leave This Country, Its Suffocating Rules, And One Infuriatingly Proper Nobleman In Particular Behind Because He Is The Duke Of Radcliffe, William Spencer S Whole Life Revolves Around His Duties He Never Steps Foot Outside The Bounds Of Proper Behavior, And He Expects The Same Of Those Around Him With Her Devil May Care Ways, May Vexes Him Nearly As Much As She Tempts Him, But There S Something About Her That He Just Can T Resist He Knows He S Falling Hard For Her, But With Lives That Are Worlds Apart, Will They Ever Be Able To Find Any Common Ground This might be my favorite of the series Proper, stuffy Duke meets uninhibited woman who infuriates and captivates him at the same time That s all you ll get from me as I don t like to write or read plot spoilers This book is well written and very enjoyable I recommend it highly Also, I m thrilled the Duke s friend, Derington, gets his own story The Viscount Risks It All early next year. A great enemy to lovers story When I started this book I was not expecting to like it this much An unusual heoine who acts with intelligence and is ready to acknolodge when she s wrong So refreshing And she s practicing thai chi The hero is as conventional as they come a stick in the a English Duke So when he sees her practicing, he s outraged first with her clothes and then with the fact that a lady is alone without chaperone The fact that thai chi is a martial art means nothing to him, so when Mei li demonstrate he finds himself on his back in an instant It was hilarious I loved both of them They re so well matched in their complatly opposite ways They banter and pick on each other mercilessly and it was a joy to read Their love story is based not on lust in fact we get to read about only two luscious kisses but on growing friendship and understanding A very, very welcome thing in Romancelandia Very recommended Erin Knightley officially has a spot on my auto buy list Her books are delightful, fluffy fun and it is a nice reprieve to open the pages of her books and know I am guaranteed a sweet romance and not an obsession with lust aka how often a hero happens to get an erection when around the heroineI swear, for some authors, I think many of the heroes have a medical condition Anyways, this story is a classic enemies to lovers story, with the hero being stuffy and proper and the heroine being free spirited, world traveled, and opinionated as hell In many ways, this story had a flavor of Pride and Prejudice These characters were helplessly drawn to each other in ways they couldn t understand Their lives were so different, the Duke is tied to everything English, and May s heart resists England in favor of the sea faring life she used to have with her tradesman father There were times when I wondered how the two would ever find common ground Just like Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, May and William drew premature conclusions about each other and slowly discovered new things that made them realized perhaps they were wrong.There are several romantic scenes and I thought that William, though stubborn, was honorable and likeable May was difficult to like because of her pride and unwillingness to change her mind, but I think her loyal nature and unpredictability are exactly what the Duke needed Despite the antagonistic beginning, I do believe they would be happy together The secondary characters are delightful and include William s young stepsiblings, May s friends Sophie and Charity, and William s old friend Dering who is the hero of the last book in this series.Overall, this was a pleasant read and some of the cursing and name calling in it made me smile. Meh Given that all my friends adored this one, I think it s time to officially admit that I have outgrown historical romances like this I didn t enjoy the bantering to be honest, it than irritated me the way Mei would rail at the Duke for making snap judgments when she does that all the time granted, she at least apologizes when she overreacts and insults him without realizing it, but I quickly got tired of it , and I really didn t like the ending view spoiler for a heroine who always wants to travel, she sure gives up that dream quickly Why couldn t he have agreed to travel with her Why does she have to give it up just because she fell in love Call my cynical, cold hearted, whatever I don t like it hide spoiler