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NYV Punk by KD McQuainI m not sure what I thought of this novel It seemed awesome via the cover, the synopsis and what some of my reader friends said about the book but overall this book wasn t a hit with me.This novel follows Christian, our lead who goes off in search of a coming of age story for himself This book twists into an interesting fantasy novel that not only follows Christian growing as a character but involves some vampires and fantasy all splashed into these fine pages of this book.I found this book to be super slow at the start, which made me drift off as I read it Eventually, near the very end of the book, it picked up and finally peaked my interests but it just didn t hit well with me I love a book that s fast paced or hooks me instantly, not one that takes ages for me to finally feel like I want to read it not that I have to.The writing style is great, though The descriptions in general, characters, violence, sex, all of them really were truly unbelievable For someone s first book, it s really memorizing You almost felt like you were in the story and I applaud KD for that To be able to write and describe so beautifully on your first novel Bonus points for you sir I really enjoyed reading K.D s take on this story The language and style fits right with the tone of the novel I thought this novel was going to be a Young Adult novel, but then it got quite explicit at some times Perhaps a better rating for this novel is needed I saw it in an indie book store floating in the YA section Maybe not This book is a series, and I do think it s a worthy read I just wanted something a littlefast paced I found it to be a unique take on vampires and I really hopepeople pick up this author There s talent waiting, and imagine what this author can do once he starts writingThis is only one of the first books for this guy Talent normally goes up, and this book was definitely well written.I would definitely want to read the second book if I can ever get my hands on it While this book bored me at the beginning, I m definitely hooked now Fantastic read Four out of five stars due to the slow start of the novel.I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. I love this book, but then again I am biased, it took me a long time to write The second book in the New York vampire series, AMYM The Mamluk Who Defied Death, is now available and I am actively working on the next installment which I hope to have out in the summer of 2017 Until then I would love to hear what you think of books 1 and 1.5 As a new author I am especially interested in your feedback If you have the time, please write an honest review here on Goodreads, or on , or wherever you got your copy Good I hope , bad or otherwise, I would appreciate your opinions. I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review3.5 starsI have no idea what to say about this book I have so many questions This book made me question everything but in a good way.I liked how this book was written, the writing style was really good, but at times it was vague and I couldn t really grasp what was going on The prologue has a header saying it s taking place in Mexico City, 1984 but chapter one doesn t say anything about what year it is or the location It was little things like that messed me up I did start this book thinking it was YA but some scenes kind of made me wonder what genre NYV Punk actually is I think the combination of the main character s age and the scenes with explicit sex and violence wasn t the best fit I didn t have a problem with the sex and violence but paired with a 15 year old main character, I had a hard time making sense of everything The vampire aspect was actually pretty cool I m not a big fan of vampires but I really liked K.D McQuain s version of them. I received this ebook for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.If I read this book not knowing that this was the author s first book I never would have guessed The writing is fantastic You can really see the huge amount of time and effort that was put into writing this novel I read this quite a while ago now but it still sticks with me, for me that s a sign of a great book As a member of an alternative subculture this book really appealed to me and was a very original idea There s so many aspects to this book, so many twists and turns and events that will get into your head and really make you think.I really liked all of the characters and would love to see how the story continues.Its hard to say much without spoiling anything so all I m going to say is read this book This book was odd but in a good way On the one hand, it is a coming of age story of a fifteen year old sheltered boy leaving his over religious mother ending up in New York This subject was very interesting in its own way, especially the detailed description of the Punk scene in New York, with all the ugliness of the rough and dirty town, but also the variety and deep loyalty going on in the scene It all felt very real and it was obvious that the author spoke from his own experience instead of making up some colorful background for his story While there was a certain level of repetitiveness and sometimes too much detail surprisingly it never became boring reading about it.The only thing that really got on my nerves were the many different names listed every time our main character went somewhere and met up with people Most of them didn t have any meaning for the story anyway, so it would have sufficed if he just met a group or bunch of people instead of giving yet another list of irrelevant names But that s just peanuts compared to the otherwise mysteriously compelling story.But wait, this book was also supposed to be about vampires, wasn t it While the appearances of the vampire creature were relatively sparse, they were impressive and with enough bloodshed to sate my demands Also, the origin and history were described sufficiently to create a believable and original background.The writing was fluent and skillful with only a few negligible errors and quite impressive for a debut novel which was a lot of fun to read I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review To seereviews check out MI Book Reviews.I got an ARC of this book from the author.I have just had a string of books lately that couldn t hold my attention I was afraid to start this series, because I was in a bad reading mood Nothing could satisfy me after so many books that just didn t do it for me I held off reading trying to get into a better head space, so I am sorry to say this book got delayed a few times I love books where nothing happens, but EVERYTHING happens This book very much had that feel to it Not all that much happened, at least it didn t feel like anything really happened Chris ran away from home, fell into the punk scene, and got attacked by a vampire So there were clearly things happening, but also it just felt like a kid trying to find his place in a new group There was so much detail about things that seemed so mundane, but it really made the vampire plots and the horror of that pop so well Did I really need to read a scene where he baths in the fountain and shaves the head of a skinhead No Did I enjoy every second of that scene for some strange reason Yes I have no idea what it was, but that drastic juxtaposition of Chris coming to terms with his new place in the world and the nightmares was just thrilling I do have to warn that there is quite a bit of transphobic language in the book Since the author approached me to ask for a review, so I feel like that was included intentionally to set the mood and the behavior of the characters instead of being a personal view of the author It still was not something I wanted to read Between that and the great deal of swastikas though no Nazi activities per say, though a mention of a certain famous autobiography and homophobic language, the book last a star If you are at all triggered by those things, please pass this book up There is extreme violence and rape in the book There is drug use, there is swearing, and there is a lot of other adult themes All of that fits so well into the story that without it the story wouldn t be what it is The tranphobia and homophobia didn t really fit into the story still There was really no need for it or the trans character at all The punks themselves seem cool with her, but then they say he behind her back all the time and don t really defend her when people attack her I don t really get why she was a character Without the trans issues, this book would have been a lot smoother of a read for me and I would have been able to overlook the homophobia, which just seems to exist in language and not behavior among the main group of the book, which isof a setting of dumb teenage boys than one of hatred The vampire plot is so much different than the other books I have read So much is still unrevealed Chris didn t die and then get a ton of powers instantly It islike he noticed small changes, but those could also just be nightmares and puberty So there really is no way to judge where this series is going yet I am excited to find out I will be starting the next book, which tells the past of the character that seems to actually know what is happening I feel like there will be quite a bit of vampire lore introduced in that one Punk music has been an interest of mine for years, but I never really got involved in the scene, partially because there wasn t a punk scene where I was I fell into the super small goth scene read two goth girls at my high school instead Never gave up my love of punk music, so seeing the bands I love in a book as normal was wonderful If you are newer to punk, then this will give you some good places to start listening and will give you some history thrown about in the narrative.It was a great choice of a setting and scene It explains so much of the story and why things are happening So many of the teen hero books tend to forget that parents exist and that teens get noticed Punk kids, especially homeless punk kids aren t high on anyone s radar and when they gang up together they create this family Without them, Chris probably would not have survived It created this backdrop that made the story believable There is a reason Chris survived in New York, despite his Carrie upbringing It works so well and is so fascinating. NYV PUNK A Novel by KD McQuain I enjoyed this Novel I m from New York so the many places described in this story are familiar, which made NYV PUNK all thatenjoyable for me.The story starts off with the Prologue that describes a gruesome ritual, an offering of blood to Quetzalcoah The story is about a boy named Christian who has been sheltered all of his life by his mother They live in rural Texas and Christian has nothing to do with the outside world No school, no friends, no T.V., only has his mother who preaches the bible to him.One day he takes off after his mother performs some weird ritual on his 15th birthday Christian gets attacked by some strange naked guy in a train station From there the story takes off as he makes his way to New York where he finds himself engulfed in the Punk scene Strange things begin to happen to Christian as he finds outabout the man that attacked him Christian meets many colorful characters and makes friends for the first time There are disturbing situations that make the novel intense at times but only add to the excitement of the book.My favorite parts where revisiting The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Christian and his friends I spent many a midnight hours at the same shows.Christian meets Amym and Joyce towards the end of the book and they will help him learn who he is now and prepare him for what s to come With an explosive ending that will leave you wantingYou can read the rest of Christians story in NYV GOTH.I give NYV PUNK 4 stars for its lively and original tale of Vampire and Punk.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Paranormal. NYV PUNK Is A Dark And Sexy Coming Of Age Story Of Adventure, Music And Horror Set In The Harsh S New York Punk Scene UF NA With Only His Mother For Company, Rural Isolation In East Texas Was As Boring And Bleak A Life As Christian Could Imagine The Most Exciting Thing To Look Forward To Were Monthly Visits From The Nice Old Lady Who Took His Mother Shopping In Town After Being Subjected To A Bizarre And Humiliating Birthday Ritual, Christian Leaves Home To Think Things Through, And When The Opportunity For Adventure Presents Itself, He Jumps At The Chance But Being On His Own Is Terrifying Than A Sheltered And Na Ve Teenager Would Ever Have DreamedMiraculously Surviving A Brutal Attack In A Bus Station Restroom, Christian Finds Himself Being Hunted Across The Country By An Ancient, Bloodthirsty Evil, Putting Him And Those He Cares For In Mortal Peril Homeless And Alone, He Is Befriended By A Group Of Streetwise Kids But Danger Still Lurks Around Every CornerHe Must Quickly Learn To Navigate The Hazards Of The Gritty Streets Of New York City If He Is Going To Survive The Tough Punk Music Scene Long Enough To Discover His Destiny Can He Survive On The Street Will He Find The Life Of Adventure He Hoped For And What The Hell Does OMFUG Mean Anyway Oh And There S Vampires Due To Mature Subject Matter, This Book Is Intended For ReadersYears Of Age Or Older Really enjoyed it Book contains plenty of explicit sex and violence.The author is off to a ripping start on a rather unique new adventure with vampires series Like some other good adventure thriller books, the story links interesting bloody and creepy historical material with current set in the 80 s action In this case a coming of age protagonist and his friends, adrift on the surprisingly violent streets of Manhattan, encounter characters with seemingly magical abilities bent on our hero s demise Hints within and the prologue itself suggest evenback story to unfold in future books McQuain has set the table for a blood and sex drenched sequel to his well plotted opener And the bonus is, if you remember the Punk Rock and Goth era in the East Village of Manhattan, or just envy it from afar, you re gonna spend a lot of time there savoring the locations, fashion, music, squatting and panhandling comaraderie The author writes as though he did indeed actually live it.I gave it 4 stars but wish there were a 4.5 Looking forward to the next one. I very much enjoyed this book It started off a bit like a YA novel when we meet up with our innocent young hero, Christian, accidentally running away from his strict God fearing home in the American South The story rapidly grows darker andexplicit as Christian is conveniently absorbed into the early 1980 s punk scene in New York s Lower East Side We eventually find out that nothing that happens to him is a coincidence and that his destiny is mapped out in a completely different path as he discovers a hidden race of ancient vampires preying on the lost souls of New York City.The descriptive passages were very well written and I enjoyed all the period detail of the clothes, clubs and characters it all made for a very readable experience The kindle version I have has a excerpt of the next volume in the series and I am thoroughly looking to discovering .

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  • 18 July 2018

About the Author: K.D. McQuain

KD McQuain grew up in the Alphabet City neighborhood of Manhattan s Lower East Side He became involved in the Punk scene in the spring of 1985 and always kept a dog eared paperback in the cargo pocket of his fatigues KD graduated from the Fiorello H LaGuardia High School of Music Art and Performing Arts and received his BFA in sculpture He worked in the neon industry for several years be